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First pony - hucul/carpathian - any thoughts or advice

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miggy Wed 29-May-13 21:09:04

Like pixel I had to look them up too!
Try horse and hound forum, there might be someone on there with experience.
Totally unhelpful but my advice would be to save up for a quarter horse, my sons one is lovely smile

Pixel Wed 29-May-13 20:36:30

Never heard of Hucul so had to google. They look nice, a bit like a New Forest smile. You learn something every day!

adoptmama Wed 29-May-13 20:08:05

Thanks for the advice, esp on riding styles.

Sleeton, appreciate where you are coming from, but have already considered for a good while now the points you mention, which is why we are now at the searching stage. DD has been riding for 2 years, her teacher is very open about her skill level, livery is essentially sorted etc.

Absolute top is the fact I want a good, reliable and safe pony. I'm not looking at either of these particular breeds because I fancy them for appearance sake, but because they come up here pretty regularly for sale at good prices (as do American QH but not in my price range!) Haflingers I have seen being shown a lot and I thought they were good due to the fact they are a good size for DD (now and as she grows in the future) but also can take a good weight (saw display riding by adult riders). The Hucul I know nothing about and just wanted some general information/btdt if anyone had it to share about their suitability etc as a child's ride. I know there are generally plenty of folk with experience of exmoor, welsh etc to share the pros and cons though these are hard to find breeds where I live (out of UK). You are absolutely right to point out the importance of considering all of the things you mentioned, and I have these front and centre in my requirements.

sleeton Tue 28-May-13 23:36:49

Don't know the breed (though I have heard they are reliable, hardy, good hacks but can be a bit stubborn/self-willed if allowed ... very 'native', really) so I am not of much help with regard to Huculs. Nor Haflingers either, really, having only known a couple (both had bad feet ... maybe coincidence ... I don't know).

The reason I am posting is to say that I really do think that you are starting at the wrong end of the leadrope, so to speak.

For your daughter's first pony I think you should be (realistically) considering her skills, her experience, her current and future requirements ('future' being next week to the next year or two), how much day to day help and advice she will have, the care and facilities you have access to, your financial situation ..... oh ..... a hundred and one things like those, and then start to look for a good first pony, with your daughter's requirements being the criteria ... not the breed you fancy.

Booboostoo Tue 28-May-13 22:43:19

I would neither buy nor discount a pony because of its breed. I don't know the hucul breed but if the individual pony is right for the job then who cares what breed it is?

I don't know much about Western but if the pony is used to being ridden in both styles I am sure it will be fine. As for your DD, double Olympic dressage champion Anky van Grusven is also a world class reining athlete so it can be done even to Olympic standard! smile

adoptmama Sat 25-May-13 07:26:38

We are venturing ever closer to DDs first pony. She wants one she can ride Western and English style (not unusual where we live). She has ridden western a couple of times and normally has 'English' style lessons. How ridiculous would it be for a first pony owning beginner age 6-7 to ride both styles. She's riding because she enjoys it, not to become a future olympian smile so I am not bothered about her 'specialising' in one style, just wondered if it will compromise her riding skills.

Looking for a good first pony and been looking at a couple of haflingers which seem good. But now there is the possibility of a very gorgeous Hucul. Anyone any experience of them as a child's pony - I had never even heard of them before. I am keen but also inexperienced having stopped riding years ago. Pony will be in full livery and I am going to be taking a crash course with very experienced sister over the summer to refresh memory. Will only buy pony which is good for begnniners, so not set on a breed. But have fallen more than a little in love with the hucul smile

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