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Martin Clunes Heavy Horse Power.

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SaggyOldClothCatpuss Thu 07-Feb-13 22:39:19

Anyone else watch it? It was very good. The fishing horses were amazing. I did wish her done a section on Shetlands though!

chocolatecakeystuff Thu 07-Feb-13 22:43:00

Watching it on plus one as we speak x

Plomino Thu 07-Feb-13 22:45:55

Oh I've got this on the planner for tomorrow !

Pixel Thu 07-Feb-13 23:36:51

Have recorded it as I've just got back from a brilliant charity comedy night. Will watch it tomorrow night while dh is at work smile.

50BalesOfHay Fri 08-Feb-13 00:28:01

it was fantastic, and the fishing horse Clunes rode looked a lot like DH's Belgian Draft. We are fans of heavy horses, there's just something about them (but when she's stroppy she's a real handful)

CountryCob Fri 08-Feb-13 09:21:29

Made me want a Clydesdale (and the farm to work one in), also I liked the Stallion Axel, especially when he did his detour to the mare when Martin Clunes was driving him, that had the potential to go horribly wrong, not ridden a stallion in a while but remember that warning squel!

Butkin Fri 08-Feb-13 10:12:07

Enjoyed the show more than I thought I would. His enthusiasm is infectious and his increased knowledge of horses made him a better presenter than his previous series.

I was astonished though that they let him drive the Budweiser team through those busy streets. Could have gone horribly wrong!

Pixel Fri 08-Feb-13 21:29:49

Watched it now, thoroughly enjoyed it, although I wanted someone to get that bloomin' jack russell out of the way!
Felt a bit sorry for 'the boys' being hitched up to the stroppy stallion and dragged through the river but they did well didn't they smile.

Eve Fri 08-Feb-13 21:32:36

The driving chap teaching is my farrier as are his sons.

Does that counts a claim to fame?

SaggyOldClothCatpuss Fri 08-Feb-13 21:37:38

Id have happily seen that Jack Russell get a good boot from the horse! Little rat!

BehindLockNumberNine Sat 09-Feb-13 15:06:58

It was absolutely fantastic, his obvious love for horses and especially for his 'boys' is so obvious. I just love him and could listen to his voice for hours...<oops, bit off topic>

My favourite was the visit to the Italian Vineyard owner who had a Comptois. We had the pleasure of watching the Comptois team (wearing their lovely Carry On Comptois hoodies) at the Weald and Downland heavy horse show last year and I have fallen in love with them.

Love all heavy horses though, if I am ever going to own a horse it will be a heavy one!

Pixel Sat 09-Feb-13 16:24:11

I liked the comptois best too, looked like a real sweetheart.

I'm now wishing we had electricity at the field so I could use a vacuum cleaner on dhorse, I wonder if one of those little hand-held dustbuster jobbies would be any good?

I wish those clydesdales hadn't looked quite so much like dhorse. My sister is always saying she reckons he's part clydesdale and I'd hate her to be proved right grin.

BehindLockNumberNine Sat 09-Feb-13 16:27:16

Have just looked at your pictures Pixel, dhorse is stunning!! (and indeed a bit Clydesdaley grin)

I just love love love heavy horses, I long for the day I am brave (and light) enough to get back in the saddle...

Pixel Sat 09-Feb-13 16:56:02

Thank you! He's not looking too stunning atm, what with the beard, and the mud and the dreadlocked mane and tail. Roll on spring I say.
I've always said he should be in harness really and some people in our area have recently had their cob broken to drive a carriage. He is the absolute spitting image of dhorse and I would so love to see them as a pair.
(actually if I'd been rich I could have had dhorse's full brother at the same time I bought him. He's a year younger and a darker bay. I often wonder where he went).

Pondy1955 Sun 10-Feb-13 07:32:44

Hi there, I missed last week's episode but a friend told me that the programme can be bought as a DVD. I've searched for this but can't find it anywhere. Did she imagine it or has it not been released yet?

Thanks, Joan

careergirl Sun 10-Feb-13 16:23:53

i don't think it has been released yet but his original series HOrsepower has

Pondy1955 Mon 11-Feb-13 07:32:11

Thanks careergirl, I thought that might be the case. I'll try and catch the programme this week - perhaps it will be mentioned again.

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