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bsja age limits on ponies

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frenchfancy Sat 22-Dec-12 17:55:23

I am :? by this. Partly because I don't understand some of the terminology (I am in France) but mostly because you have a good pony that is too small for DD1 but just right for DD2, yet you are selling? Is there no emotion involved at all? My DD2 would rather anyone ride DPony rather than selling her.

rutnoast Sat 22-Dec-12 17:46:31

Think we have decided to sell dpony ( sad ) and buy a JC for DD1. We are also going to buy a young 148 for DD2 rather than a 138, she will have 5 years to produce this pony to as good a standard as she can. I do feel like I'm taking something from DD2, but otherwise she will inherit two well produced ponies and DD1 will never get her chance with a better pony. We will probably give DD2 the choice of which 148 to keep in two years time, this seems like a fair compromise.

50BalesOfHay Mon 17-Dec-12 20:27:52

I'd sell, gsplit the cash et them both youngsters and let them compete with each other to do the best job of increasing their next horse/pony fund grin

rutnoast Mon 17-Dec-12 16:57:44

Yes the current pony is 138 (pretty full up) and we would be looking at newcomer and foxhunter classes and also the JCs for hickstead. I wouldn't put the pony in the JA classes - you do see 138s in them occasionally but when the fences are sometimes larger than some of the 14.2hh ponies i would feel far too mean! I'm not sure if 15yros can ride 138s in any classes now - I have a feeling that the rule change means its open classes only but I'm not sure?

DD2 would inherit the 14.2hh pony in two years time which is why I am leaning towards selling the pony we currently have - its funny that in "normal" circles the younger children often feel hard done by for getting hand-me-downs all the time but in the equine world there are definite advantages to this!

horseylady Sat 15-Dec-12 22:19:31

Oh I think I understand your dilemma more now. If you bought a 148 pony would that then be suitable dd2 in a couple of years? I assume the sale of the 138cm pony would fund the larger pony for dd1? Is it worth looking to see if there is anything available for loan?

My pony nearly went on loan to a bsja home. She went elsewhere in the end, but that could be an option for either of your daughters.

Really tough decision to make. On one hand I want to say keep dpony as you know what it can do and you won't have problems selling it if you continue to compete as you are doing. That gives dd2 the opportunity to take the home produced pony onwards. On the hand it wod be nice for dd1 to have a go at her dream, then maybe dd2 could take over the reins of that pony while dd1 produces a horse if she wants and has the time!!

Either way someone will be upset!! You know your daughters and the ponies.

Good luck!!

I'm not sure about that but the striding and distances would worry me. How big is the current pony, 138? What level are you looking at, newcomers, foxhunter or JA's? I know 138 and under compete in the former but the jump from 138 JA classes to 148 JA classes is quite big - I'm sure the final at Hoys is up to 1m45 for the 148 which when you are faced with an up to height upright in and an up to height and width oxer out bloody massive!!

rutnoast Fri 14-Dec-12 17:29:32

I don't think DD1 would get bored, she has loved being able to go out and jump the bigger tracks this year. She only has another two years left of being able to compete ponies and I can see the saga happening again if we bought her a novice 148, as in two years it will be outgrown again and DD2 will get to take over just as the pony is ready to go on to bigger and better things!

The money for a nice horse later is less of an issue as she is unlikely to be jumping the huge junior/YR tracks and it won't matter as much if she had to produce a horse herself as there is no time limit on most adult classes.

I wish I had bought her a 148 novice two years ago but dpony was acquired 3 years ago when she was still far too small for a 148. She has just asked me if she can ride dpony in the 148 classes but I think there has been a recent rule change that prevents this - does anyone know?

horseylady Fri 14-Dec-12 15:53:35

I agree with butkin!! Nothing to say new pony would qualify. Plus your daughter may get bored with the finished article!!

Butkin Fri 14-Dec-12 09:36:00

Not an easy decision. However I'd tend to stick with the pony you know if you're sure he is up to HOYs qualifiers. If you could qualify him with DD2 then he'd be worth more when you sell him to raise cash for the family pony fund.

At some point you could then spend the increased cash on a future pony for DD1. She may have to have a youngster for now but you can explain you'll look after her interests in the future.

rutnoast Thu 13-Dec-12 22:23:38

giving me a massive headache as to whether i should keep dpony for DD2 or sell and let DD1 use the money to buy a new one!

DD1 has produced dpony herself and i think she is just ready to start peaking (ideal HOYS candidate, jumped some qualifiers this year and did ok but will be really ready next year) but DD1 now out the class and we dont have enough funds to buy her the next size up thats at the same level iyswim, we could only really afford another youngster. DD2 desperate for dpony (outgrown her current pony height and ability wise) to jump the HOYS quals on but DD1 thinks it is unfair that she produces the pony and DD2 reaps the rewards, whilst she has to start again with another baby. She wants to sell dpony and buy something similar but larger and let DD2 produce her own pony.

WWYD or has anyone been in this situation? I feel bad for DD2 to sell a really promising pony that she has been looking forward to getting the ride on all year (plan was always for DD2 to have her when DD1 too old) but DD1 has a very valid point too. I also ride dpony when the girls are at school and am very fond, dont really want to sell him but will have to at some stage when DD2 outgrows him anyway. Help??

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