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anyone care to tell me the total costs for having a horse on part livery?

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ThatVikRinA22 Wed 28-Nov-12 00:26:59

for future ref - will own within next couple of years i suspect, perhaps sooner if i learn enough - i have asked at the school im with and she only does part livery for £50 week - or working livery for £30 (she is such a great instructor i would feel comfortable with that - i have waxed lyrical about her all over the tack room so i wont elaborate!) but anyway i digress.

if i were to have a pony on part livery, which includes basic feed and hay, and no extras for rugs etc....

what other costs would i be likely to incur over and above these livery fees?
i know i need to factor in insurance/vets/worming/vaccinations/ farrier/ shoes - but what do these things cost and how often?

i know shoes are likely to be about £35 - £40 every 2 months or so (if my potential horse is shod)

im just trying very hard to be prepared and to have a realistic figure for a horse on part livery because this is probably what i would do due to my shifts etc - diy would be near on impossible and at my school she doesnt do grass livery.

so. any part livery owners care to impart the total costs for me so i dont fall foul? DH is saying i can have my own as long as i know the costs involved and can afford it....all very sensible.
cheers in advance.

50BalesOfHay Wed 28-Nov-12 11:45:04

Shoes will be more like 70 per set if shod all round. 50 per week is pretty fair for part livery, to include hay, feed and bedding (but be clear what's included and what's not as extras mount up, especialy if you need flexible care due to your shifts). Also cost in a couple of weeks a year of full livery to cover holidays etc.

I've just posted about our experience when we first got first pony on another thread, and as well as the practicalities of part livery, I think you'll find you are more confident having a first horse on this sort of arrangement, due to close supervision by yard owner. It also would mean that there's less need to wait smile

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 28-Nov-12 11:55:20

thanks 50balesOfHay - i will look for the other thread - is it the one about grass livery?

i meant to say i know shoes are £40 per pair....doh!

i think i would definitely feel more comfortable with part livery but i just want to make sure i have enough monthly to cover everything, i know its not just about livery fees. My instructor doesnt charge extra for rugs or turning out/in etc - but i would before getting my own find out exactly whats included - she said its basic feed, hay and bedding. i would also need to continue lessons. DH has said once DS leaves uni in the summer may be the time to get my own if i feel confident enough but i may leave it longer depending on how i feel.

she hasnt upped her prices in 6 years.

SilverSky Wed 28-Nov-12 12:06:18

£50 a week is CHEAP!! Round here it's a about £85.

countingto10 Wed 28-Nov-12 13:53:39

It depends what you define as part livery, I pay £92.50 which includes everything apart from exercise and tack cleaning. On top of that I pay £75.00 every 6 weeks for shoes, vaccinations, approx £28 a month on insurance, wormer whenever YO worms, a tub of supplement, rugs, tack, loads of bits!!!! etc. Don't forget your own riding gear wink.

It probably costs me approx £6,000 per year for my DHorse but she is worth every penny as far as I am concerned, just had the most wonderful, dry!!, ride, you can't beat it especially if you lead a very stressful life. When the DCs are older I may be able to go onto assisted DIY to cut costs.

You won't regret it smile

Alameda Wed 28-Nov-12 14:08:22

I was paying £120 a week DIY a year or two ago, for three, two living out and one stabled and then feed, farrier etc on top. Had to use their farrier and buy feed from them. Do not miss that place. Before, working livery was £70 for my horse and £50 for the pony (nobody could ride the pony in those days because he did handstands unexpectedly so I don't know why he was cheaper), and full livery was so eye-watering I have blanked the actual digits from my memory.

Now I pay £60 a month for two and the farmer does absolutely everything, water, haylage, harrows the field so no poo picking. When I need stables I just give some money, they are rubbish at asking for it. Old horse is getting creakier so he costs a bit more in medicines and supplements and various geriatric horse tests but pony gets fat on fresh air and is barefoot, he's as cheap as they come! His insurance is about £30 a month. That's it I think, apart from jabs and teeth, wormers and the occasional trim.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 28-Nov-12 15:09:21

thanks everyone - her prices really are good then. I have only really touched on it so i would need to find out exactly what is included, but she said with my shift patterns it would be perfect for me. £30 working livery sounds even more attractive.

i may be horse hunting by the

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