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Pony shaped dilemma !

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Plomino Tue 22-Jan-13 22:13:43

This might end up a tad long, so bear with me !

I used to be on a livery yard for about 7 years , before we moved to the sticks and managed to buy our own house with land and stables . Although have been here for 6 years , I still keep in touch with my best yard buddy , and she comes and visits etc etc . Before Christmas , I was lucky enough to be able to have my stable yard rebuilt , with 3 boxes. The plan was always that I would get another horse to fill the third box , after the devastating loss of my first pony .

In November , I was chatting to my yard buddy on the phone , when she mentioned that there was a horse on the yard looking for a home. His owner was a really nice bloke , but inexperienced , and had basically made a mistake in buying him at all . He was willing to give him away for free , provided his good home was guaranteed . So I went down to have a look , and the horse IS lovely . Has a few issues like nipping , has a slightly dodgy hoof ( false quarter ) but is nothing I can't deal with , and haven't done before . I ws debating taking him on, and then I broke my leg in stupid riding accident .

Today , have had another call from yard buddy . Things have deteriorated slightly , inasmuch as horse is basically not being too well cared for . He has no rugs , is not fed any dinner , and is standing on rubber matting only all ight every night . He is not a native , and this is obviously not doing him any good as he is shivering and had lost a considerable amount of weight . Part of me , says take him! If we don't get on, I could always rehome him ( which being honest is unlikely , I keep all my horses for life) and part of me says what about the unknown . What if he doesn't get on with the others ? What if he costs me a fortune to get right ? And yet another part of me says FREE PONY FGS !

I don't know . Maybe I'm over thinking this ? Surely I would have a lot of the same worries even if I paid a fortune for one anyway ? What shall I do ? Someone , talk some sense into me . DH just rolls his eyes and says 'tell me when the stable needs emptying '. ( I might just have previous for doing exactly the same thing with my big hay monster some five years ago )

Help !

lovebeansontoast Sun 24-Feb-13 11:21:16

This is fantastic to read plomino. Lucky boy! Please keep us posted. I can't see the pic on your profile though.

Plomino Wed 24-Apr-13 15:03:08

Well the saddle fitter came today , and am now £460 lighter ! But have a lovely new thorowgood saddle which fits him like a glove . Only got the go ahead to ride again after the broken leg a week or so ago , so today was the first time I sat on him .

He was a complete star . Despite only having been lunged for the last weeks , he didn't put a foot wrong . Even with other horse screaming hysterically . Walked , trotted , did some school figures , thought about cantering , good as gold . Am going to ask my neighbour if she wants some company out on a hack later . Am very very pleased with him indeed .

mrslaughan Wed 24-Apr-13 15:06:33

What a fabulous thing you have done! And it has seemingly turned out better than expected!
Shows how bad it is for everyone involved, when someone "over horses" themselves.

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