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those looking for quiet cobs?

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miggy Wed 27-Feb-13 22:25:56

Do you actually want something really quiet and a bit of a struggle to get into canter, or are you really looking for something responsive and forward gong but bombproof?
Just seeking opinions as have dilemna with a pony and not sure if there is a market or not.
I bought a highland youngster a few years ago as had always wanted one, she is a sweetie and really bombproof but just not forward going enough for me. I have kept her because dd is really really nervous and if she ever wanted to ride again, D would be the pony for her, but realistically she wont. Also feel that she is the kind of pony I ought to want, not getting any younger, dont bounce and not the bravest. But again realistically I prefer something more forward going.
So do you think there are people that would like something that quiet, or is there such a thing as too quiet? She walks out well and trots when asked but always ready to go back to walk, canter is possible but requires much encouragement with flapping whip and legs and a bit of "yee ha" shouting, certainly she is never going to take off with anyone smile.
Nothing wrong with her, am more genned up on highlands now and energy conservation seems to be a bit of a theme smile.
Just wondering if I should try and sell her as a broodmare or if there were people that are not that bothered about going fast, ever!!

higgle Tue 05-Mar-13 16:41:39

I'm sure if you put your highland on The Highland Pony Society sales page you would have a lot of interest, they have a wanted page too where there are lots of requests for nice steady mounts for nervous people. I love highlands, and have owned two. The first was a bit of a complex character but the second really was dream pony. Too poor and too busy to help you out now, sadly.

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