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Question re sharing a pony

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Booboostoo Mon 14-Jan-13 19:16:38

Yes, you should definitely have a written agreement, if nothing else it will clarify what it is you have agreed on. The BHS have a sample loan agreement which you should be able to adapt to your needs.

You should specify:
- what you are allowed to do with the pony
- how you can end the agreement
- how the owner can end the agreement
- who is responsible for public liability insurance
- who is responsible for vet fees/insurance
and anything else you think is relevant.

winniesmum Mon 14-Jan-13 18:54:01

I'm no expert but in the exact same situation as you. I'm going to ask for a written agreement as I feel it's better to be safe than sorry! Good luck

ooobee Mon 14-Jan-13 15:21:59

I have just started a new pony share 'on trial' until the end of the month.

It is only an informal share, I am going to ride 1 day per week and give the owner a financial contribution in return. The pony continues to live in the same place and will be ridden by the owner on other days.

Would you expect to have a written agreement in place for this kind of share? Or is that over the top?

I am just a bit concerned if something happened (for example the pony got injured) on my day would I be responsible for vets fees etc?

The owner insures the pony, and I have got my own personal accident cover insurance (BHS cover and income protection).

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