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hapless hacking and Actual Riding log

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Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 09:29:28

is the riding log full now? Haven't seen it for ages.

Anyway we (well, me and the horse) are back in very light work at last, 2013 can finally begin!

What are your goals?

frostyfingers Mon 01-Jul-13 09:23:43

I'm glad your show went well Mirage - it does sound like the change of field has upset his equilibrium, hopefully once he settles in he'll be back to normal. I hope DD2 feels a bit happier now.

Dhorse has his staples out today (all 23 of them!) and progresses up to 10 mins walking in hand twice a day. I hope I can enlarge his patch a bit as it's horrible - why, when they are in a small area do they muck all over it and make it all disgusting, rather than picking one place and being tidy? Maybe it's a gelding thing!

Mirage Mon 01-Jul-13 20:10:58

Thank you all.Yes Pixel I seem to be drawn to 'characterful' ponies.grin DD2 had a good lesson tonight,trotting on the lunge with no stirrups or hands on dpony,who is less bouncy than Brandy.Then she hopped onto Brandy and did some games practice [his owner used to train the PC team] and was extremely good,waiting nicely at the cones and not getting silly.So very positive.

Glad to hear that your dhorse is on the mend,*frosty*,I always thought that geldings were cleaner than mares,our last one used to go in the same corner every time,but Brandy has proved me wrong.

Lovely to hear how things are going marialuisa your dd seems to have a real talent for bringing ponies on.I'm glad that you haven't had to part with your pony yet,he is lovely.

50BalesOfHay Mon 01-Jul-13 20:50:46

Well, news from us, I've been away a while as gd who's just turned 14 had a baby 3 months ago. They are both doing really well, and gd is riding again. Just hacking and light schooling on my pony who is the last horse a teenager would choose, but lovely to see her in her jods and being herself again.

Mitchy1nge Mon 01-Jul-13 21:32:17

congrats 50bales, is lovely to see you, have often wondered how you are all getting on smile

am desperately stalking our farrier, pony's feet are about 18 metres long (not really, don't call ILPH on me) AND we need a saddle, I think one of pixel's fancy wintec with changeable gullet would be perfect!

and 400 year old horse looks and goes amazingly BUT 'sometimes' no brakes - my sharer can actually ride and she is struggling too

obviously is fantastic that he's on such good form but Project Snaffle Version 20 bites the dust. I don't think he's even got a mouth sad

50BalesOfHay Mon 01-Jul-13 21:46:13

Thanks mitchy, baby ( my great granddaughter!) has already met little Ben, who will be her first pony. Do you think she's old enough for a sit on with her mum?

Pixel Mon 01-Jul-13 21:54:24

I wouldn't call it fancy but everyone who's sat on it has remarked how comfy it is and dhorse seems happy in it too, so that's good enough for me. If you read the H&H forum it seems some people don't like them so you might want to see if you can check one out before you start any late night ebaying wink.

50bales I hate to break it to you but I think 3 months is a little bit too young. Better wait til 4 months grin.

Mirage Mon 01-Jul-13 21:59:19

You want a basket saddle.grin Lovely to hear that things are going well,I've been thinking about you & wondering how things were.

Butkin Sat 06-Jul-13 14:05:40

Packed DD off to the beach today. Went with DW for lovely ride in Thetford Forest before lunch. Ponies went great on the sandy soil. I was on the Connemara and really enjoyed it (that was a surprise) as she has effortless canter and enthusiastic trot.

Off pony shopping tomorrow - going to see three spread over the south of England...

Butkin Mon 15-Jul-13 22:47:18

Delighted and very proud to report that DD and her 128 SP mare qualified (for the first time) for HOYS today! We went to Stithians (just past Truro in Cornwall) which took us 7 hours each way but it was all worth it! She burst into tears when she was called forward but pulled herself together for the photographer. She received a very historic trophy and went on to be reserve SP Champion. Takes all the pressure off us all for the rest of the season!

Butkin Mon 15-Jul-13 23:21:06

I've added a photo to my profile...

frostyfingers Thu 25-Jul-13 19:26:45

Been away for a bit - congrats to your DD Butkin, that's a huge achievement and a good return on what must have been an exhausting day. What happened with the pony shopping?

