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Tell me a bit about your horse

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Croccy1979 Thu 03-Jan-13 10:22:48

Just wondering what kind of horses and ponies you lovely people have.

Tell me a bit about your horse, such as size, age, breed, how long you have had them, what you do with them, what you especially love about them, any bad habits or funny stories about them

I have my pony of a life time a 11.3 dartmoor mare that we bred who has filled every horsey dream I ever had - apart from winning at hoys but bless her she tried and has been close . She is full of character a family favourite and never going anywhere, my dad can hack her out (he only weighs 9 stone) and my daughter adores her.
We also have a 6 year old 13hh Connie gelding who I hope will be half as special as the one above, my dad spends most of the time riding him after vowing never to sit on another Connie after riding our other one.
A 14hh Connie who will jump any hedge out hunting but doesn't always oblige in the ring however I love him to bits and he is a great nanny.
We also have various others most of which are dartmoors as we breed them and a few oap's that are retired in the field.

Ariela Sat 12-Jan-13 02:02:50

We have two, both can be handled by 2 year olds they are so good on the ground. One is a characterful, very handsome bay New Forest with a super shaggy and long mane and tail, jumping is his forte - does fab and fast double clears, but he's a fab all rounder can easily score 65%+ for dressage, has won Le Trec, working hunter pony, chase me charlie is another he's good at, does everything you ask of him has armfuls of rosettes every year, his only 'fault' is he does like to go first when hunting/on fast hacks as he sees it as a race, and has been known to pop a cheeky buck, but other than that you could put your grandma on him. Oh and don't leave the back door open or he'll walk in, ensure that your hay barn is secure otherwise he'll be in there noshing, and if your fence is weak or two low he'll be over it. He also is a 'clean' pony despite the fact he lives out - poos in a pile, won't lay on wet ground, and spruces up lovely in 5 minutes as though you've groomed for hours (guess what colour previous pony was!) . Sadly he'll have to be up for sale just as soon as we've found something big enough for growing daughter. Shame because he is my favourite!

The other is a very well bred and handsome chestnut show pony, he's 13.2 and a slim build, he's just 22 years old and has found a new lease of life as a mounted games pony, he is very fast!

DENMAN03 Thu 10-Jan-13 21:28:48

I have a 17.3hh polish warmblood called Jakub. Ive had him three years now and he is just wonderful. Hes does a bit of everything and is going proper eventing this year. He showjumped mainly when I bought him and is happily jumping newcomers although can be a bit of a 4 fault horse! Planks are there to be demolished in his eyes, so think he will be better eventing where it doesnt matter as much!

I also own a leg in a 4 star horse. He competed at Lumhulen (sp!) and Burghley last year and was clear cross country so I was a very proud mummy! Its always been my dream to have a horse at this level and hopefully he will be at Badminton again this year. (btw I dont compete him!! Im not that brave or talented!!)

brighthair Thu 10-Jan-13 17:08:58

Oh yes definitely look!

Pixel Thu 10-Jan-13 16:29:29

bahana steal one of them and put it in harness! smile

pipsy76 Thu 10-Jan-13 16:27:33

Bizarrely I now have the offer of a thoroughbred HOYS show horse on loan from a multimillionaire who has too many, however as I'm after a bombproof hack I'm not sure he will be right for me . Going to ride him next Thursday as I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth grin

miggy Thu 10-Jan-13 14:51:56

My DS has two games ponies, Star 13.2 British riding pony, 23yrs old and like a mini racehorse. He is outgrown and supposed to be going on loan to a friend next month but am having cold feet, he is such a sweetie. Freckles is his new pony, 14.2 palomino quarter horse, 15yrs old and a complete babe.
I have Princess, 14.2 grey connie cross, 12yrs love her to bits but have to limit riding her as she is the widest thing in exsistence and I have a dodgy hip. My main riding ponio is my 4 yr old 13.2 Highland pony Dolly (another grey am I mad!), absolute character but 4 going on 40 so sane and sensible.
Also have Thunder 14.3 6yrs grey connie, bought him for my son who doesnt get on with him (Not whizzy enough) and cant sell hi as he has incurable hoof issues. He is on loan to lovely lady, at my yard.
Then theres the terrible twosome, DD's two shitlands, both 2yrs old, one a coloured mini and one a full size black. She shows them in hand (though at the minute they look like bog monsters! )

brighthair Thu 10-Jan-13 14:18:45

No problem at all .. Have you found anything?

