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Does size matter?

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N0tinmylife Thu 28-Feb-13 13:50:17

Minds out of the gutter please, I am talking about horses! grin

As I may have mentioned before, (sorry to go on about it!) I am back on the hunt for a horse on loan. I am only 5 foot 3, and 9 st 7lb ish, so I had thought of getting something around 15 2hh. The trouble is every horse I have seen advertised seems to be 16 2 hh or more.

I have recently been riding a 17 hh horse, and although from the ground he looks ridiculously big, once on board his size doesn't really seem to be an issue. I was wondering what people think is an acceptable size horse to rider, or does it actually not matter? Thanks.

dappleton Sun 03-Mar-13 16:20:01

I think someone else has said this but IMO it's also important to consider girth size and to some extent length of back and neck, as well as height. I'm a little bit smaller than you but feel very happy on my 14.1hh light-weight cob and equally on my small-boned 16hh TB. Pony has a lot of neck in front of him and a good bit of belly to get my leg around. For his size, horse has a shortish back and neck and not too much 'girth'. I do regularly ride a 17hh horse but don't get out of him what others can, just don't have the leg for it.

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