Dhorse is now up to 7 minutes on the lunge daily after his op and seems fine - he goes for a check up in mid August before I can start riding again, that's going to be a scary feeling I think!

Butkin Thu 25-Jul-13 22:55:17

Frosty, Pony shopping now less frenetic. Now that DD has qualified her own SP we're no longer searching the country for a pony with a HOYS ticket. We can wait and buy the right pony - probably after HOYS - although we've realised you have to be proactive to get your name down for the good ones. We're planning to have a good look at Royal International to see which ones we like (especially in a big show atmosphere) and check out the size/age of their jockeys in case they may be out of class at the end of year. We're looking for a 12hh or 13hh Show Hunter Pony or possibly a 13.2hh Show Pony.

frostyfingers Tue 20-Aug-13 14:36:19

Well it's been a while so I'd thought I'd bore you with a dhorse update.

He had his 8 week (well 9 as the vet was on holiday last week) post op check up today and I have come back with the instruction to ride for 30 mins 3 days a week and continue lunging 3 days a week. He didn't flinch when the vet really pressed around the site and was quite relaxed. He wasn't perfect on the lunge, he does find it quite hard as he isn't very bendy but the vet is happy with what he can do although his muscle condition needs to improve and I need to work on building up his hindquarter.

Interestingly when I took him in for his op he was weighed at 592kg which was considered quite heavy, I asked their opinion on him today as I felt he was a bit ribby which the vet agreed with, he said there's no surplus fat and just needs some extra condition overall. We weighed him again and he was 602kg - which surprised both me and the vet! He said that the extra weight is from the muscle he's put on in rehab, but to still add conditioning cubes to his feed as once he starts working he'll probably drop off again. The vet was reassured me that he's not carrying extra fat and not to worry so much about the actual weight but more about how he looks.

Butkin Tue 20-Aug-13 22:46:53

Pleased he is improving Frosty - that is good news.

Our lorry is packed for 4 days at BSPS this week. DD is so excited she has packed for about 2 weeks. She is riding her 128 SP in one class a day. Novice tomorrow is probably our best chance but fingers crossed she is in top 10 in first part of Blue Riband so she gets through to evening performance (where she would get marked for an individual performance by celeb judges) later in the week.

I'm at York races on Wednesday and Friday so will only be able to cheer her on during Thursday and Saturday...

Gilbertus Wed 21-Aug-13 07:31:21

Good luck Butkin , and Frosty that's good to hear!

Pony B has a mini tetrathlon with dd3 on Friday. The riding is 1'6", can be led or assisted. She's quite confident so I ran along with him yesterday while she jumped in the paddock - he raced me grin So we are going to have to go lead rein I think. She could probably do it off lead rein but she's nervous. Not sure what pony B will think about lead rein - she hacks out off as he just happily trots along or follows me!

Gilbertus Wed 21-Aug-13 07:35:20

Butkin I am sure you have discussed this but did you see the Sky TV show about BSPS? Dd3s fave, she must have watched it 10 times. She'd love to show, sadly we are not a showing home. She has a picture of one of the little girls on her wall as she admired her so much! She wanted to do WH this year but she shares a pony with dd2 who is 10 - pony 13.2 so dd2 right for classes. Poor dd3 smile

Butkin Thu 22-Aug-13 20:04:16

Yes we loved the Show Ponies documentary and thought it reflected well on showing. DD was briefly in the background (it was filmed at BSPS Summer Champs 2 years ago today) but not on her pony.

DD was only 3rd in the SP Novice which was a bit disappointing but onwards and upwards...

Good luck with your Mini Tet. DD likes doing the swimming, shooting and running but is never that keen on the X Country (She doesn't like jumping at all - hence the showing...)

roadkillbunny Thu 29-Aug-13 23:05:58

Hello to all!
I have decided I need to join this thread as I need a kick up the ass and something to keep my impetus going with my riding and hoping that 'reporting' into this thread may help!

