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How much to charge for grazing sheep?

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MissBrown Sat 06-Apr-13 13:55:26

I rent a field on which I am allowed to sub-let. Someone is coming to see it later with a view to keeping sheep there. How much do I charge?

I have four acres, with a shed and water (that I pay for seperately). I will have upto 4 ponies (max) on the field and there will be 4 sheep.

Help! Want to give him a price that is competitive but not a give away.

Eve Sat 06-Apr-13 17:13:35

Have you got security fencing? Sheep will get out through smallest gap.

Is this to share with your ponies?

I would charge 25-30 a month.

I have in back of my mind, if you share grazing with livestock, ponies need a different type of wormer from the usual....

newfavouritething Sat 06-Apr-13 22:31:07

Typical sheep grazing rates are 25p per sheep per week, but that's on a commercial basis. Someone with only four sheep might pay well more. Alternatively, in livestock units a horse is 1, and sheep about 0.1 if i remember rightly, so 4 sheep would be equivalent to half a horse/acre, so maybe 1/8th of your rent would be fair?

newfavouritething Sat 06-Apr-13 22:35:26

And sheep don't really drink, so wouldn't expect any significant increase in water costs.

QuietTiger Sun 07-Apr-13 09:27:13

Newfavouritething - I'm not sure where you are, but around here (south Wales), TACK sheep are between 58p - 70p/sheep/week. Certainly DH is charging around the 60p mark and our neighbour is managing to get 80p much to DH's irritation

My Smallholding neighbour with 17 pet sheep was supposed to be paying us £25/month to run them on 20 acres.


frostyfingers Sun 07-Apr-13 11:40:17

I disagree with the sheep don't really drink bit - I was forever filling up the water containers last year (and it wasn't hot....).

What about doing a swap rather than actual money changing hands - could the sheep owner cut your hedges, remove your muck heap, top your grass, harrow etc instead? I do this and find it so much easier than faffing about with cash.

Butkin Sun 07-Apr-13 18:03:08

We don't charge the farmer who puts his sheep on our land. In fact we have to beg him to do it to keep our grass down! He is happy to oblige as we buy our hay off him but don't think he'd pay us as he goes to the trouble of fencing it and he is never short of grazing in Suffolk.

newfavouritething Sun 07-Apr-13 22:11:33

QuietTiger - I'm in east yorkshire - not many sheep here, and not a great demand for grazing, I guess that's why it's cheaper. OP what did you decide to charge?

MissBrown Sun 07-Apr-13 23:00:17

Hi, and thanks for all your replies. We chatted about money for a while and he said that most of his land is not paid for in cash, he just gives the land owner a lamb or similar (he has lots of rare breed animals). He also mentioned that he will be making hay on some of his land so that might be useful too!

I did mention that I thought £25 a month was roughly what I wanted. He didn't give a firm answer but I think we will come to some arrangement whether it is money or an exchange of services.

Grazing for horses is in huge demand here (North Wales coast) so I was lucky to get my field. Someone got in touch yesterday asking if I was definitely having it!

Again thank you for your replies and I hope I can update with a definite answer of our arrangement soon!

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