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£howmuch to pay someone to cover grass kept routine?

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Alameda Fri 26-Oct-12 08:48:15

Not that have a very firm 'routine' but, one horse one pony, no rugs yet, one visit a day to dole out danilon and cortaflex, pick out feet and flick a brush over?

I feel like I'm taking the piss by paying a friend in one week what we used to charge per visit but is difficult to get her to take more because she is there anyway, doing her own and others and says it is just a few extra minutes. So just wondering what you lot think, what sort of sum springs to mind?

horseylady Fri 26-Oct-12 14:21:25

If it was me id rather do favours for favours?

Unless it became massively one sided. My attitude has always been I'm up here I can quickly do another. But then would want similar in return?

roadkillbunny Sat 27-Oct-12 09:39:06

I am a freelance yard groom. If I had to make a special trip to your yard then I would be charging about £5 a day depending on how far away it was. If I was working on your yard already, kept my own there or even walked past it on the school run I would be charging just a couple of quid, if you were a friend, probably free but I am a soft touch with friends as long as that isn't abused lol!
It would be very quick to do what you need, even when rugs come in, my prices wouldn't shoot up unless poo picking and/or twice a day visits were involved.

Alameda Sun 28-Oct-12 08:31:21

Thanks both. I used to charge £30 for a 'horse visit'! But £5 a day is what I was going to offer. It could take about 30 minutes to get both in, 'feed' one and turn out again.

I want to pay them (mother and daughter) to do it all winter, every morning, will still go up after school and at weekends but maybe not every day. They are happy to do it. It just seemed a bit measly.

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