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Wintec wide owners please talk to me.

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Pixel Sat 03-Nov-12 15:12:35

Ok, so have bought a Wintec Wide from Ebay (I know but it was brand-new, person has a shop and excellent feedback so...) but now it has arrived I am disappointed. For a start it definitely isn't a 17" as described, it is a 16.5" which might be ok as I'm not that big so I'm reserving judgement on that until I get a chance to try it (although I don't want a saddle that no-one else can ride him in). Secondly the spare gullets promised haven't arrived with it so I'm going to have to complain about that anyway as it's not much good to me without BUT before I do that, can anyone tell me if it should have come with flexiblocs? My regular Wintec came with them and I was under the impression that all the Wintecs came with a set. I want to be sure before I start ranting/return the saddle and demand a refund! Thanks very much.

Pixel Sat 03-Nov-12 19:15:21

Ok, never mind. Got an email to say the blocks and gullets were accidently forgotten and will be in post monday. Phew!
Sorry just had a bit of a panic there, I am making myself a nervous wreck blush. Actually I hope reckon I've got a bargain but keep thinking it must be too good to be true iyswim!

ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight Sun 04-Nov-12 13:14:36

Sorry no one replied to you, i have wintec saddles and think they're fantastic, hope you enjoy your new purchase x

Pixel Sun 04-Nov-12 15:15:12

Thanks smile
Yes I do love Wintecs. I went trekking on holiday earlier in the year and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw my horse had a Wintec, and not a rock-hard ex-hunting saddle which is what we used to get in such places! <shows age>.

Alameda Sun 04-Nov-12 17:19:24

sorry to be so nosy but how much was it? ex-rodeo boy has changed shape so much the lovely Barsnby saddle isn't such a great fit now confused

hope all the bits and pieces show up soon, is it really easy to change the gullet in real life?

ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight Sun 04-Nov-12 18:30:05

Its a matter of a special little tool you use and yes, it is that easy, lol

Pixel Sun 04-Nov-12 18:51:06

I don't know how easy to change the gullet, I've never tried blush.
See, the first time it needed doing I went to buy a new gullet and had the saddle in the boot of the car so the saddler did it for me. He had terrible trouble (master saddler for goodness knows how many years so knew what he was doing) and thought at one point he'd have to keep it overnight and drill out the bolts. He said every so often he got one like that but eventually he did manage to change it. Put me right off! (am sure that was unusual case though under heading of 'just my luck').
Since then it's been changed as dhorse was maturing so I really wanted to make sure it was right for him to avoid doing him damage so got saddler out to do fitting anyway, thereby avoiding doing anything myself! Things what sort of special little tool? Unless it's an allen key I haven't got one anyway hmm.
Anyway, I got it for £250. I've seen nearly new ones for about the same price or less but I wanted a brown one <stamps foot and pouts> and they seem a bit rarer than the black for some reason.

Pixel Thu 08-Nov-12 20:44:58

All the bits arrived today so I was panicking for nothing and have indeed got a lovely bargain and I got my own way and got brown when everyone was saying not to be so fussy
Damn! That means I've got no more excuses and I'm going to have to ride him...

Alameda Sun 18-Nov-12 14:45:20

so . . . How's it going? smile

Pixel Sun 18-Nov-12 21:21:04

Hmm, saddler is coming weds and I have to confess I haven't even tried it out yet blushblushblush. The mud monster has been in the field eating his head off and I haven't ridden at all. Am having a lesson tomorrow morning as a confidence boost before I have to get on him on Weds why oh why can't I be brave and not pathetic.

Alameda Sun 18-Nov-12 21:47:32

you are brave!

am barely riding once a week at the moment, might as well turn them away for winter but no car plus it's always dark, school is a swamp, it's difficult enough at this time of year I think?

good luck with lesson tomorrow, it should help?

Pixel Sun 18-Nov-12 22:55:27

I hope so. I popped in to see my friend (who is also instructor) the other week as she was about to school her mare. This horse has a reputation for being difficult so I jokingly said I'd do it for her. Before I knew it I was wearing a borrowed hat and sitting on a large horse (with leathers rolled up lol, I'm a shortarse). I didn't have time to feel sick like I usually do! I confused the poor thing at first because I didn't quite have the nerve to give her a proper aid to trot but once I did it was fantastic. She has the most amazing bouncy stride and I was very proud to get her going nicely on the bit. I didn't want to get off which is rare for me. Anyway, I asked my friend if I could have lessons on her (I usually have her cob or new forest pony) and she said "yes you can, and I don't let many people", so I went home absolutely thrilled with myself as I'd been starting to think I should give up riding altogether but this proved I can still enjoy it and am not completely useless as friend has faith in me. I wish I'd had dhorse there at the time as I would have sooo got straight on him! Unfortunately I couldn't make the most of my new-found enthusiasm as I didn't have the saddle then so it has worn off again but I'm riding the mare tomorrow so fingers crossed.

Yes this time of year really doesn't help. If I could work dhorse and settle him before having to go straight out into the traffic I might be a bit less of a wuss!

Alameda Tue 20-Nov-12 18:03:24

oh yeah, that is not ideal is it, the traffic situation - but how did it go?

Pixel Tue 20-Nov-12 18:37:51

Was good thanks smile. I seem to have started my own separate riding log here ha ha. My legs ache today, I'm very unfit but I did work quite hard!
I'm trying a different method to the usual way of getting nerve back, instead of going on something steadier and then tackling dhorse I'm riding something bigger and more difficult in the hope it makes him seem like a plod grin. It's weird though, I normally try to have very light hands as I'm conscious of dhorse having a pelham but this horse freaks out if you don't have a strong contact at all times, even changing my whip hand caused headshaking and leaping about which was mildly terrifying (as dd described our trip on the Brighton wheel. Was also deemed 'slightly boring' Teenagers eh?).
Anyway, saddler tomorrow. It will probably be raining and Fatso isn't rugged, Oh joy!

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