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hapless hacking and Actual Riding log

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Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 09:29:28

is the riding log full now? Haven't seen it for ages.

Anyway we (well, me and the horse) are back in very light work at last, 2013 can finally begin!

What are your goals?

Mitchy1nge Thu 30-May-13 12:47:04

waving hello to everyone at trinity park today

Pixel Thu 30-May-13 18:50:38

How is poor pony? Is he ok-in-a-couple-of days-lame, or call-the-vet-lame?

Mitchy1nge Thu 30-May-13 21:23:07

I thought he was ok and arranged an endurance ride but no, it's windgalls so am not losing sleep over it - must be all this warm weather




etc but thank you for asking! Can take horse instead but thought would be good for the under socialised boy sad

Mirage Thu 30-May-13 21:45:41

We have had 2 weeks of hardly riding at all,due to a combination of DD2's birthday sleepover,school meetings and bad weather,we have only ridden 2-3 times a week.

DD1 went to the cinema with Daddy to watch Ironman today,so I got to ride dpony whilst DD2 babysat me. Dpony was yanking the reins and each time she did it,I nearly fell off,much to DD2's amusement.The little swine spent the whole ride laughing at me,especially when her pony did a massive spook at some sheep,[which he sees every day] and of course then dpony had to spook too.I didn't fall off mercifully as it is incredibly muddy here and I didn't fancy the ride of shame back up the street with evidence of my lack of horsemanship plastered all over me.

Butkin Thu 30-May-13 21:49:25

We were at Trinity Park yesterday Mitchy. Sadly DD only 4th in RI qualifier so no ticket for us even though she beat the pony who won at South Suffolk when we were second. Last chance at Rutland on Sunday.

Suffolk was a difficult show though. Cold and wet throughout yesterday (after 4.45am start) and the rings were electric due to the steam engines, carriages, motor bike noises etc.

Mitchy1nge Thu 30-May-13 21:59:59

oh good luck for Sunday then butkin, shame you missed the inter-hunt relay today though

weather is just too depressing for words isn't it

Mirage Sun 02-Jun-13 16:49:41

We have had a lovely weekend,took the ponies over to my friend's yesterday as they know someone who has a little x country course and sj course that they are happy for us to use.It was a nice change to ride somewhere else and the owners were just lovely,they wouldn't accept any payment and said they missed seeing little kids having fun on ponies.In the afternoon we went to the DAC at Melton to see the military & Household Cavalry horses-there are 2 lovely horses up for rehoming and it is tempting.

Today we visited a Heavy Horse/Shire show,and I got some jump cups for £1 a pair and a pair of long leather Dublin dressage boots for £10 at the sale they had there.[I don't know the first thing about dressage,but loved the boots]This afternoon we've been practising gymkhana games and jumping ready for the summer

frostyfingers Mon 03-Jun-13 09:35:01

Dhorse and I went for a fun ride yesterday, and took a novice rider and her young horse with us. She was very brave and they managed really well - especially with dhorse prancing and showing off at every opportunity. We did the first 6 miles in just under 2 hours - then I did the remaining 6 on my own in just under 1 hour......not surprisingly my arms hurt a bit today, he was pulling so hard he must be a lot fitter than I thought!

It was wonderful, all off road with lots of optional jumps - haybales, tree trunks, tiger traps and the occasional small gate - and the weather was fab. Despite the fact that I was knackered it was a good reminder of why I have a horse, and puts the long muddy winter into perspective!

Mirage and anyone else who wants to make small jumps - apparently potties from Aldi make very good low practice jumps, the poles sit very snugly in the curve somehow! I've not done it myself but there was a lengthy thread on H&H forum somewhere about it.

Pixel Mon 03-Jun-13 23:46:32

I can see how that would work but it's hilarious. Imagine how mad you would look with potties all over your field grin.

frostyfingers Tue 04-Jun-13 08:27:22

I did wonder what the response would be if you walked out from a shop with a dozen or so potties too!

frostyfingers Sun 09-Jun-13 12:10:32

Dhorse is off to horspital this week for an assessment of his kissing spine problem - there is a less invasive surgery available which involves releasing ligaments rather than shaving/removing bones..... My vet thinks it's worth investigating so I'm happy to see what the experts say. At the same time I might ask if they can do brain surgery to remove the bit that says "I must spook at EVERYTHING that moves - and everything that looks as though it might move", it's driving me mad at the moment.

horseylady Sun 09-Jun-13 20:47:38

Just read this post??

