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what would you expect from lessons?

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ThatVikRinA22 Tue 30-Oct-12 19:29:28

just wondered really as i had my first lesson tonight, i used to ride as a child but ive not ridden for over 30 years.

the first school i had booked with were very lax and when i showed up for my lesson tonight they claimed they had tried to phone me to say the instructor hadnt made it in - they had not tried to phone me and i told them that - then they changed their story and the man said he couldnt ring as had locked himself out of the house, and said they would be in touch. Still no call from them, not even an apology.

so at short notice i booked at another school and went for my lesson tonight.

i told them id not ridden for a very very long time and would need to be treated like a total novice.

it was an arena, a very placid horse and i really had a wonderful time, but i just wondered how lessons normally go?

i found i couldnt concentrate on technique because i was trying to keep my horse going, he was lovely and an old hand but in trot he wanted to it a good idea to learn to control the horse and learn technique at the same time?

im pleased i was let loose to some extent and i think i will learn quickly - alot of it came back to me tonight though i will need tons of practice and im sure alot of this cant be "taught" and has to be learnt on the job as it were.....but i know my balance is awful and though i was told id done really well, it all felt a bit clumsy and i dread to think what i looked like!

how do first lessons normally go?

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 25-Nov-12 23:26:22

she is on the road to north duffield just through hemingborough - abut 6 miles from Howden.

50BalesOfHay Tue 27-Nov-12 08:35:47

Wow Vicar, she is a real find at that price

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 27-Nov-12 11:45:15

i know - thats why i want her to stay in business! she is a treasure, but she is well hidden! She never got back to me about DSs offer to build her a website....sad and i dont want to pester.

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 02-Dec-12 15:21:51

well, both me and DD went for a lesson today - this was my 5th and DDs first ever time on a horse!

My lovely instructor was really pleased with me today and said i was riding like id sneaked in another lesson! i felt i did really well today. Im going to ache like billio tomorrow though grin

DD did really well too, and managed to master a rising trot (but with me leading so no reins) - she really enjoyed it and has asked to go again next week. so thats one more lesson for my lovely lady, and she has taken me up on DS offer to build her a proper website and get her googleable.

im still nattering on about having my own....grin roll on summer....if im ready then that will be the time i get one.

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Sun 09-Dec-12 20:34:07

DDs lesson today - but i went and did the leading running around the school like a loon while lovely instructor sorted out DD.

good news is DD loves it, so when we are more equal in ability we can have our lessons together.

im also going to start going and helping out at the stables, mucking out etc. Being there is really helping my depression.
My next lesson is on Tuesday.
We are then going to sort out a date for DS to do the website. She also lent me some 'My Horse' magazines.

i love riding. i love being around the horses. and i found a fabulous place with a fabulous instructor almost on my door step. smile

BehindLockNumberNine Sun 09-Dec-12 20:51:09

Wow Vicar, she sounds absolutely fantastic!!
Dd rides at a lovely, non-googlable, riding school. Word of mouth is travelling well though and they are getting quite busy.

I have decided my new year's resolution is to lose another 3stone which should bring me to just under 14st. Then I am going to get back onto a horse. Your thread has inspired me!

I rode as a child. Never had much confidence, was happiest hacking on a comfortable, easy pony, but loved it and loved being around horses.
Lost my nerve big time aged around my early twenties and never rode again. But now that dd is riding and I am regularly at the stables I am beginning to miss it and wondering if I am ever brave enough...

I am 6ft1 so will end up on the big cobs but that is fine grin <wibble> and am hoping to get back to the 'happy hacker' level.
And then, when the dc have moved out, I will finally fulfill my childhood dream of my own horse.

