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hapless hacking and Actual Riding log

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Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 09:29:28

is the riding log full now? Haven't seen it for ages.

Anyway we (well, me and the horse) are back in very light work at last, 2013 can finally begin!

What are your goals?

Pixel Sat 27-Apr-13 00:11:10

Well that's the other thing I'm going to have to get - an arena! grin.
<adds to list>

MrsNouveauRichards Sat 27-Apr-13 12:31:59


mrslaughan Sat 27-Apr-13 18:14:14

I was walking ddog with friend by her house the other day - did a walk I had never done before and came across a lovely rubber ménage complete with mirrors - the shame is that it obviously isn't used that much because of all the grass growing in it shock, what a wastehmm

Pixel Sat 27-Apr-13 20:22:16

MrsSlaughan, how did you get that accent above the e ? I've been wondering how to do that for ages!

Note I'm asking a favour before I point out that it's manege. A menage means something rather different although I suppose rubber could be involved grin.

You are right though, it is a waste. I wonder if there is a tragic story behind it? You know, promising young showjumper has dreadful accident and the horse is shot so she just sits at the window all day watching the weeds grow...
Sorry, I think I read too many of those horsey comics that have short stories when I was younger they are still stashed under my bed blush.

Butkin Mon 29-Apr-13 22:36:13

Change of heart on Saturday night meant a 4.20am wake up to go to Area 5 (at Arena UK) instead on Sunday. Just thought it better for DD to ride on a surface than on firm ground at Stansted which had been rained on and could be slippy.

She only came 4th but enjoyed the experience of riding against the top northern jockeys like Poppy Carter and definitely good practise. Off to Area 7 (Slapton in Bucks) this Sunday after going to the 2000Gns at Newmarket on Saturday.

frostyfingers Tue 30-Apr-13 10:19:21

God that's early Butkin - 4th sounds pretty good to me!

Dhorse has been lunged every other day in order to help with his kissing spine problems and he's been fine about it and working quite well.

I decided to lunge dpony who looks a little like a tennis ball with legs - well I'm not sure who found it a harder workout, him or me! Every 3rd or 4th stride he'd stop and turn in, when I told him to get on with it he'd do a little hump of his back end and try and take off - I entertained the passing walkers I think with my running after him on the end of the lunge!

Anyway we have done it daily since and I swear we are both feeling fitter already - he loathes it with a passion and I am beginning to.

mrslaughan Tue 30-Apr-13 19:37:37

Pixel - I typed a response but the ether ate it.....the accent on ménage - only got there because of auto correct on the iPhone, one of the few, if only times that t has actually helped, rather than changing it to some random and wrong word!

Went for a hack on sunday - I have been focusing on the school (her owner purely hacks her), so I haven't hacked her since I took on the share. It was OK except for 5 mins, when she threw abit of a strop and carted me to the front (open field).....I learnt alot from the hack, I discussed it with my instructor today because alot was bugging me about it was all agreed at the beginning that we were just walk/trotting, but a youngish girl who I didn't know was joining us (but was in on the discussion) kind of took over, she decided we were going to have a number of canters....not much you can do when she yells from the front that we are going to canter and takes off.........RI nicely pointed out that the ground is rock hard and she would not be cantering on it at the moment....which now makes me feel badly for Dmare.

Anyway I have decided for the meantime, that next time people decide to join in on a hack and I don't know them, I will politely make excuses, and ride her in the school.

MrsNouveauRichards Sun 05-May-13 07:34:54

Is anyone doing anything today? We are off to riding club showjumping this morning, and it is dry and sunny - yay!

Mirage Sun 05-May-13 14:29:33

The girls have had a friend over today and had a lovely morning swapping ponies and riding around the fields.

DD2 has really got to grips with Brandy now and is happily riding around the fields on him without me next to her.He is such a good lad and doesn't even try to go after Dpony and DD1 as they go bombing past,unless he is asked too.He has a cracking jump too,and will jump anything,logs,plastic containers cable tied together,drainage pipes,whatever we can find.We are looking forward to doing some minimus jumping over the summer.

