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Show Jackets etc new to all this

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Fredstheteds Thu 06-Jun-13 22:50:09

I have some riding jackets if wanted. Got a tiny tweed.... Pm me if wanted for pics etc.

froubylou Thu 06-Jun-13 13:53:12

For a funday at a rs I would go for whatever jods she had, a school shirt and tie and if you dont have a jacket, maybe a gillet or bodywarmer?

Derbyhouse used to do nice showing waistcoat and tie sets. I got one for my dd when she was 5 for a bit of inhand showing. Was about 30 quid I think and she could use it again.

If you want to buy her all the right gear and she doesnt have her own pony yet Id go with a cheapy ebay tweed jacket tbh. They grow so quickly and whatever you decide on she'll end up needing something else lol.

And make sure she has some gloves. Old school theory but for me all juniors should have gloves on no matter what discipline.

WillowKnicks Thu 06-Jun-13 13:35:44

I wouldn't be forking out on all the gear for a fun day. I would put my DD in beige jods, white shirt & tie & keep my fingers crossed it stayed warm!

Butkin Thu 06-Jun-13 13:09:03

I'd steer clear of black jacket/boots unless she is going to do show jumping.

For a Shetland (M&M) she should really were a little tweed jacket (cheap on Ebay) with pale shirt and tie. Cream/beige/yellow jods (not white or coloured) and brown jod boots with clips/elastic to hold the jods down.

For a fun show I'd just put a velvet cap cover (to match jacket but probably blue - not black) on her crash hat. Tie hair with hairnet or in plaits/bunches with ribbons and subtle gloves.

Our DD wears jogging bottoms over her jods to work the ponie in - just pulling them over the top when she is about to go in the ring.

Elansofar Wed 05-Jun-13 07:00:04

Hi, in an ideal world, a tweed hacking jacket or navy or black show jacket would be good. White shirt with a tie, maybe a pony club tie if she's a member, and cream or beige jodhpurs, and black or brown jodhpurs boots. black to match a black or blue jacket, brown if you have a hacking jacket. White jodhpurs are for show jumping not showing. A hairnet and hat cover to match jacket is great, blue or black plus a pair of gloves and a clean dark coloured crop or showing cane. Don't go mad buying these new as this is a fun day. Beg, borrow or share stuff if you can. Preloved and ebay are good sources or a local horsey website or Facebook page, there's always people selling kit for kids as they grow so fast! If a jacket is too pricey and you have time and are good on a sewing maching, just make one. You can go mad getting matching kit and I have seen small children at large shows wrapped in cling film and carried to the pony at ring side which is a bit nuts. I remember my first ever show, my mum had fixed me up with begged and borrowed everything. By the time I had hacked there I was grubby and then I fell off anyway ha ha. 35 years later I'm now fixing up my 2yo son for his debut season. Have fun!

Littlebigbum Tue 04-Jun-13 22:43:08

I must admit I would go for a shirt and tie and what ever jods she had. If I saw some show gear second hand then I would get it.
Yes she would need stuff if showing at other venues. But that sounds more like a fun day.
And whow she is doing well to ride probably the most difficult breed. He must be a sweetie!

roseyposeysmum Tue 04-Jun-13 21:24:05

my daughter has been riding for the last 8 months and the riding school is having a show / fun day and she has been asked to be part of it, she is part of the demo in the afternoon for doing par work with another girl and they are brilliant.

I have been told she has to come dressed smart, she is 5 and really tiny. I am guessing she is going to need a jacket, but when i have spoke to other people they have said it depends on what class she is doing and the colour of her pony. She is only taking part in best turn out, childrens eqitation and jumping although she will only be trotting over poles on the floor. The pony she rides is a black and white boy and is a shetland pony.

Help - also does she need white jods of beige ?

This is a lot more complicated then when i used to do it sad

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