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We've been left some money. Do I spend a chunk of it on a possibly overpriced pony for dd1?

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ponydilemma Fri 11-Jan-13 11:45:51

We've been looking for a new pony for dd1, a 14.2 who loves jumping. Our budget has been around 4,000. Due to a family bereavement we've been left some money. Not a life changing amount but it would be very helpful for various things that need doing around the house, plus providing a comfortable buffer for us. DD1 has a pony currently. DD1 is a lovely girl who is completely dedicated to her pony and her sport. She is 13 and (not that it is relevant really) an ed pscyh 'diagnosed' her with suspected ASD (aspergers) a few years ago, she's not statemented, there was always a question mark over it, but anyway she is doing very well at school in small classes and with a real structure and routine. dd1's pony has been great for building her confidence but she now wants to jump higher and bigger etc etc and her current pony has started refusing rather nastily at anything over 2'3 (he lacks confidence in SJ anyway although he is great hunter). So I have found a pony who on paper sounds perfect for dd and after speaking to the owner at some length she sounds great. BUT she is 7,000 shock. Now, due to the money we've been left we COULD afford this but I am really scared about spending the money. WE are going to see her in a week and I am a bit worried that dd1 will assume we are definitely getting her (this is where the ASD bit kicks in as she really won't take on board that it's not a done deal hmm). We've had two ponies for a year but I wouldn't say we were anything other than novices really although we are keen and the girls do everything that comes their way. I don't really know what I am asking other than trying to talk it through with someone. Thanks for listening.

Floralnomad Sun 13-Jan-13 19:57:44

There is a 14.2 on the Horsemart south east website , bay ,9 years old looks lovely in the photos , hacks ,hunts apparently does it all and is £1400 . It's in the pony club pony section and they reckon it jumps and could do more.

Roseformeplease Sun 13-Jan-13 19:59:52

These are not always projects or badly treated, just in need of a new home. Just trying to help.....will slink off back to AIBU.

ponydilemma Sun 13-Jan-13 22:26:26

roseformeplease I am sorry, my post sounded cross and grumpy and it wasn't meant. To be honest, if I had loads of land, I'd rehome as many ponies and horses as I could. As it is, we have enough land for 2 ponies only so they both have to 'do a job' if you see what I mean.

Abbicob Mon 14-Jan-13 09:18:19

I would not spend that much to be honest. Have you tried speaking to the local pony club/riding club to see if they know of anything available? Also the hunt may know of something. I have a welsh section A that is jumping 3ft in the school easily that I want someone experienced to take out hunting and competing. My 3 year old rides it on the lead rein but it could also do with something a little bit more exciting to do.

You never know until you start asking around.

happyhoof Mon 14-Jan-13 18:48:33

Just an idea but 14.2s always fetch a high price if they jump, where as a 15hh or 15.2hh of the same ability could cost you half the price. If you are not intending to affiliate then why not consider something a little bigger? It will last a life time as well. I bought my 15hh coloured pony for £1,500. He was 8 I was 15, and he did everything I asked and more, we ended up going from being to nervous to canter to taking on the big guns at Novice ODEs (AFFILIATED) hes still with me today and I'm nearly 40 ! and i still ride him occasionally. If he had been 14.2hh I could have sold him for £20,000 a hundred times over. Just a thought.

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