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hapless hacking and Actual Riding log

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Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 09:29:28

is the riding log full now? Haven't seen it for ages.

Anyway we (well, me and the horse) are back in very light work at last, 2013 can finally begin!

What are your goals?

Mirage Sun 07-Apr-13 20:45:30

I seem to have taken over this thread.blush We've had a lovely weekend,but I'm shattered.I took the dds and their ponies over to Brandy's owners and they took them out on a long hack,which they all really enjoyed,especially DD1,who overtook one of their hunters in a gallop down the fields.DD2 was led off another hunter to practise her cantering,as her pony doesn't always get it [was broken to drive,so has a very fast trot].It was a nice change to ride out in different surroundings and with different people.

Today we didn't ride,but went to watch a friend's team in a team chase,which was enormous fun.Another friend was the first man to complete it riding side saddle,which was interesting.grin Back to school tomorrow,and back to having a weekly lesson.

mrslaughan Sun 07-Apr-13 20:55:41

I didn't ride this week - spent easter dealing with sick children (vomitting bug), then I got it. My loan had been ridden alot by her owner over ester, so had tuesday off, then I lunged her on wednesday and thursday. wednesday - I just couldn't co-ordinate myself (this is a new skill I am learning), but thursday was much better.

Ds however had a great week - He had 4 lessons this week (very indulged). he has been learning for a year, at the end of summer he was riding brilliantly - but then had a real crisis of confidence (he has dyspraxia and not sure if he "forgot" how to or what) anyway this week it has all come together and rode beautifully - such a pleasure to watch, he is so proud of himself, and his smile is incredible. Now have to work out how we "do a pony" :-)

Plomino Sun 07-Apr-13 21:31:26

Well seeing as it was the first decent warmish day with no wind , rain, snow , ice or freezing temperatures , I finally managed to tack up and lunge the new boy in the field ! As I have absolutely no previous history for him , and the previous owner didn't ride or lunge , I have no idea how he's going to behave .

It seems his idea of being lunged is to leap dramatically into the air , then career round in circles whilst calling hysterically to every horse within a 5 mile radius and cocking a deaf ear to any of my instructions ...

However after 15 minutes of lunacy , he decided to calm down and actually do as he was asked , and after that he actually lunged quite nicely ! Waiting for saddle fitter to come out and then will actually try him out properly , but will probably spend the rest of this week seeing if he continues in the same vein !

frostyfingers Mon 08-Apr-13 10:20:35

Not riding much at the moment but looking forward to getting dhorse back to our field and not having to muck out. We went to the point to point on Saturday - beautiful day and great racing and I caught up with dhorse's previous owners which was nice. Apart from that a lot of work combined with trying to get my DT's to revise for their A's means that horses have taken a bit of a back seat for the last couple of weeks!

Mirage Sun 14-Apr-13 20:29:06

We had a real achievement today.Both girls were jumping their ponies in the field at the same time without DD2 being on a lead rein,for the first time

Yesterday we took the ponies over to ride with Brandy's owners again.Whilst cantering over a field,the hunter Brandy was led off spooked at a blackbird in a hedgerow,which caused Brandy to spook,still cantering,and DD2 hit the deck.Her falling caused the other hunter to rear up in fright,dumping his rider too.Thankfully dpony was immune to the silliness and DD1 stayed on board. Dpony also beat the spooky hunter in a race across the parkland,not bad for a 9 year old girl on a 23 year old crossbreed.grin

frostyfingers Mon 15-Apr-13 13:52:35

It has taken me the best part of the morning but finally dhorse and dpony are out in our field at home. I've left most of my stuff up at the stables and am paid up until the end of the month so will bring it down gradually.

They were so pleased to be out on clean, level ground with a decent covering of grass that apart from a quick whizz round they've been stuffing themselves ever since. Instead of worrying about mud fever I shall now start worrying about dpony developing colic and/or laminitis from the change in grass - it's never ending!

mrslaughan Tue 16-Apr-13 18:08:58

Had a fantastic week last week, and today has been fab as well. On the absolute bonus, rode today and the sun was shining - actually almost had too heavy a clothes on..... Wow that sun felt nicegrin

Mitchy1nge Wed 17-Apr-13 11:44:43

envy want to ride horse SO BADLY but of course he lost a NEW shoe while I was away, haven't even paid for it yet, he looks stiff again too sad

I do love the pony but not to hack alone unless absolutely have to sad

frostyfingers Thu 18-Apr-13 11:31:12

All set to go for a ride today and then discovered that the council have decided to close the only road out of here today - not tomorrow as specified on their lovely yellow notice board - for a WEEK. There have been endless machines and diggers zipping up and down with orange flashing lights which have kept Dhorse entertained but it's a PITA.

I've had to do the housework instead - yawn. Hopefully I'll be able to get him out on Saturday, otherwise I'll just have to lunge him which we both hate!

mrslaughan Thu 18-Apr-13 16:10:00

Had amazing 3 days with dmare - my riding is improving so much at the moment and now feel like I am really riding her now.
Yesterday had a lesson in the lounge , today worked in sitting Troy, man I am sore, but can't wait for next Tuesday when I get to do it all again!

mrslaughan Thu 18-Apr-13 16:11:07

Sorry lunge...... I was not on the sofa wink

MrsNouveauRichards Fri 19-Apr-13 12:14:10

Hello all! I found my way back to MN after a long break from it. I was originally Alicecrail.

Lovely to 'see' everyone. I now use a fab horsey site called Haynet where everyone is really lovely (and there are lots of pictures!)

