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Working Hunter dress code?

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WillowKnicks Mon 27-May-13 15:52:30

Hi, my 9 year old DD has just done her first XC, organised by the local RC & buoyed along with it all & DP's success at jumping rustic jumps, she has decided to enter Working Hunter Classes in a couple of weeks at a show organised by the same RC.

So...I know we need a green tweed jacket (any particular type?), shirt & tie, beige/yellow jods & that is about it.

What about tack...hers is black (& purple..gulp!)


Butkin Mon 27-May-13 17:42:47

You've got the clothes spot on with a blue velvet cap cover on her helmet, brown jod boots (with clips or elastic) and body protector.

Tack should be brown bridle with plain leather brow band and a snaffle.
You can wear a martingale and/or flash if required.

Not sure about your RC rules but in a BSPS working hunter pony class you can wear brushing boots which you're allowed to take off for the flat section (no other change of tack allowed).

General GP saddle will be fine but the numnah should be discreet - preferably a cut round the saddle shape.

Pinkponiesrock Mon 27-May-13 20:11:49

Ponies tack as discreet and workman like as possible - no purple! For RC level I wouldn't worry about the colour of her tack, it might make a difference further up the scale but believe me no one will notice. Nice neat nummnah that goes well with pony and tack, prob black or brown, plain browband. The rules about boot change a bit, mine jump workers without any but I think you can have black boots on for jumping but you have to take the off for conformation. Might just be on the front legs tho, best ask the steward before you go in. Often the will ask you to strip the pony and run it in hand so if your DD practises that too just in case.

Your DD dress sounds fine, remember hairnet or very nearly plaited up but I think for WH a hairnet and bun would be better, gloves, joddy clips, thin elastic for her number. All little things that make a big difference to the over all picture. No buttonholes, big hair ribbons either, tie not too bling!

Unless pony is in a mountain and moorland class he/she should be plaited and/or pulled.

Good luck and have fun smile

WillowKnicks Tue 28-May-13 08:39:26

Thanks, that's really helpful. smile

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