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Badminton 2013

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superfluouscurves Mon 06-May-13 16:14:45

Christopher Bartle is doing a bit too well isn't he?

(Training German team I mean)

Well done to Jock, Andrew and Michael, great to see Pippa, commiserations to William.

Watched it via satellite, on edge of seat. Did anyone get to go?

mrslaughan Mon 06-May-13 17:24:34

Very proud of our NZers!

Haven't been able to find any on TV - which I was really upset about, we were meant to go to cross country - but have all been under the weather.

carabos Tue 07-May-13 09:13:28

DH trains occasionally with Chris Bartle. We asked him after the Olympics if he was going to train GB team given that Yogi yet again failed to deliver at a major championship and he said that as no-one had asked him, he was carrying on with the Germans sad angry.

We truly believe that he should be the GB trainer as our guys continue to under-perform, particularly in the dressage phase. Having seen the poor show at Badminton this weekend, they are going to have to seriously up their game to come away from the Europeans this summer with anything and that's the one championship that we always win.

superfluouscurves Tue 07-May-13 09:42:54

Unbelieveable *Carabos!! shock What dimwits who on earth are in charge of the asking I wonder?

[Used to work with pupils of CB years ago and worked at YRC as a groom in very dim and distant past. Worship the ground he walks on!]

Yes the NZers have done brilliantly as ever MrsL - sorry you missed it and hope you are feeling better now. Are you in the UK? I found it (eventually) on BBC2 yesterday afternoon here. I was able to access it from mainland Europe but doesn't look like they are showing it on Iplayer unfortunately.

mrslaughan Tue 07-May-13 14:44:27

Yes in the UK - and loving the Horsey stuff. First big experience was Burghley last year.....

Want to save to go to Aachen....

superfluouscurves Tue 07-May-13 15:16:17

Boekelo is meant to be v. good too ...

mrslaughan Tue 07-May-13 17:10:53

Oh - I'll look that one up too wink

DolomitesDonkey Tue 07-May-13 17:14:42

Went to Aachen last year and an Aussie fell off in the water. My sympathetic husband laughed as the guy limped off. grin

mrslaughan Tue 07-May-13 17:57:31

Probably thought it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.......

mrslaughan Tue 07-May-13 17:58:57


mrslaughan Tue 07-May-13 17:59:20


DolomitesDonkey Tue 07-May-13 18:58:10

I'm sure he emphasised the limp as he passed us!

KingRollo Tue 07-May-13 19:01:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DolomitesDonkey Tue 07-May-13 19:02:27

Haha he did, didn't he!?

Are you up for it again this year? I looked at the website on sat but no tickets up yet.

KingRollo Wed 08-May-13 07:27:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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