Can't wait grin <wibble>

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Sun 09-Dec-12 21:08:02

She is just the best. (i have a bit of hero worship!)
She told me she had another pupil come this week who had been a year at another school and had learnt to ride by kicking and hitting the horse with a crop......big no no for my dear instructor. everything she teaches is about pressure and release, so simple leg aids while working with the hands, and body, no kicking allowed and not a crop in sight. she is no pushover, but she speaks "horse" grin

she got dd learning about diagonals today, and got her using her reins properly at walk in just one lesson. she can now halt, set off, turn and set off in trot on the correct diagonal, this after 2 lessons.

its also comforting to see dd is struggling just as much at the coordination as i am! (though i think she is picking it up quicker being 15 and all!)

i really recommend taking it up again behind im loving it.

Poledra Sun 09-Dec-12 21:12:01

Ahh, lockNumberNine, the big hosses are the business! I had a wonderful lesson on the 16h2 Irish draught I ride. I tell you, I'd buy him in a minute if h was up for sale. I spent half an hour working on my canter and it was just brill.

Vicar, a few posts back you talked about stroking your horse's face and her falling asleep. A few weeks ago, it was a lovely sunny day and I was mounted up waiting for the rest of the lesson to get their arses in gear mount. We were standing in the sun and it was warm. DHorse leaned his head into his bridle a little. Then a little more. Then a little more. Then, once I was holding his head for him, he fell asleep in the sun grin.

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Sun 09-Dec-12 21:26:31

they are great arent they poledra. grin

ill tell that to DD who is destined for a large cob of 15.5 hands! his name is sampson and he is mahoosive! (dd is much taller than me!) she keeps looking at him and going "but mum!!"
she wont be on him for a while yet though.

BehindLockNumberNine Mon 10-Dec-12 07:44:02

I do have a massive soft spot for the big hairy cobs - at the stables dd rides there are two gorgeous gypsy type cobs of I would say 15.3 ish or possibly even taller, they are huge!
The tallest pony dd has ridden so far was a gypsy cob of 14.3 (Alfred) who was just lovely...

My latest obsession hobby is to oggle Safecobs on the web and on fb and dream about all the lovely cobs they have for sale....

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Sun 23-Dec-12 19:54:27

dont talk to me about oggling safecobs....grin im trying to resist! (i have just remortgaged to pay for some works on the house and the tempation would be to run off with the money and buy a safe cob!)

well. im still having wonderful, confidence building lessons and actually had a little go at canter twice today.
im not ready for it really and was on the lunge but it was lovely....i am being pretty fearless! it was good to try it and its taken away the slight fear i had of pushing the horse into a canter accidentally (which ive done a couple of times - just squeezed a little too much with my calves!)

anyway. still loving and cant wait until im ready for a proper canter. My instructor (Heather) did say if i had a go i would probably "trampoline" and to try and push the small of my back into the saddle (she said imagine im polishing the saddle with my pockets) - but not quite mastered that yet. i stayed on fine and felt secure. I think it will all come with time.

im sure it must be easier to learn when your younger!

Zazzles007 Mon 24-Dec-12 01:40:57

Awww, its so lovely to hear that you are having such a great time Vicar grin. Keep on going for those weekly lesson and you'll be cantering confidently in no time! '

I like that your instructor had you on the lunge for your first canter - it tell me that she is looking after your confidence, and won't let you dent it unecessarily. smile

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Mon 24-Dec-12 21:30:18

Thanks zazzles smile
she is looking after me so well, building my confidence but at the same time correcting anything i do wrong and giving me exercises to build strength and balance all the time. She schools her horses so well that she can work them on the lunge while i concentrate on position, seat, leg aids, riding forward.....
But then she will let me take more control when i can. (usually at slow speeds!)

i had no idea how coordinated you had to be! but im getting there.

she has agreed to let DS do her a website so we are on with that. I am loving every second of every lesson.

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 30-Dec-12 21:08:24

i spent most of the afternoon at the stables today! loved it! had my lesson and then helped out with a kiddie lesson, untacked hoss then just did a few jobs around the yard, filling water buckets, setting fair bedding....(see - even getting the lingo! grin

was there from 12.45 till about 4pm....i love it so much.

my riding is shocking but my aim is to be safe enough - never going to be a spectacularly brilliant horsewoman but safe and competent would be enough for me!

