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So, in a moment of weakness, I decided that ....

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itsthawooluff Sun 16-Dec-12 20:38:34

..... what I needed in my life was a 12'2" hairy Dartmoor pony who rides (but obviously not me - I mean I'd squash the poor beast) and drives.

So reader, I brought it home, and it is a sweet little thing, but because of a story too long and predictable to repeat, it is 1) covered in lice 2) full of worms and 3) is very, very gaunt underneath all the hair with protruding hip bones.

I've deloused, and wormed, but wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom on returning it to decent condition without turning it into a barrel on stubby legs.

Zazzles007 Fri 21-Dec-12 20:32:59

Hi there OP, don't forget to get a good equine dentist to do his teeth, as they probably haven't had any attention in a while. With all that food you are putting into him, you want to be sure that he can chew it well.

Also, I don't know if its been mentioned, but since you are in winter over there, a decent heavy weight, waterproof rug will help him hold onto those calories. The conventional wisdom is that 1 decent rug = 1 good feed, and is especially important to a underweight horse in the colder months. There are plenty of second hand deals on ebay if you are concerned about cost. If you're against rugging, please feel free to ignore.

If he is really that thin, another option is getting a steriod injection for him as well. If you are having the vet to him in the near future, then ask the vet about it then. It will help him pack on the pounds in a faster fashion and will make better use of the food he's eating, esp during winter. I had a chronically thin and older TB who got a steriod injection once every 10-12 months. You may only need one to kick start the fattening process. Be warned though, it may make him feisty, as they feel rather good on steriods grin.

Hope this helps

cq Mon 07-Jan-13 09:22:30

Hi itsthawooluff, sorry not to have got back to you about the trap. I'll willingly send you photos, but can't get to it for a couple of weeks as it's in the garage of a house that we currently rent out. I'm due to go and do an inspection in Jan so will take my camera then. I'm sure it's going to be hideously dusty and cobwebby but it's hopefully salvageable.

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