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To buy from a dealer?

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pipsy76 Wed 24-Oct-12 19:07:38

Hi looking for some sensible heart not head advice please!

I have just got back to riding after a 3 year break and am loving it. I think I would like to get my own horse again I've not owned one since I was a teenager, I found a fantastic flexible livery yard a mile from my house, but now its just finding the right horse. I'll be mostly hacking I guess often on my own so I know I mustn't over horse myself and scare myself off riding.

I know I want an approximately 16hh Irish Sports horse as these are the types I have enjoyed riding the most in the past. I hacked out today and both the horses on the hack were recent irish imports and as good as gold.

I've seen some beautiful horse's that fit the bill at Kent Horse Producers, but basically that's if the description really is honest.

Any thoughts on buying from dealers in general, or could anyone please PM me if you've experience of Kent Horse producers, ta!

pipsy76 Sun 04-Aug-13 12:42:46

Yes you are quite right he was sold as a 2 star not 1 star. I was told he sometimes got strong in canter, which I haven't really found, however I had to discover the bucks myselfwink

I do solo hack him about once a week, he's certainly not nappy but much less brave, more spooky alone as you'd expect reallygrin

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