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It's March, the weather is improving, days are getting longer. What are our equestrian plans this summer?

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Callisto Sun 03-Mar-13 09:50:24

DD is already planning her showing campaign and has somehow talked me into keeping her sheltie x (her old lead rein pony - meant to be going out on loan) to compete with too hmm. He is fab at jumping and should be good at gymkhana, her section A is a good little showing pony (very low level though).

Our first outing is next week - a 1ft jumping competition.

So come on everyone. Winter is nearly over, Spring is almost here. I just know you're all getting excited about the coming season. grin

Callisto Fri 15-Mar-13 12:30:00

Which show have you entered Butkin?

Butkin Fri 15-Mar-13 12:32:55

We don't enter normal shows in advance - preferring to always enter on the day at a surcharge because things can change so much.

However we've so far entered Suffolk, Royal Windsor and South of England because they close early and you can't late enter for them.

Not sure where we'll be out next - possibly a small show at Trinity Park (Ipswich) over Easter but we'll have to see how we're going and what the weather does.

Mitchy1nge Fri 15-Mar-13 17:10:27

not Trinity, just Topthorn - only a few minutes away so might as well, will be away over actual Easter

am so looking forward to getting out and Doing Stuff again! Good luck with all your endeavours everyone

Butkin Fri 15-Mar-13 20:16:36

Saw there was a show at Topthorne on 24th. Mrs Jenny Kilby judging the riddens. Un fortunately not our classes as no SPs, M&M FR or FHP First Type. If they had open small M&M breeds we may have taken Sec B in a pelham - all good experience - but they are all mixed in together and don't really want DD cantering round with some excitable Sec Ds!

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