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6 months pregnant and going stir crazy as can't do anything fun on horseback!

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octanegirl Sat 13-Oct-12 17:29:45

I'm so bored. I'm hacking my old mare but want to be riding my young horses, doing hunter trials etc etc. This is torture!!! Anyone else been in the same boat? What did you do?

DolomitesDonkey Sat 13-Oct-12 17:35:00

Planned what I was going to do when I was back in the saddle properly (both times 6 weeks after section) - and booked a ski holiday so I could see a light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel. ;)

rogersmellyonthetelly Sun 14-Oct-12 09:32:53

I went slowly insane, but did a lot of walk work, which resulted in him being very good at lateral work and pirouettes later. Also spent a lot of time hacking to the pub and sitting outside with a chip butty and half a lager whilst local children petted him and fed him crisps and other unsuitable treats. He enjoyed that even if I'd rather have been galloping accross country.

horseylady Sun 14-Oct-12 18:15:12

Going mad!!!! 37 weeks pregnant now and still hacking out. Stopped competing 3 weeks ago (flat) and schooling as was a bit unbalanced!! Desperately wanting to jump though that desire has now gone, ESP after yesterday's hack when for the first time in pregnancy I wondered what I was doing!!

Just looking forward to having baby and getting back in saddle without a bump!! Oh and jumping!!

6 weeks post section!! Wow I thought it was 12???

DolomitesDonkey Sun 14-Oct-12 20:03:26

Nope, tbh I think I'd have been OK from 4 - I won't lie and say it didn't hurt - first few rides I had to avoid sitting trot because my stomach muscles were shot - and when I dismounted I'd bang my scar on the knee rolls and it was agony. 6 weeks I think is recommended, 12 is for malingerers! wink

horseylady Sun 14-Oct-12 21:07:58

Well that makes me feel slightly happier about labour and if it goes down the emcs route!!!

I think people like to fill you with dread!!

People ask why I'm still riding. It's comfortable, it's keeping me fit and I'm still happy!! Plus it beats sitting on a bloody gym ball!!

octanegirl Sun 14-Oct-12 23:16:33

Yup a friend of mine is back on board 5 weeks post section.
I've been planning like mad! Will buy a youngster in the meantime just in case I'm feeling sorry for myself and need motivating post birth!
I almost fell off the other day. My balance isn't so great now -horse did a whip round and I fell up her neck. Normally I don't move.... Hey ho.

DolomitesDonkey Mon 15-Oct-12 06:36:11

Honestly, sections aren't half as bad as people make out and then there's the lovely, warm, fuzzy morphine - almost worth having another baby for! wink

First time I walked in to town 5 days after and was doing washing/housework etc. Second time I was up and down the stairs looking after a toddler and a baby when released from hospital and within a week or so doing "slow" dog walks.

First few days it feels like you've been run over but after that more like you've done too many sit-ups.

It's certainly not this bullshit about won't be able to hold a kettle or drive for a year type shite you hear. But then, as a "horsey lady" you're clearly not the type to sit around on your arse anyway!

horseylady Mon 15-Oct-12 07:38:41

Oh well that's good then!! I know of no horsey people who have had sections, all natural births and they've varied from3 days to 6 weeks getting back on. I'm in the 3 days wishful thinking camp lol!!

Yes unlikely to sit around, regardless of what happens, think my mw has enjoyed putting the fear of god in me!! It's good to hear other people's experiences !! And fast recoveries!! Am clueless has haven't really had any major surgery etc.

Anyway!! Enjoy your post baby planning ! I hope to be back on the hunt field around Xmas!!! Dressage in jan!! Gives me two months post baby to get fit!!