Zazzles007 Sun 30-Dec-12 22:30:57

That's great Vicar, it sounds like you have the horsie bug good and proper grin. You'll end up a barn rat yet, just like many girls and women have done over the years smile.

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 30-Dec-12 22:43:49

i kissed 'my' horse today....(when no one was looking) grin i think we have a definite affection for one another. (or she just has an affection for the polos i keep in my pocket but i like to kid myself!)

i soooo have the bug. its bad.

i just wish i could ride! think today was something like my 7th do people canter while making it look like they are glued to the saddle?

when i have too many things to do at once it all goes to pot! but at least i can feel when my position has gone now. My instructor is the most patient woman ever which is a good job! i may take some working on!

i can feel through the rein now when she is going to go into canter (she so desperately wants a canter and i cant do it! - i know until i can do it right its not good for her back)...
instructor seems to think it will come right but its very slow progress.

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 30-Dec-12 22:48:03

i love it. grin

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 06-Jan-13 14:13:04

lovely instructor has asked me to go and help out at the stables on saturdays so im a happy bunny.
the down side is that because of shifts i wont be able to go every week but i will be there as often as possible.

it will be fab for me to learn as much as possible in readyness for when i get my own!

50BalesOfHay Sun 06-Jan-13 18:39:52

Yay Vicar!!!! You've got it bad! Horse for you sooner rather than later! It will come together, just give it time. In the meantime, have a fabulous time messing about with horses!

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 06-Jan-13 19:03:28

my instructor mentioned today maybe looking in about 9 or 10 months for my own and she will help me. i do have it really bad....grin

ive such a long way to go - this proper learning to ride mularky is definitely not easy but i love it. Heather (my instructor) says it will come, but im definitely struggling with my seat at present - im too stiff and i need to sit deeper - heather got on today to show me and oh my god she is just a genius - she can go left or right without even holding the reins - she can do dressage so im seeing that its more about your body than anything else. She seems to be telepathic - i couldnt even see what she was doing, it was all through her body, no kicking or pulling, im amazed at how clever horses they can read you if you give them the right signal. God knows what im saying to the poor thing at the moment! lucky for me she is so well schooled that heather can control while i work on technique.

im insanely excited that she asked me to go on saturdays to help - just being there makes my day. im hoping that i may become of real use!

ive forewarned DH that ill be looking for my own in about 9 months. I am presently addicted to the safe cobs website and DH got me some great books for xmas about stable management and horse care.

i will be there all weekend next week as going to help on saturday then lesson on sunday. grin <----------thats me today!

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 06-Jan-13 19:06:13

oh, and im subscribing to Your Horse magazine while im sat here im watching the dressage on Horse and Country TV!

how bad do i have it? grin

hatcam Sun 06-Jan-13 19:19:39

You are not the only one - I started out last year saying just a couple of lessons, now it's a hack with a friendly group once a week, plus a horse share 1 day/week, plus a lesson when I can...and even my horrible crash landing today hasn't put me off too much.

Great isn't it grin

Zazzles007 Sun 06-Jan-13 23:20:21

Oh Vicar, you do have it bad grin. The extra time there will help you get to ownership quicker though.

Btw, the stiffness through the seat can be helped by stretching at home a few times a week. Some riders eventually progress to yoga/pilates once week to help their riding, but I don't think you need that at the moment. 2-3 sessions a week stretching, even for 15 min will help.

Have fun! grin

ThatVikRinA22 Sun 06-Jan-13 23:30:04

hatcam it is fab! hope your aches and pains heal quickly....saw your thread - ouch.

what sort of stretches zazzles?

im planning on starting running again....i stretch before and after but not sure i will be stretching the right bits!

i am really looking forward to spending time there - i love being there, i love the horses, and my RI is a gem, i wish id not left it until 40 to learn, everything seems to take longer these days! grin

but ill get there - im determined. doesnt matter how long it takes.

50BalesOfHay Mon 07-Jan-13 09:14:53

The key things to work on to improve your riding are core strength and suppleness through your hips, which is why Pilates is so good, but regular riding also developes these.

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