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wild welshie

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chocolatecakeystuff Wed 10-Apr-13 21:50:55

Bought a welshie off the hill 18 months ago by accident (the deamon pony)s

She was wild, completly unhandled (never even had a head collar on) she's come on a treat and is sort of tame now, though very flighty. And hates strangers. I do try to get everyone on the yard to play with her... but lots of the girms are scared of her (or she's scared of them)

I've started the ground work for breaking her in... she walks in hand nicely, accepts a bit, lunges & long reins like a dream & happily has tack on...

Only problem is I haven't got a jockey to take the next step.

Can't really afford to send her away.

She's ok with dd sitting on her bare back, but too I'm reluctant to try things with dd as guinie pig. She happily let's me sit in her... but my feet actually still touch the floor.

Any ideas on taking the next step? All I really need is a lead rein pony...
Would also like to do some in hand showing, but worried shed still be a bit on the wild side & would get kicked out the ring, and bugger up any future chances.

Twattybollocks Wed 10-Apr-13 22:44:27

You need an enormous stuffed teddy. Tie legs together under saddle and arms to d rings. It will flap about alarmingly and get the pony used to a child shaped thing flapping about in the saddle as kids often do.
If I'm honest though, I wouldn't entertain a flighty pony as a potential lead rein mount unless your dd is very capable and you are wanting a show ring lead rein, the whole point of lead rein ponies is that they don't move very far or fast !

Mirage Thu 11-Apr-13 08:34:54

When our pony was broken in,they used 'Lola' a blow up doll stuffed with sand to add a bit of weight.He is the perfect gentleman now.

MissBrown Thu 11-Apr-13 19:32:03

Our welshie is at the same point as yours!smile I also bought him off the mountain barely touched. They threw the worms in for free. Ffredi is quite calm and my dd has sat on him. Same dilemma- where now?

chocolatecakeystuff Thu 11-Apr-13 20:13:21

She's getting there, very different pony to the one I bought.

I did try selling her, I know she's not ideal, but not only did I just have a bunch of noobs turn up.... but was breaking dds heart.

Dd & her are very very attached to each other. And dd is fab with her. Seeing as dd is poorly & only going to get worse I doubt she'll ever be out showing or competing or anything, the welshie (Gaea) I must say is cool as a cucumber on a lead rope... she trusts me wholey so if I tell her its alright she believes me...

Don't think we will ever sell her so not really an issue that she'll never be perfect.
Dd has a pretty sticky bum. Definatly going to try teddy with sand I think

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