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DIY livery/insurance

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Grunzlewheek Mon 21-Jan-13 19:34:50

I have been thinking of putting an advert up just asking for a hacking partner, having a horse "at home" means you don't get to bump into people to ride with, I wouldn't want to share my yard though, horse people are weird ! grin

LisaD1 Sat 19-Jan-13 21:18:55

I wouldn't find that weird, my advert said something along the lines of hacking company wanted, I deliberately said no retired horses as wanted someone who was going to want to do things. Good luck.

catsharingmychair Fri 18-Jan-13 16:35:30

That sounds a lot better! Thanks- will take a look. Having never offered a stable before, would it be weird in the advert to say I'm looking for someone who fancies hacking out sometimes ..or do people prefer to keep themselves to themselves?

LisaD1 Fri 18-Jan-13 16:26:46

Hiya, I have landowners indemnity cover at my place, SEIB policy think it was 265 for the year.

catsharingmychair Fri 18-Jan-13 16:15:21

Does anyone rent out a stable to another rider- just one... and not a whole yard?

I'd love to offer someone a place at home with me - I live on site, and hack/do sponsored rides and am hoping to do minimus xc at some point (yes, an utter wimp)..and it would be great to have someone who'd like to do this too.

The problem is that insurance is a huge problem - it seems to cost double or triple what the livery would generate over a annual period! Or am I looking in the wrong place??

Even if I let the stable for free I'd be legally responsible I think?

Does anyone just ignore the insurance issues and come to a gentleman's agreement that the owner has their own insurance and the livery is kept lower than market cost so it is more of a friendship. Or am I naive and unrealistic here?

No-one actually hacks out in my area - it's just dressage and SJ and they do a quick 20 min roadwork with no off road as they are worried about injuries etc so I'm riding each time on my own which is lovely but a tad dull! It would be so nice to have a friendly riding partner - and if they got stuck at work I could do the pony for them...

Any thoughts appreciated.

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