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Burglary at a dressage yard, can people spread the word?

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Eve Wed 29-May-13 15:46:00

I heard of a brand new monarch round pen being nicked from Dorset last week, and another stable had gates lifted of hinges and a quad bike that was locked and wheel clamped taken,.

Sooo much thieving going on.. its disgusting.

..and where do all these 2nd hand saddles go, try to sell one and no-one is interested.

Manchesterhistorygirl Tue 28-May-13 15:23:10

It's awful. Why am I not shocked at the fact it will most likely turn up at Appleby? We had a twin axle caravan nicked years ago. The day before we had asked some people to kindly get the hell off the yard as they were snooping in the stables and trying tack room doors!

Now we have a gate system rigged up and try and keep each other informed about suspicious activity. We usually know first because of our large car park that we are always asked does it require re-tarmacing. hmm probably get flamed on here, but there is a sector of the travelling community that give the rest a bad name.

CaptChaos Tue 28-May-13 15:03:42

They seem to have been really helpful. One of the vehicles that was used in the robbery has been found. The yard owner has got back a neat pile of numnahs (found in some woods), a couple of bridles (found in the vehicle) and some random leather bits, but the police think that it will turn up at Appleby Fair.

I really hope they get some of it back, it's bloody awful when you scrimp and save in order to be able to indulge your love of horses, and someone just comes along and helps themselves to it angry

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-May-13 14:48:44

fuckers angry

Manchesterhistorygirl Tue 28-May-13 14:47:47

Bloody terrible. I'll copy and paste to my facebook group for my yard. What did the police say or do I already know the answer to that? hmm

CaptChaos Tue 28-May-13 14:44:52

Not sure if this is allowed, but nothing ventured....

If anyone has info, would they get in touch with Notts Police, please? Many thanks in advance. (I'm not affiliated with this yard at all, merely passing info on)

A very sad day for all at the yard today and we need your help! STOLEN: 37 saddles, 46 girths, 12 bridles, Honda quad bike, Westwood ride-on mower, generator, leaf blower, diesel and so many memories, time and effort for everyone (let alone my Dubarry wallet with all my cards and cash in it!) Apparently the culprits used a stolen Red Movanno transit and a white Astra van at about 2am this morning (Fri 24th May). Bolt-cuttered all the padlocks and loaded up the booty with no regard for anything. Bold as brass right under our bedroom window it's made us see how this could so easily happen to any horsey yard!Please help us find the following (REWARD for safe return): Albion K2 Havanna Jump serial number 66031 17"M with gold stirrups and 4 girth straps, Ideal Suzannah Black dressage17"MW, Ideal Suzannah Black dressage 17.5"MW, Excelle ABC GP serial number 4783 Black 17.5"M, In Touch GP Black 17.5"M, Farrington GP Black 18"M (no stirrups on), Farrington GP Brown 17.5"W, Ideal Impala jump Black 17.5"M (no stirrups on), Farrington VSD Black 17.5"M, saddle Solutions treeless saddle serial number EBPJ34, Black Country GP Black 17.5"M, Excelle ABC GP Brown 17.5"M, Farrington event Brown with cream trim 16"NM, Ideal Suzannah drssage Black 16"M, Excelle dark brown GP 18", Thorogood GP 17.5"XXW, Black Country event Black 17.5"M, Ideal Suzannah dressage Black 17"W, Excelle ABC GP Black 17"W, Kings jump Brown 17.5", Crown dressage Black 17.5", Farrington GP Brown 17.5", 3 x breaking saddles make unknown, Excelle ABC GP Brown 17.5" NM, Ideal Suzannah dressage Black 17.5" NM, Excelle GP brown 18.5"MW (with "Pie" on a tag on the d-ring), Jeffries Falcon GP Brown 18"W, Air saddle Brown 17.5", Wintec 500 GP Black 17"W, Ideal Monarch Black 17"M, Black Country GP Black 17.5"M. All really smart and well looked after, most new or nearly new so the "baddies" got a great haul. PLEASE PASS TO YOUR HORSEY FRIENDS AROUND THE COUNTRY TO SEE IF WE CAN FIND ANY OF OUR TACK, THE MORE FOLKS THAT KNOW THE MORE LIKELY WE'LL STOP THIS HAPPENING TIME AND AGAIN. WE ALL WORK HARD FOR OUR HORSE'S STUFF SO PLEASE HELP CATCH THOSE THAT DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT STEALING IT!

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