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You were very kind (and knowledgable) last time!

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needastrongone Wed 15-May-13 22:36:05

So I thought I would post again. My first and only thread was about the PC trainer throwing a bottle at DD's loan pony.

Well, we have just bought DD a much more suitable (for PC and competing) pony. I think I am allowed to do links? Here it is anyway! Sure it will get taken down if not.

The decision wasn't taken because of the incident. We loaned one of the farm ponies for hacking and for DD to be responsible for a specific pony. Then she decided she wanted to do gymkhana etc. The loan pony is a Section D, on occasion stroppy and ill mannered (but lovely too!) and far too strong for DD. Plus, she just doesn't want to do PC again (did it all years ago with owners daughters), would be a nightmare on camp as she hates being in and we knew it would be a matter of time only.

Our lovely and extremely knowledgable friends have taken a lot of their own time up seeing loads of ponies and this one seems to be a little dream. His owners are super too, very genuine and helpful, they clearly care deeply about him. I've had insurance company and vet confirmation that he's never had treatment, goes unshod, loads well etc. He's done all PC stuff apart from gymkhana, but we took the games equipment with us on the last visit and he was picking it up in minutes. He's so good, it's a battle with DD's current pony, this one does as he's told!!

Anyway, I know nothing about ponies but am learning quickly, particularly about how expensive they are (tow bar, tack, pony, insurance!!),

And I may ask some very daft questions, lots of them smile

needastrongone Tue 28-May-13 09:48:31

Thanks, advice gratefully received.

I doubt they will be doing anything at all today as the weather here is horrible.

I probably used incorrect terminology tbh re cross county (I used to run seriously, cross country means off road in my book!). Given they have acres to play with at the farm in terms of where they can go, I think that they have planned a route to hack over the fields etc and maybe cross one or two shallow steams I think, rather than jumping. They have a specific field set up for jumping 'normal' jumps.

Sorry to have caused confusion.

Can you give the Farrier's Formula even when not feeding? DD had only carried on feeding him to help with the bonding and catching, she didn't yesterday as he's happy being caught and doesn't need the extra, he's in lovely shape.

I am probably asking questions that make me sound like a numpty smile

Booboostoo Tue 28-May-13 13:27:00

Ah sorry I misundertood! I thought they were going to jump cross country fences, which, unlike show jumps, are solid fences which do not collapse if you hit them. They should be fine riding across the country, i.e. through fields etc!!! Sorry!

I give all of mine FF all the time as the quantity is small and shouldn't make a difference to anything unless you have a horse that is really, really prone to lami or has other very specific feeding needs. Your DD is right not to feed him everytime she catches him otherwise he will come to expect it and may get funny about being caught without food. Ideally your DD should also feed him in a stable away from the other horses, if she goes into a field with a food bucket she might get mobbed by the other horses (apologies if you are already aware of this!!!).

needastrongone Tue 28-May-13 16:01:05

No, it was me explaining in laymans terms what I meant, must keep up, must keep up!

They have had a good long session of jumping in the field then a gentle, slow paced hack. Been riding most of the day! He's been a little star at the jumping, guiding her safely over everything and even stopping if he sensed she wasn't sure. He also jumped a fence when the pony who was leading swerved round to avoid, which is a very good thing I think?

He's slightly impatient standing too long and 'paws' the ground a little bit but DD just says no and pats him on his neck and he stops. She's been talking to him a lot, calmly and often.

Again I didn't explain very well, DD catches him from the field with a treat or his garlic lick, which he adores, then leads him out and tethers him in the yard to feed. First two days he didn't like being caught and on Friday when one of the mares was in season. Last two days he's walked over to DD, which again I think is a good thing?!

She hasn't fed him the last two days either, just tethered and brushed him. Or tacked up etc.

needastrongone Tue 28-May-13 16:22:58

And thanks for the info, he's on bog standard food, hi fi original. Gets an extra vitamin in winter. Has no health issues that I know of from vet and insurance history so I would assume I am ok to give?

Thanks so much for your help so far.

Booboostoo Tue 28-May-13 17:48:33

He sounds absolutely brilliant! He is a little gem to have jumped a fence another horse refused and it sounds like you are doing all the right things with him! Your DD is very right to pat and relax him if he is pawing and getting a tad anxious to get going. If ever there comes a time when that is enough she can always allow him to walk , do a circle and then ask him to stand again. It doesn't sound like he needs this at the moment but if he ever needs it there is nothing wrong with letting a horse move off a bit to use up a bit of forward energy.

Farrier's Formula shouldn't cause any issues. See how it goes, if his hoofs are really good then clearly he doesn't need anything, if they get a bit weak you can always give FF.

You are welcome! I am so glad it's all going so well!!

needastrongone Wed 29-May-13 07:56:45

Thanks, I passed the extra tip on to my daughter about letting him do a circle, which she thought was a great idea, and remembered her friend needs to do this sometimes with her pony smile

I am sure I will be back for more tips and advice, DD says his teeth need a clean so I need to research this now!!

I am trying to to pester at the farm all the time asking questions, I am sure they don't mind but i want to try and learn myself too smile

frostyfingers Wed 29-May-13 08:28:02

There is nothing horsey people love more than handing out advice! It can often be very specific to them, but it's always useful. A newbie at our yard is asking loads of questions and is always telling me to let her know if she's doing it "wrong". I think it's great to be open to suggestions, however I always sy "this is how I do it" rather than "this is how it should be done"!

Everyone has their own way, and by asking questions you can work out what suits you best - never hesitate to ask.

needastrongone Thu 13-Jun-13 16:27:05

Just to update you all, it's all going really well, it's like he's always been here smile

He's taking to gymkhana really well, trying his hardest. Born to jump though, which is giving DD ideas! He's easy to catch and very obedient, if that's the right word. Slightly twitchy, ears prick up for everything.

The farrier came out last night and filed his feet. He advised not to have him shod as his feet were super and not to give/do anything extra ref his feet so that's good.

A small miracle even occurred on Monday in that the dentist came out, removed the plaque on his teeth but didn't charge as so little needed doing.

I suspect this will be the first and last time he costs me less than I had

Ponks Fri 14-Jun-13 22:54:27

He sounds like a little star, I hope you keep updating us on how he is going.

Fredstheteds Sun 16-Jun-13 22:32:35

Advise you to go and have a tow lesson ...... Just checking your licence as us under 35 s have to do a test

Lovesswimming Mon 17-Jun-13 10:12:23

Just noticed your insurance, if is underwritten by E&L then I would seriously consider cancelling and going with another company. E&L are well known for lower insurance quotes but also well known for it bring very difficult to have pay out. When they do (with a big 'if they do' 1st) it takes months and alot of stress. I do know people who have had a payment but only after a fight. If you do an Internet search you will find its the one with 'barge pole' highlighted by most people. I use Stoneways and have had a £5k payout for one pony (including an MRI scan) and a £3k payout on another, with no issues. Other horses I look after are with NFU and had £7k payout (for 2 issues at once). And a payout for laser removal of a sarcoid.
If its not E&L then completely ignore this! But I'm pretty sure they use a few different names. Good luck with everything x

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