So, I am very lucky to have a dpony who I can treet as my iwn and do with as I like without having to pay a penny for him or have the responsibility if his ownership. Very lucky me!
I work as a freelance groom (I cover on the whole people who keep their horses at home or have private yards when the go on holiday, away shows or are just very busy) and dpony is owned by my biggest client who us also a very good friend. Again, lucky lucky me! Problem is I have been so busy with work, especially over the summer break I have sat on dpony just the once!
He is a flea bitten grey Connemara cross who is 13.1 (ish) and 18 years old. He came our way after his previous owner made the jump to to 14.2 pony who was too much and lost all confidance eventually giving up riding for good. Dpony had done really well with her doing all the normal pony club things but at 17 (as he was then) was ready for a more sedate home to live the rest if his life so he was gifted to my friend who was looking for field company for her big posh dressage horse, a pony her young children could have the odd bit of fun on and she also knew she had me as an adult (competent but wanting nothing but some light fun) to keep the pony schooled. My children also ride dpony, dd is 8 and also has weekly riding lessons at the school I do work for and ds is 5, soon to start lessons also but has HFA so is a little more complex.
So I could go on, there is lots of issues and complexities at play when it comes to me and my riding and rather then try and go into everything now and have an even longer post I will just fill the information gaps as they come!

So, I haven't had much is any riding time, things calm down for me work wise once school is back and it is time I got down to it. I would like to be riding at least twice a week myself, friends boys ride maybe once a week but more like every other week and they do very very light work with him. My children due to time issues haven't been doing much with him in school time but want to get them riding him once a week.

So I plan hopefully to ride dpony next Wednesday or Thursday (dependent on my work days), I will be doing walk and trot fitting work for the pair of us. Can't hack out as he is a big girls blouse and not good to go out alone so can anyone help me come up with a plan to keep both of us engaged and interested for say half an hour in walk and trot in the school? I am defiantly a person in need of a plan and some fresh interesting ideas for things to be doing! Thank you and look forward to learning more about your riding and mounts!

Mirage Fri 30-Aug-13 14:48:10

Gosh Roadkillbunny you sound very busy.I like the sound of your Connemara,it sounds as though he has fallen on his feet with

Things have moved fast for us.Without really looking,we found a new pony for DD1,who we picked up yesterday.He is a 13.3 Connemara,fleabitten grey,and is currently in with dpony who is studiously ignoring him.

Brandy is up for loan and we have only had one person interested.DD2 rode him beautifully for them,but when the prospective loaner got on,he was really naughty and got them off twice.He is such a naughty boy,he knows that he can't get DD2 off easily,but will try it on with a new rider,so he is going back to his owner to be re schooled by a small adult.We will miss him as he had such a lovely character,but so unpredictable.

He was at a rally on Tuesday and refused a jump,napping back to the other ponies.DD2 got him back where he should be and made him do the course,but I knew he was thinking up something naughty to do because he'd been thwarted.He finished the jumping and took off at top speed,but DD2 hung on and stopped him.I knew he'd do something by the look on his face.

Mirage Sun 01-Sep-13 19:17:57

Our new pony is fabulous! I left them in our schooling field with DH with instructions not to canter or jump until I'd got back with the electric tape and posts to fence off an arena area.I didn't know how he'd react to whizzing about in a big field and didn't want to take any chances.I got back to find that DD1 had completely ignored me and done it anyway and he was fine.He certainly loves to jump,is very calm in farm traffic and DD1 just loves him.I'd dreaded the day we had to find her a new pony as she loved dpony so much and was very nervous riding any others,but she adores her new

DD2 has taken over dpony and is getting on really well with her,despite only riding her a few times this year,I have a feeling she'll get the best of dpony.We had a lovely hack all over the fields today and it was so nice being able to relax and not be on alert in case of spooking and running off.

I've posted some pics.New boy is a Connie and I'm a convert now.grin

Pixel Sun 01-Sep-13 20:21:55

Oh that face in your 4th pic down, he looks just like my old boy!