Mine and the daft tb aims are to do bd at novice on a ticket. And qualify for the endurance RC finals. Hopefully there just not sure which team I'm in.

Of course, this is all assuming the bizarre leg swelling goes away!!

Oh and I'd really like her jump round an entire jumping course!!

frostyfingers Wed 12-Jun-13 13:59:23

Where is everyone - riding?!

Dhorse has been recommended for this newer standing DSP surgery - gulp. He goes in on Sunday, 2 hour op on Monday then he could come out Tuesday but I've opted for him to stay until Friday as I don't have a stable and want to be 100% sure it's on the mend. He will then need two weeks complete rest in a small patch after which we can get going with rehab which will involve walking, long reining, lunging and then I should be able to get back on in 12 weeks. I've now got to find a light turnout to protect the dressing, hay and food. Any suggestions for feeding and keeping a horse in a small space post surgery would be welcome.

The only other option is medication with steroids but this won't be effective for ever, probably only 2-3 months at a time whereas this newer surgery is anticipated to work for much longer, they were talking years rather than months but as it is a new procedure can't offer guarantees.

I'm scared for him, anxious about the rehab and generally feeling a bit sick about it all, but with everything crossed he should come out feeling better and will be pain free for longer.

Fingers crossed on Monday!

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Jun-13 14:39:32

hi frosty that does all sound quite scary, will keep fingers crossed that everything goes as safely and smoothly as possible! Maybe you could start an additional thread about post-op care? More people might see it? Have some wine for later anyway and edible flowers for the patient

have been busy, not actually riding that much because pony is not quite 100%, windgalls and really need a new saddle - he has grown and changed so much. Really think no way was he five whenever I bought him, he's probably about that now. I wonder if that happens? Anyway so cleaning his lovely barnsby to put on eBay. Horse is on great form - I lunged him yesterday over poles using only the power of my mind. It was ok for a bit, pretty good, he even cantered on each rein for about three strides but then he just acted like a spaniel following me everywhere. So back to the more traditional lunge line method I think.

frostyfingers Mon 17-Jun-13 18:39:29

Dhorse had his op this afternoon and has come out well so far. He's in until Friday when I'll be fetching him back to put in his tiny patch on the field....hay and happy hoof lined up, plus a lick, plus a turnout to stop it all getting wet.

He was funny when I took him in yesterday - a lovely big stable with squidgy rubber floor and a deep fluffy bed of shavings at the back in an immaculate line. He had a good dig, then a roll, then a pee and stood having his admission notes taken with white shavings in his mane looking completely nuts. It's very odd at home without him, and he's too far away for me to go and visit so roll on Friday.

Mitchy1nge Mon 17-Jun-13 21:23:36

smile glad all went well and he is enjoying his new accommodation

hope you manage ok until Friday and are not missing him too much

frostyfingers Fri 21-Jun-13 14:00:38

Dhorse is home and looking around his very small patch in the field with an unamused expression. He's effectively on box rest for another 10 days, then stitches/staples out (and there are loads of them, about 15/20) and then he's allowed a 10 minute walk in a straight line for 2 weeks, then lunging for weeks 4-8, then a check up, then hopefully ridden work.

He was a model patient (I bet they say that to all the owners!), and seems quite happy - we have a good supply of bute, and amused them by how thoroughly he rolled every day, making them change the dressing all the time.

Fingers crossed that all this hard work pays off.

Butkin Fri 21-Jun-13 21:59:15

DD went to Lincolnshire Show yesterday. Left at 3.30am as she was in the ring at 8am... She came 3rd in the HOYS qualifier but didn't get her ticket as it went to the 2nd. I missed it because I went to Royal Ascot instead (which was an awesome day!).

Mirage Sat 29-Jun-13 13:24:18

Things aren't going too well here.We moved the ponies to their summer grazing and the next day Brandy took off with DD2 whilst cantering across a field,and galloped around until she fell off,then he spooked in a gateway on the way back and took off again,resulting in another fall and some nasty scrapes and grazes.Since then he has taken off with her several times for no reason that we can see at all,and is impossibly spooky.She has had so many falls that I've lost count.The last time he did a runner was during her lesson on Wednesday,and mercifully she managed to stay on.Her instructor said that there was no reason for him to do it and suspects that an incident in his past that we were aware of,might still be affecting him,and his first reaction to anything is to run.

