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some extra advice needed please

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Loshad Sat 06-Oct-12 22:20:57

some tw*t ran into the back of my (tow) car on wed, the insurance company have written my vehicle off sad
they have offered me £1900!!
it is virtually impossible to replace what i had for this
should i
a) buy a small banger and accept i can't tow for a bit
b) buy a 25 year old landy
extra info required for decision
i drive 30,000 miles per year, extra fuel costs would be significant
in all honesty i rarely compete between now and march (though was intending to go to weekly rc training i haven't in previous years)
in may next year i will get policy money which i had always intended to buy new tow car with so could buy one then if not before
reliability is essential as my work would be very unsympathetic if late/absent over transport issues

Floralnomad Sat 06-Oct-12 22:48:48

Just because the cars been written off it doesnt mean it has to be . If the costs of repairs are less than the amount offered by the insurance or you want to pay the extra you usually can .the car will be classed as a category D ( I think) write off and you have to have the repairs checked at a DVLA place but the car is then insurability and you can keep it. We did this with one of our cars once .

Mirage Sun 07-Oct-12 12:33:40

Agree with what Floralnomad says.One of my customers recently did this after the insurance company deemed her old,but reliable car not worth repairing.She got to keep her old car and was very happy.

Loshad Sun 07-Oct-12 21:42:44

thnaks folks, will give that a go, and ring insurance co and garage tomorrow

Treblesallround Mon 08-Oct-12 09:02:37

Don't accept their first offer: do some research about what a similar car to yours would cost (get lots of examples) and be assertive. When DH wrote my mum's car off the insurance company initially offered abou £2000 less than the replacement. It was time consuming but I got them to pay the true price in the end.

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