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Call out to Butkin and other showing aficionados!

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BobbinUp Sun 16-Jun-13 18:48:20

Hoping you could provide some advice. My mare and I are about to try our hand at local showing and I would really appreciate some dress code advice!

15.1 cob mare, not very heavy. Skewbald but looks more like piebald unless you look very closely. I have a brown saddle and plain brown bridle. She is hogged, legs trimmed but has ridiculous tash and far too much facial hair for a girl.

We are only going to local stuff but I would really like to look the part as reckon being turned out correctly and smartly has got to help. I am more of a SJ type really so have navy jacket / stock / cream jods but assume this isnt appropriate! have black long boots - I def can't afford to buy brown! Assume I need a tweed jacket but there are so many colours!!

Someone tell us what to wear! grin

Butkin Sun 16-Jun-13 21:25:28

You've got the right saddle and bridle for a start off so you're well on your way there. I suggest for a cob you have a really wide, workmanlike, noseband. Brown leather girth best (with elastic for a comfortable fit) but you could get away with a brown fabric/synthetic one. Use a brown numnah that is cut around the saddle shape.

Have a go at trimming round her muzzle (use one of those little purple razor jobs you can buy in tack shops for a couple of quid) and make sure that you've trimmed her through her throat lash as this can make cobs look really stuffy if left unmanaged.

You'll need to wear a tweet jacket and a velvet cap cover (later preferably blue). You could upgrade to a Charles Owen blue or brown velvet job if you get keen. Just go for a tweed colour that suits you and you're horses colour - perhaps more brown/green than blue with a skewbald. Don't worry too much about this but make sure it fits - overly big is almost as bad as too tight. Better to buy a good make second hand on Ebay (or a show stall) than a cheap looking new one.

You should wear a pale (cream is good) shirt with modest tie and cream or yellowish jods will be fine for local - just not white.

Long black boots will be the job. If you've got garter straps then wear them but don't worry if not. Also if you've got blunt spurs then wear them as well but fitted high on the ankle (check local rules about them first though - you would always wear them for affiliated classes but some shows are sniffy about them).

Wear brown (or cream string) gloves and carry a nice meaty show cane.
For a professional look get some brown (or black) elastic for your number rather than using the horrid tape they supply you with. Fit it to your waist length with loops for your buttons and trim round the corners of your number so it sits nicely on your back.

Sounds like you're going to have lots of fun and I look forward to hearing how you get on!

pinktwinkle Sun 16-Jun-13 21:30:36

Your brown saddle and bridle will be ideal; brown numnah (rather than saddle pad). I'd say a brown-toned tweed jacket with shirt and tie and canary or beige breeches. Someone told me recently that a red tie is a good plan (subliminally suggests red rosette lol to the judge). Your black boots will be fine. Brown gloves and a showing cane. I'm more dressage than showing but did some showing last summer and had a great time. Have been to a couple of showing clinics and they're great for picking up loads of useful information.

Fredstheteds Sun 16-Jun-13 22:27:35

For local you can get away with blue jacket

BobbinUp Mon 17-Jun-13 18:18:08

Thanks all! I think basic tack is fine, girth is black comfort one with balancing straps but will have to do. Am going to purchase new numnah and jacket. I love the idea of a red tie!! Love the extra tips like elastic for number and cutting it to fit.... All this stuff is completely unknown to me.

Poor mare has languished in a field for many years before being given to me. Poor thing is now turning her hand to all sorts but is rather unimpressed at hair removal. We can't clip as she doesnt cope even with elephant levels of sedalin so remove with scissors but will give the razors a go on her face / jaw as agree she will look a lot better. The tash is hardcore though there is no way I will get that off!

I will try and upload a pic of her... Thanks again! All assistance welcome!,

BobbinUp Mon 17-Jun-13 20:00:16

I have added a couple of photos to profile so you can see her!

Butkin Mon 17-Jun-13 20:12:02

Yes I always wore a red tie (with cream polka dots) and never did me any harm!

What classes are you going to show her in? If doing cob classes - as opposed to a naturals class - then you need to bang her tail. Ideally it should be about level with her hocks when she is carrying it.

Are you trimming out her feathers as well? Also on the morning of the show just run the trimmers over her hog again as it is amazing how quickly they grow.

BobbinUp Mon 17-Jun-13 21:07:24

She won't be clipped so we have to trim with scissors but We have become expert at not showing scissor marks. It takes forever though to get mane off and legs clean! I have noticed how quick her hog grows.. We get through a lot of scissors!

I have tried to to upload a photo of her but it keeps repeating. Have tried a new one but a little dark. Her tail is banged.

I expect we will do the cob class. There are also some chaps qualifiers and hunter type classes. She is 16 so hoping she might do well in veteran! I think we might try as many as we can just for fun.

My only memory of showing is entering best turned out as a youngster but with non riding parents and no clue what I was doing it was never a very rewarding experience!! Am determined to make more of an effort this time!

Butkin Mon 17-Jun-13 22:30:36

You'll be fine and it sounds like you're all set for some fun afternoons...

When do you think you'll be out? Be aware that hunter classes would normally be for plaited but cob class ideal and I'm sure the Chaps one will be good for her as well. Best Turned Out classes to be avoided - they would put anybody off showing!

Don't forget to trim back the hair to the coronet and apply plenty of hoof oil. Give her some lovely strong quarter marks with a stiff body brush - nice and broad strokes to show off her bottom!

BobbinUp Tue 18-Jun-13 08:14:34

Butkin thanks again for your advice. I love your willingness to share your knowledge!

I think our first show is in about three weeks then another end July and my personal favourite a local countyish show which I have wanted to ride in since we moved here 7 years ago!!

Will report back!

Butkin Tue 18-Jun-13 22:41:27

Good luck BobbinUp - look forward to your updates. I'm at Royal Ascot every day but DD is riding at Lincolnshire County on Thursday and then I think it's Staffs Country Fair after that.

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