pipsy76 Thu 10-Jan-13 13:31:31

Beautiful horse Brighthair, thanks again for helping me out the other week!

brighthair Thu 10-Jan-13 10:38:21

I loan a 16.3hh 17yo mare. Competes at advanced medium level (dressage). Likes jumping and eating. Doesn't like rain. Always knows best, prone to throwing in half pass/pirouettes if schooling seems boring, occasionally forgets how to do something simple like a circle but will compensate by doing shoulder in <eye roll>

therugratref Thu 10-Jan-13 10:26:28

I have a 15.2 French bred Arab, He is chestnut, lives out, goes barefoot and has just completed his novice year in Endurance.

bahana Thu 10-Jan-13 10:16:35

13.1 is bay roan NF - very handsome. 11.2 is chestnut Welsh A - looks like an angry deer and is very forward going but has lovely manners. Both geldings.

bahana Thu 10-Jan-13 10:15:13

So jealous of all these lovely big horses envy

We have two ponies - 13.1 and 11.2 that I spend every free moment either stressing about or looking after. I don't even get to ride [sob]

50BalesOfHay Thu 10-Jan-13 09:32:24

I love Highlands, Fredstheteds. Poledra, she is gorgeous, she has real presence as she's so hugely powerful, and is a real character. She is ridiculously devoted to DH and snogs his face off given half a chance grin

Butkin Wed 09-Jan-13 22:48:01

Palomino 8yo connemara mare. Not doing much except hacking.
Palomino 12.1 Welsh B. DD's schoolmaster and done her proud for 3 show seasons. Hope to jump him more this year and do some Junior Riders as well as Tets and FRs.
Grey 12.0 SHP. Lovely young boy - rising 5 - but will be for sale soon as DD will outgrow him before he hits the heights he will rise to.
Bay 12.2 SP Our new mare and potential RIHS and HOYS pony. She went to both last year for previous owner.
Strawberry roan 11.2 Welsh A. Was a top lead rein but now family pet. Will be sold on once DD admits she is too big for him (not ridden for a year) - hopefully this Spring.

Fredstheteds Wed 09-Jan-13 22:21:28

11 year old highland pony , Balleroy Mercury, aka Freddie. Grey gelding, very naughty loveable but sharp ( meant to be quiet ponies!)

8 year old Traditional cob, red and white mare. Sweet but can be a pain to catch. Rescued with small amount of baggage known as Little Miss Daisy.

2 other highlands, one mums- sweet and lovely! Other retired and grumpy....

N0tinmylife Wed 09-Jan-13 15:39:44

dappleton, your big one sounds like he has exactly the same personality as mine. He came last in his only race, and I can't say I'm surprised! My Mums 20 year old cob can out race him easily, because she gets all excited and shoots off, while he bimbles along looking a bit baffled! grin

Poledra Wed 09-Jan-13 11:54:36

Well, he's not really my horse but...

I ride a gorgeous 16.3hh Irish Draught, 23 years old but thinks he's much younger. Wasn't gelded till into his teens, so still has a bit of an eye for the laydees. smile Totally unflappable, beautiful manners but can be a bit obstreporous (if you don't ask properly, then he's damn well not going to do it!). He fell over his own feet the other week and went down on his front knees (no damage, we were in a slightly boggy outdoor school) and I swear he looked ashamed of himself! Fleabitten grey, big muscly type who demands to rub his face down my front once he's got his bridle off.