Things are good here, I have passed my trailer test (yay!) and have joined the local riding club. Riding time has been cut short by my youngest stopping naps most days, but he will start preschool in september so 3hrs a day I will be FREE!!! Not that I'm looking forward to it or anything.......

Horses are growing old disgracefully, they are now 12 and 13 and the behaviour hasn't changed much, in fact the mare seems to be getting more wild!

frostyfingers Fri 19-Apr-13 15:56:15

Welcome home Mrs! Hopefully longer daylight hours will give you a chance for some evening rides.

Dhorse has been out "naked" today and has taken advantage by rolling about 10 times - luckily he hasn't got anywhere muddy to do it, but does seem to be having fun. Managed to get him out for a ride today where we saw some deer in the wood next to the road which livened him up no end!

Mirage Sun 21-Apr-13 20:26:48

Ha ha frosty I remember you saying before how your boy loved to roll.grin.

We've had a lovely few days.Had a very good lesson on Wednesday,and yesterday DD2 rode Brandy around our big schooling field off the lead rein for the first time.She did a few courses of jumps and practised her bending race all with no help from me.It was lovely to see her doing so well and even DD1 belting around on dpony didn't fizz him up.DD2 has decided that she is not entering any lead rein classes this year and is aiming at first riddens and whp.DD2 had better watch out as they'll be competing against each other.

We spent today at our hunt's Point to Point,[we always get a free pass smile and had a lovely day,saw lots of people we knew and I even picked a winner.

frostyfingers Tue 23-Apr-13 13:50:38

I'm feeling very virtuous! I've cleaned all bar one of Dhorse's rugs (the one he's still using), and have the pony's rug soaking so that's four washed and tidied away, plus all his bandages, travelling stuff, buckets, feed bowls and I've cleaned up and sorted my veterinary stuff. Next up is the grooming kit (although with them both shedding hair like crazy it's fairly pointless) and then I'm done. The trailer has been pressure washed and aired inside and out and is ready for it's annual check.

Smug - moi?!

Pixel Tue 23-Apr-13 18:33:02

Very smug smile. Our rugs are all still dumped in a heap in the hay store.
Mind you, we've had a lot of fencing to do at the field, and since it's finally warm/dry enough to tackle the allotment it's taken a bit of a priority atm. I want my lovely fresh veggies, the rugs will have to wait! Actually they aren't in bad nick anyway, no repairs needed, just a good brush off probably. I've tried washing one in the bath and that is never happening again grin.

Butkin Tue 23-Apr-13 19:51:14

Mirage, we were at the West Norfolk (Fakenham) on Sunday. Where you there?

Lovely day here - DD had a riding lesson on her two main ponies (the grey has now gone) and we're gearing up to another show on Sunday.

Mirage Tue 23-Apr-13 19:54:08

Our rugs are in my polytunnel,it is a great place to dry them out over the winter.I've not tackled cleaning them yet.I agree with you about fresh veg,Pixel and have spent whatever pony or work free time shovelling manure onto my veg beds.

Mirage Tue 23-Apr-13 19:59:09

No,Butkin we were at Garthorpe,Leics.It is a lovely course but it is always cold up there.Glad to hear that you have sold your grey.Which show are you heading to this weekend?

Butkin Tue 23-Apr-13 22:15:13

Thinking of going to NPS 14 at Stansted just to give DD an easier class rather than hitting the RIs every week. She needs a confidence booster. I've been to Garthorpe many times - in fact a mare I once owned sadly broke down there (although she was saved and we gave her away to her breeder). I like it there - always good viewing.

mrslaughan Thu 25-Apr-13 18:07:12

rode today - amazing lesson - had dmare soft and round and salivating
:-) first time ever........

did get rather an amazing buck, she has got into some bad habits with canter (bad habits mostly of my making - letting her getting away with stuff - so I need to sort it), and we were working through that, she makes me laugh, its kind of I won't, I won't, I bloody won't , and then she goes oh OK and gives you the most amazing ride......

Can't wait till next tuesday

Mirage Thu 25-Apr-13 18:55:52

Good Luck Butkin let us know how it goes.

Sounds good Mrs it is lovely when things go well.
We had a good lesson yesterday,no riding today as the farrier came and was running late.I'd only just turned the ponies out when the school bus arrived.Good job I'm only across the road from the bus stop!

MrsNouveauRichards Fri 26-Apr-13 18:19:22

Hello all.

I thought I was doing well with my horsey spring clean, but Frosty has put me to shame! Although I am glad I haven't washed rugs yet after the rain we just had overnight. The gelding will be plastered by the time I get them in this afternoon (mud is rather a specialty of his!)

The problem with this better weather is that I become quite antisocial, preferring to spend the time with the horses rather than with people! grin

Going to do some polework with my two today, I have dug out the old Manual of Horsemanship and I am armed with a measuring tape and YouTube videos!

Have a good horsey day!

Pixel Fri 26-Apr-13 19:09:03

Good idea, that's what I'm going to have to do. Get a measuring tape that is. My mum insists on 'helping' by putting the poles out but honestly they are all over the place and she seems to think dhorse is a giraffe. It's not as if he's keen at the best of times but it would be nice to give him half a chance to get it right. grin
<goes to search dusty bookshelves for Manual of Horsemanship>

MrsNouveauRichards Fri 26-Apr-13 21:02:30

I marked on the wall of the arena with tape so I know next time. I have always had a mental block when it comes to polework! It went really well, until it started hailing....... hmm

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