Plomino Sun 05-May-13 15:34:17

Well I took my courage in both hands this morning and ventured out with the new boy ! Not for very long , but it's a start . Very very spooky ( who knew that concrete slabs were so scary?! ) and one spin and a leap sideways , but otherwise not too bad at all ! Will give it another go tomorrow , and go a bit further , and see how we go ! Quite impressed seeing as he was a total unknown about being ridden out .

Mirage Mon 06-May-13 20:46:07

Well done Plomino.He sounds a star! We've had a few ponies who have been spooky hacking out until they have settled in a bit-he can only get better though,can't he?

Brandy's owners came over to ride with us today and DD2 had a lovely canter and gallop across our 40 acre field,along with them and DD1.I think he enjoyed himself as I could see DD2 turning him in a circle to slow him down at the end.grin They both showed off their jumping skills too and had a great time.It has been a lovely weekend,despite me having to work this morning.

Mirage Fri 10-May-13 19:54:02

My lovely mum has treated the girls to a new tweed jacket each.They have always have hand me downs before and DD1 's was a boys jacket.They look really lovely and the staff took a lot of time and trouble making sure the fit was right,and gave me a lot of showing tips too.

We were trying to track down two ties that picked out one of the colours in the tweed,with no luck.Then today I went into a charity shop and found 2 in exactly the colour we wanted,even better they were 99p each.I was so chuffed,and have bought some matching ribbon for hair bows and to make into buttonholes.

Butkin Fri 10-May-13 20:30:49

Excellent Mirage - well done! (you shouldn't have buttonholes with tweed though)

We're off to Royal Windsor tomorrow. Leaving the yard at 6am (already fretting this isn't early enough!) and no expectations but just hoping we all (particularly DD) enjoy the experience.

Then off to South Suffolk on Sunday which is our local show !

Mirage Sat 11-May-13 13:07:39

Thank you Butkin I half had the idea that it was no buttonholes with tweed-will save me a job [eyes pile of jodphurs that need letting down/ taking up).Best of Luck this

We've been practising jumping and then a hack over the fields,although the dds were racing each other on the way back.

Our 1st show isn't until the end of June,at Blaston.The dds are hoping to do first ridden,fancy dress,minimus jumping & the games.DD2 is thinking of entering Brandy in the M&M small breeds in hand.It is an Equifest qualifier but we aren't bothered about that bit,would just like to see how he does.

Butkin Sat 11-May-13 22:08:40

Just posted pic of DD riding at Royal Windsor today. Everything went really well. Didn't come in first 6 (15 in class) but she behaved great and gave DD a good and safe ride in front of a big audience.

Good luck at Blaston Mirage - just looked that the schedule and it looks fun! We couldn't wait until end of June - we'll have packed in about 6 shows by then!

Mirage Sun 12-May-13 08:25:25

They look a great combination Butkin,what a lovely Have you got your box for this year?

I have to be careful about too much pony stuff,or DH starts moaning about too much time/money being spent.Although I think he is coming over to the dark side as he said it was about time I had a horse earlier in the week and also watched the recording of Badminton with us,and was asking how much it was for tickets for next year.shock

Butkin Sun 12-May-13 20:30:57

Mirage - always a good sign when they start encouraging you to spend money!

Yes we've got the box and it's doing fine although DW is already looking to upgrade - think we'll go the whole hog and go for a 7.5 ton if we can find the sort we want at the right price.

Went to South Suffolk and DD and Bridget did their best show to date and finished 2nd. Unfortunately they therefore just missed out on their RI ticket but she did get her Blue Riband ticket and she enjoyed riding at her local show with all he friends there.

Butkin Fri 24-May-13 12:30:42

Just getting ready for one of our busiest weeks. Lesson tonight (followed by Pony bath) and then we've got Herts County tomorrow, Suffolk on Wednesday and Rutland on Sunday so DD has 3 County shows in a week. We thought about also entering Surrey County on Monday but thought that was over facing ourselves! Just hope this awful weather goes away - don't fancy getting stuck anywhere (we had hail yesterday!)

Anybody else around and about this Bank Holiday/Half term?

Mirage Fri 24-May-13 12:34:32

Good Luck Butkin.We are debating going to Rutland,the forecast is temps in the mid teens and cloudy.Will you have to be there so early this time? I remember your message about last years' early start and not many competitors.