I wish he was mine, and if I ever get my own horse, it'll be a big chunky draught horse type (*50Bales*, your DH's Nell looks gorgeous).

dappleton Tue 08-Jan-13 10:12:20

this is really nice, i've often wondered what peoples horses are like when reading threads on here:

I have -
16hh TB Bay 12yrs old. ex-racehorse - my favourite, very cheeky and such a fun ride.
16.1hh TB Bay 13yrs old. ex-racehorse - he's my rock, I depend on him to be calm and wise day in and day out.
15.2 TB. Bay. 15yrs old. ex-racehorse - a total sweetheart, going to start using him for autistic riding classes
16.3hh TB Bay 5yrs old ex-racehorse - mmhhh...laid back springs to mind, no wonder he is retired from racing at 3yrs old. A gentle giant.
16hh TB bay 6yrs. ex-racehorse - Total baby, constantly attention seeking, he's growing on me.

...are you noticing a theme yard of identical horses is a bit confusing to newcomers!

and some ponies...
14.1hh palamino boarpard - gorgeous, the most wonderful hacking companion you could ever have.
14.1hh fell cross - jekyll and hyde - we have very good day's and very bad days
13hh shitland cross - would happily sell but nobody in their right mind would buy him...
10.3hh welsh cross - totally sweet children's LR pony, off the LR she's a lunatic, she is a very strong character and stands up for herself against all the horses despite the fact she is very tiny!

and 3 racehorses - one of which is living with us right now, he's a very cheeky boy and is enjoying dragging people around as he dances through the air.. I say a little prayer everytime I get on him...

alwaysGOLD Mon 07-Jan-13 13:09:51

All these horses sound fab smile

I have two

First is a 15.1 6yr old, id x black mare only had her 6 months ridden her twice! Due the bad knee, now recovered just getting her fit, ready for some shows i hoping her knee goes down enough to do county showing as a show cob. She has the best nature, total mud monster, she will actually walk and rub her face along the floor. Disgusting!!!

Second a 2 (nearly 3) yr old bay tb filly. I just play with her at the min, she will be backed in summer and will probaly sell her at shes only 14.2 at present! I dont think shell grow big enough for me sad shame she is a real sweetie,

frostyfingers Mon 07-Jan-13 12:29:44

Dhorse is failed point to pointer - rising 11 although you'd think he was about 5 sometimes. He's meant to be a hunter but has been barking mad on all outings so far this season, but after 5 hours on the hills last week will hopefully settle a bit. He is also a bog monster and can get mud in places whilst he's wearing his rug which you wouldn't think possible.

Dpony is companion pony, much loved and low mileage. He's meant to be grey but is generally clay coloured. He's a very good nanny to dhorse, and occasionally gets hauled out for visiting children to ride.

Love them both to bits (most of the time) - pics on profile.

Kormachameleon Mon 07-Jan-13 09:05:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CUnexttuseday Mon 07-Jan-13 08:47:53

i have Tigger a 15.1hh 9 yr old welsh x hackney x appaloosa gelding. bought as a 3yr old backed by me. he is spooky and silly but i love him to bits. he went on loan for 2yrs when i had my first DS and did a lot of BSJA, BD and a BE90 event. i have lost my nerve jumping though so we mostly hack

and i have Ethel a 13.1hh 4yr old mare. Bought as a 2yr old off Bodmin moor completely unhandled. She was backed as a 3yr old then turned away for 9 months. She is now coming back into work. Amazing little mare brave and lets my 2yr old DS do anything with her

horseylady Sat 05-Jan-13 10:13:06

Twatty - I did that!! My welsh has a big White face and four big White socks.

My black horse is just black. Pure black. No whiteness anywhere!! It's wonderful!!

Twattybollocks Fri 04-Jan-13 21:25:18

You know, I have a chestnut tb with no white legs in my dreams. Then I get to the yard and see the reality which is 4 white legs and a white tail covered in mud/piss/shit and I want to weep. When I was looking at horses I wanted a chestnut riding horse. I came back with Spotty. Wtf happened there? Needless to say the next horse, hopefully 20 odd years down the line will not have any white on its legs at all. Ever. Not even a hair!

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