DolomitesDonkey Mon 15-Oct-12 07:58:58

One of the ladies on these boards was out hunting 3 weeks after a 3rd degree tear which is pretty good going!

rogersmellyonthetelly Mon 15-Oct-12 13:47:50

If you have a normal delivery it's as and when really, with my 2nd I had her saturday evening, home Monday morning and was down the yard with her in a sling Monday avo plaiting horse up for a big show ( friend rode him) first lesson was a week to the day after she was born, which was fine, not uncomfortable at all. The following day I had a nice hack but came home with a maternity pad wedgie which was unfortunate but worth it! Tbh if you have a normal delivery and no tearing it's really not bad at all, my nethers felt fairly normal after a couple of days. Epesiotomy or stitches are another matter though, it took me nearly 6 months to get back on after ds and it still hurt!

MrsHBaby3 Tue 16-Oct-12 14:34:28

I'm 21 weeks and gaveup riding a couple of weeks ago as I was just too uncomfortable riding. Plus the "you're still riding!" comments from non-horsey folk were doing my head in.
Since then I've been doing pregnancy yoga, aqua-natal, walking (--shopping--). NOT the same but keeps my mind off it. Also a lot of grooming to satisfy my horsey- cravings smile

octanegirl Tue 16-Oct-12 17:28:32

To be fair I find sitting in canter too uncomfortable, so I canter everywhere in a forward/XC seat. Hurts my back though! I'm also getting stick from everyone (horsey and non horsey) but its my only source of enjoyment at the moment....

Backinthebox Tue 16-Oct-12 18:26:16

Is that me you're on about DD? Being realistic, I was hunting 12 weeks after the 3rd degree tear, it was 3 weeks after I bought the horse (who turned out to be a green-as-grass 3yo from Ireland!) Second baby was a VB with lots of stitching up required afterwards. I looked after myself for a couple of weeks, lots of tea tree oil baths. Then I rode the TB I bought whilst pregnant, decided I didn't like him, rode a friend's old mare, and went out and bought a new horse. First baby was born by EmCS and I was riding at 5 weeks. I did feel like a floppy ragdoll though. I'd entered a county show, convinced I would be fine, but had to get a last minute stand in rider for that. I groomed - gutted he came 3rd, when I knew I could have done better. A second place would have qualified me for RIHS. After the CS I was out on hound exercise at 10 weeks and at the opening meet at 13 weeks.

I rode until about 28 weeks each time, but had a really huge horse (nearly 18hh,) and couldn't get off. I have got a photo of me at 34 weeks sitting on him, the day I sold him. Each time I was pregnant I enlisted the help of an enthusiastic young girl once I could no longer ride myself and kept the horse competing, with some success. I got pleasure out of keeping my horse going and teaching a young rider the ins and outs of competing (I took 2 different riders successfully to county shows, which they would not have been able to do before.)

The biggest thing to remember is that it is not a competition to get back on the horse asap, and it IS only a short time in the grand scheme of things. It all seems like a long time ago to me now that I couldn't ride due to bump. I now have the tricky job of trying to decide who takes the pony hunting - the 5 yo, the 2 yo, or if I take the 8yo helper and I go on my horse. Before long you'll have had your babies, and be window shopping for ponies that go nicely on a lead rein!

horseylady Tue 16-Oct-12 18:35:35

Backinthebox thanks for that!! I was figuring it'd be a6 week break minimum but like the pregnancy I was planning on listening to my body. As I said I've stopped schooling as my balance over transitions was disappearing, I feel fine to hack!!

I have carried on riding as it doesn't hurt, I find it comfortable and relaxing. I told most horsey people when I was 28/30 weeks. I could hide it till then!! I was just 'giving the horse a break from jumping as she was getting stressed'. Then the comments came. By that point it was quite late!!

Already winding dh up about getting a lead rein pony!! Hehehe

Nuttyfilly Wed 17-Oct-12 23:56:27

If your comfy keep riding! I rode right up till the day I gave birth then got back on and hunted 3 1/2 weeks later, each to there own I intend to ride right threw this pregnancy to! Best bit is my midwife said its the best way to keep fit for labour, don't think I need encouraging any more than that lol

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