So,poor DD2 has lost her confidence,she has gone from galloping about jumping anything,to being afraid to go out of walk without me next to her.His eyes are on stalks at everything and we have a show tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to now at all. DD2 will have to go on the lead rein as I don't trust him not to do something stupid.

I think its the grass,but his owner doesn't think so.I'm gutted for them both as poor DD2 has had some bad experiences in the past and really thought she'd found the right pony,but we are going backwards at the minute.sad

Pixel Sat 29-Jun-13 14:01:14

I thought he was going ok and being a star? (unless I'm mixing you up with someone else blush) Seems a bit of a sudden change so I don't know why his owner is ruling out the grass if nothing else has changed.
Am I right in thinking he's quite young? Sometimes they can only cope with an busy workload and new experiences for so long and then all of a sudden their baby brains can't cope any more. He could just need a break from the shows etc and some relaxing hacks to settle him down but I can understand that's not what you want to hear at this time of year, especially as your dd was doing so well and probably has all sorts of plans. I'm not saying it is that, as I don't know him, but I have seen it happen before with youngsters.
Have you tried getting him off the grass for part of the day, or maybe lunging him before dd gets on him to work off some of the extra energy? Is there anything near the new field that could be spooking him and putting him on edge? (am thinking something going on behind a hedge like cattle/cyclists/golf course/bird scarer!, or someone letting their dog in the field when you aren't there, anything unusual really).

Mirage Sat 29-Jun-13 18:52:53

Yes,Pixel you are right,we've had him nearly 5 months,and until 3 weeks ago,apart from running off down the road with DD2 when a tractor scared him,he has been really good,took everything in his stride.He is 7 and was only broken to ride last summer,previously he was driven,but was in an awful accident and couldn't be driven after that.The trap over turned and he ran off dragging it behind him,and he is very spooky about things with wheels/things behind him.

We didn't take him anywhere for the first 2 months,just messed about at home,in all he has been to 3 PC rallies and 1 show whilst he has been with us.I did wonder if it might be a sign that he has been doing too much,but it seems odd that he has been very good whilst out,and it has only started since moving field.I drive past at various points in the day and have never seen anyone in there.Hacking is really stressful with him,he was never brilliant in traffic,but we thought we were making progress, DD2 had to get off today because he was so silly on the road and he was no better in the field,spooking at sheep which he lives with and going bug eyed at another rider going past us.It is meant to be fun at this age and this most definitely isn't.

Pixel Sat 29-Jun-13 19:09:32

Oh dear, sounds difficult. sad The only other suggestion I have is some kind of calmer supplement in his feed.

Mirage Sun 30-Jun-13 17:57:45

Yes,he isn't the most straightforward pony in the world.We took him to a busy show today and he was really good.I kept DD2 on the leadrein or close by me as there were huge horses charging everywhere in the collecting rings and I didn't want any accidents,but he was very calm.We did the leadrein games and DD2 got a 1st,and a 3rd,she got a clear round in the jumping and 4th in leadrein showing.

I saw his owner there and she told me not to strip graze him any more,but to leave him on the grass he's eaten down to see if that helps.She is also coming over twice a week to give DD2 some lessons to boost her confidence and improve her seat.I might buy some Mag ox and see if that helps too.

On the plus side,DD1 won 1st place in First Ridden,and won a cup,and also got a 1st in the bending race and 2nd and 3rd in 2 other races.I was particularly pleased as someone who used to spend a lot of time telling me that dpony wasn't very good and that I should sell her as soon as I could and buy something 'better' was there to witness dpony's triumph.grin

Pixel Sun 30-Jun-13 19:13:09

Argh, typed you a message then lost it. Sounds like you've all had a fantastic day and everyone's done well. Bet you were so pleased at showing the horrible person who told you to get rid that they were wrong, like the icing on the cake.
Your pony certainly seems to be a 'character' (being polite grin).

marialuisa Sun 30-Jun-13 19:26:59

Go Mirage's girls! Green ponies are a rollercoaster IME but if DD2 is still happy with him on the ground, well worth persevering with.

All good here, DD is much too tall for dpony butr after much angst we are sticking with him as she's still well within his weight carrying ability. He is such a superstar and although we've had offers for him I really want his next home to be long term as he deserves it. Went to our local XC course today and he jumped his heart out (whilst demonstrating just how excited he was by bouncing on the spot) so have left him to chill out in the field until a dressage lesson on Wednesday.

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