Glad you are all getting on so well smile.

mrslaughan Sun 01-Sep-13 22:02:56

Oh I am so pleased it has gone well - you certainly deserved a good-un

frostyfingers Tue 03-Sep-13 08:16:22

Great news Mirage, hopefully that's all sorted for a while. Hope you've got a good supply of horse shampoo handy for the winter!

Dhorse is still on rehab - 30 mins walk/trot every other day and lunging every other day. He's very bored of the whole thing and I really have to kick him along, even when we were mooching round stubble fields on Sunday which usually livens him up. Lunging over poles is trying too as he keeps rushing at them and trying to jump the lot in one go, then he tries to disappear dragging me on the end of the line, it's an absolute menace. He's still looking a bit poor to me, but the physio is coming out on Thursday having not seen him for a while so I'll be interested to hear her opinion. He's on a meal of Safe & Sound, sugar beet and conditioning cubes every evening, plus a supplement so I feel he should be better.

Moving house to another rented one soon, but this has a stable yard attached so I can return to my "out all winter unless the weather is grim" routine which is so much easier and my two DS's are off to uni in a couple of weeks so it's all change here!

roadkillbunny Fri 06-Sep-13 16:15:58

mirage your new pony sounds like a real gem and also must look allot like our dpony so I would surly go a little soft for him!

Well my plans to ride this week didn't come to pass. By the time my first day off rolled round on Thursday I was I admit extremely tired (I have health issues that mean I have to pace myself and over doing things can easily put me out of action and in bed in agony for some time. I have chronic pain due to nerve damage from a condition called complex reginal pain syndrome. I can't feel my legs below the knee, well the only sensation is lots of pain also other areas are also sensation reduced and nerve pain is a real bugger. I have worked very hard to have as normal a life as possible but it does curtail my activities unfortunately) and did just want a day off horses! The problem with working with horses is that when you have a day off if you go and do things with your own pony you are in effect still working! So I admit spending the day on the sofa, I then regretted wasting the day and not riding, I just need the kick up the arse to go do it, I am really lucky to have dpony on the arrangement we do and on a day off if I want to ride I can do just that and do no other yard work, it is just laziness and there is also a slight loss of nerve issue that I think I better leave for another post as this one is going to be too long as it is. So simple end result is another week with me not even riding once hmm

On the front with the children dd (8) managed to fit one last long pony day at the riding school before the end of the holidays, she loves these as mum isn't about, she gets to ride with friends, she is riding ponies the correct size for her and best of all she gets to do more complex jumping exercises then she is ready to do with dpony at home!
News this week is that there is finally a spot opening up in the Saturday lead rein class for ds (5), he has been waiting a while (we don't pay for lessons as such, work barter system but that does me we have to be more flexable at times) and loves riding and ponies. He 'rides' at home but I have only got as far as teaching him to mount, how to sit and hold his reins. Due to the pony being way to big for him and his ASD we haven't been able to move on really from this at home but he is very comfortable up in the saddle and has a very nice natural seat, I think he could do really well in time.

I think that us more then enough from me for now! I have a day off Monday and I need a kick up the bum for me to stick with my plan to ride dpony come rain or shine!
Happy riding!

frostyfingers Wed 11-Sep-13 15:56:36

Why does Dhorse insist on leaning right over the electric fence to eat acorns when they are poisonous? Do they not have a mechanism that tells them that? I've also seen him up on his back legs trying to eat them off the tree! On a similar note I found him crunching damsons the other day, they must taste incredibly sour but he was picking them off the tree with gusto and was not impressed when I moved him on.

His physio session went well and he is now allowed (has to) canter on his lunge days and I have to do a low key interval training thingy with him on his ridden days - walk, trot, canter, trot, walk for about 40 minutes - which is quite hard work for both of us. I also have some extra exercises to build up the muscles in his quarters: pick up a front foot, put my hand on his withers and rock him from side to side - he's not impressed at all, another involves squeezing the muscles below his breast bone to make him lift his back - they are both pretty hard work for me too! The physio feels that because he is now pain free for the first time in ages, instead of holding himself up with tension in his muscles he's let it all hang out so the new regime is to try and get them back up and working properly.

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