Butkin Fri 24-May-13 16:31:58

Mirage, Definitely going to Rutland UNLESS we qualify for RI at Herts or Suffolk. Show Pony class is 3rd after 9am - 11 in it. We can't do the M&M FR as it will clash with the show pony so we've (rather bizarrely!) entered the palomino for the open As and Bs (no young rider class). There are 17 in that.

Of course not everybody will show up - there are HOYS qualifiers at Midlands County Show on the same day that will take some entries away.

Only been to Rutland three times but it has rained every time. This will be the last time at this venue. They move to Oakham from 2014.

frostyfingers Sat 25-May-13 10:39:10

Just realised it's ages since I've contributed here! Not much to report other than some hacking and the usual lunging. Dpony looks a little trimmer and the farrier yesterday said that although he was lookking a bit "prosperous" (great description!) his feet were fine and I wasn't to worry too much.

Dhorse is quite jolly, especially in the wind but hopefully won't be too mad when we do our fun ride next week. Unfortunately the person I was going with has her horse in isolation as 2 new horses in the yard have come from a yard which has had a case of strangles..... Whether they knew or not is anyone's guess but they have been pretty casual in their horse care - not checking them daily, not taking rugs on and off etc so friend has been keeping their water topped up and making sure they're not injured. I wonder why they have these horses as they don't seem to be interested in their welfare at all.

Good luck with all your showing outings, lots of hard work!

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-May-13 14:35:57

the hardest part is catching the pony at the moment, although wandering around his field with a head collar and a bucket of nuts is an effortless way to exercise him while he gallops round and round and round, catches his breath then off again hmm

horse on other hand is on fab form, since the school was resurfaced he is obsessed with dragging me in there to jump things - I thought he was getting ready to retire but think he would really really like to go out and do some sj, he even soars 3' over twigs on hacks the weirdo

mrslaughan Tue 28-May-13 17:36:46

Well I haven't been riding my share - she has had a sore back - so she has been treated by a osteo (she loved that!) and I have been lunging her to build her top line. Bit frustrating - but there you go, that's horses for you.
Last week I had some lessons on the riding school horses and it was actually nice to feel how I have progressed, and each one has taught me something different - I have enjoyed the challenge!

We are debating about loaning or buying a pony for DS - he loves riding, at it is really good for him, but is a huge step. That's it really , until dmare sees the oesteopath again and she gives the all clear for her to be ridden in the school again.

Pixel Tue 28-May-13 17:55:49

Oh dear Mitchy, perhaps you need to practice with a lasso! What a lovely little pony he is, doing his best to keep his mum fit grin. I have problems not catching mine, I can't do anything without him breathing down my neck, it's very un-nerving!

I think I must be allowed back on the riding log now as I have actually been getting on the monster's back <fanfare>. He's had a very long time off, a combination of finding a replacement saddle for his new lardy mature shape (and the money to pay for it), grotty weather and my total loss of anything approaching nerve. However, it seems to have done him a lot of good mentally. He is a much nicer character to be around is enjoying being brought back into work. I'm taking things very steadily. I tell myself I might as well put my tack in the car, then I might as well get him out and groom him, then "oh I'll just sit on him for a minute" etc etc. So I've got as far as roadwork just him and me, only round the block but it's a start, and I'm planning to gradually build up the distance when I'm ready (I have to sing the whole time though which can be embarrassing --for dhorse--). I've also finally got him lunging instead of just trying to attack me, which is good as I tried to pop him over a tiny little pole the other day (in a moment of misplaced courage) and he leapt about 4' and then did an enormous buck on landing. Don't know how I stayed on as I haven't jumped anything at all for 20 years! So I plan to teach him to jump on the lunge before I try any such foolishness again wink.

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-May-13 21:24:31

Good luck mrslaughan, a new pony is always a good idea smile

wow pixel, you are doing loads of stuff now? It is all coming together! I think I hate jumping after all, it's one of the things that actually learning how to ride would help with blush we just career about the school without brakes or steering and it doesn't feel nice like it does in the outside world

or I could give up project snaffle and put something horrible back in?

and pony is LAME so that will teach him but I just booked school and instructor for daughter, first lesson for about a year, will have to borrow a pony or use mad brown jumping machine

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