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Anyone got an air jacket?

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50BalesOfHay Thu 03-Jan-13 12:18:20

My Mum bought GD one last year when she started hunting, and she wears it a lot on bolshy new horse. Hers is a Point 2, only inflated once when she tried it in the shop, and once when she forgot to unhook before she got off. She finds it more comfortable than a body protector (although she wears both for hunting and big xc) and it's comfortable when inflated. Expensive, but worth every penny if it prevents a life-changing injury

Lovesswimming Thu 03-Jan-13 09:26:00

I did a bit on them both, in the end I preferred the design. Hit air have been around a long time as motor bike air jackets and have adapted for horse riders, so seem a good company. I have a body protector by the same company that does point 2 air jackets and I love that. The other difference I found (though you'd have to double check as it may have changed) hit air inflates outwards and so doesn't wind you or make you feel as restricted. However I have never had either of them inflate with me wearing one so I wouldn't know for sure.
There was a bit of a falling out between the 2 companies as point 2 had some stuff on their adverts which suggested that hit air didn't have the correct safety marks or certificates (can't remember the correct wording) they had to remove the ads

Croccy1979 Thu 03-Jan-13 08:10:51

Livesswimming that's a great pressie! Did you research them lots and find Hit Air to be the best?
Just doing research at the moment.

Lovesswimming Wed 02-Jan-13 23:10:58

I got one for Xmas! Worn once since and not fallen off yet so I do t know what that'll be like. I went for the hit air as I like the bit that comes up at the neck and down at the lower back. Haven't got one for the children as they fall off all the time! Thought it will adjust so if my eldest does any type of cross country it will fit her over her body protector. They are expensive but I spend so much on the horses (rugs tack etc!!) so after thinking about it for a couple of years decided to go for it (must have talked about it enough for it to then be a pressy!)

Loshad Wed 02-Jan-13 20:02:22

will buy one in may (have a savings plan maturing) hopefully won't break neck before then!
am already eyeing up the different variants - point 2, hit air, integrated regular body protector.
I do still event though, and only plan to use it for eventing/xc

horseylady Wed 02-Jan-13 20:00:18

No but have worn one. Really like the idea but the price really puts me off.

I only know one person with one!!

Croccy1979 Wed 02-Jan-13 16:57:28

Just wondering about these as a few people at my yard have started wearing them.

Anyone got one yet?

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