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Finding time for the horse!

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VitosFleurZ Thu 30-May-13 08:14:32

My baby is three months old. We do a feeding routine, so I get to the yard, feed, then ride, then home in time for the next feed. I don't feel bad for spending time with the horse, because I think it is good for my baby to have some time away from me, and I spend the rest of the day with her, so she gets tonnes of affection.

Smartieaddict Wed 29-May-13 15:01:18

Can you afford to put the baby in nursery a couple of times a week? If not have you thought of finding someone to horse share with you to take the pressure off a bit?

I had to give up when DS was a baby, but only when I went back to work. He is at school now and I am back to it again, so even if you don't find you can make it work now there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Pinkponiesrock Wed 29-May-13 14:22:49

I ride in the mornings, I'm lucky to have my ponies at home so I get up with my DD at 5.30, feed her and she goes back to sleep then out to the ponies at 6. Ride and or lunge then back in for breakfast with my DSs and DH goes out to work at 7.45. We have a pretty flexible lifestyle as we are farmers so I see my OH during the day so I don't feel so bad about spending my evenings with the ponies.

I do try and keep at least one horse free day a week, preferably a weekend day so I can spend it with the DC's and hubby.

Don't know if any of this would work for you, morning are definitely the best time for me. If I leave it until later I invariably end up not riding.

LeahJFowler Wed 29-May-13 11:59:50

Any other new mums out there struggling to find time for horse? I have taken on a 5 year old when my lo was 3 months, she's now 10 months, I always feel so guilty if I want to spend time at the yard, I have to take her with me or leave her with other half as no other family around to help with babysitting! Feel bad as he works and when he comes in probably wants to relax, not have me run out the door to ride! Also struggling to get my confidence back after having her...sometimes makes me feel like I should give up horses all together now I'm a mum, heartbreaking as have ridden and had horses all my life! Any advice on how I can make it work?

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