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How long do your wellie/boots last you?

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KTK9 Tue 02-Oct-12 15:13:32

I don't seem to be having much luck with my wellies. I wear them a lot, practically everyday for mucking out recently and also walking the dogs.

I gave up buying cheapies, because they would split, either at the heel, or on the side, where your foot bends, some would literally last a couple of months.

My last pair I went to town on, or so I thought, bought a pair of Ariat boots, thick rubber, with the metal inside the sole etc. cost me £80. I didn't wear them a huge amount intially, but in the last three months they have been on nearly everyday for a few hours. I have had them just over a year now.

Today, I went out and felt slightly damp and realised that they have split, at the side of my foot, not major, but enough for me to have to think about replacing them, I rode out on Sunday - first time in ages, so wonder if that had caused the problem, although they are meant for riding in, as have little spur ledges.

Is this a reasonable time to expect boots like this to last? What is your experience.

I am determined to get it right this time for my next purchase - I am sure collectively there is a wealth of experience out there! smile

JennerOSity Tue 02-Oct-12 15:16:09

Don't know what would take that kind of wear but can confirm that Hunters would not At. All.

The quality of Hunter wellies has really gone downhill and my last pair wore out after less than 2 years with light use. Pointless. angry

prelim29 Tue 02-Oct-12 17:26:56

Dubarry 2 years max - hunters 1 year and this is daily wear with dog walks, mucking out and poo picking.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 02-Oct-12 19:53:46

Muck boots, (derwents?) 2 years of almost constant wear. They are still waterproof, but the wellie type sole has worn away.

dappleton Wed 03-Oct-12 09:46:50

Tend to use jod boots for everything and they last 6months, but I buy the cheap 'on special offer' ones on robinsons/rideaway etc.

Ponyofdoom Thu 04-Oct-12 23:23:15

Which Ariat boots did you buy please? That is off putting as my Hunters have just split and I was looking at Ariats instead. Not really keen to pay ££ for Chameaux ones but don't want cheapie ones as they are not comfy/smart enough..thanks

horseylady Fri 05-Oct-12 08:32:58

Dublin river boots pretty much worn daily (for everything!!) lasted two years, still ok and I ride in them. Starting to show wear now but still useable!!

KTK9 Fri 05-Oct-12 11:07:23

Umm, I had some muck boots a couple of years back, but they weren't that comfortable to be honest.

I have some Jod boots, but as I am sloshing through puddles and mud on dog walks, they aren't that great for that. DD has a lovely pair of rubber jod boots from Robinsons, which are excellent value.

Pony - The Ariat boots are I think


They are fantastically comfortable, but obviously just haven't done the job! Maybe I am being unreasonable to expect them to last so long.

Horseylady - I am going to look at those Dublin river boots, thanks.

mistlethrush Fri 05-Oct-12 11:10:45

I get these which are made by Hunters but don't look like them - so maybe you get more thought on the construction than look?

Butkin Fri 05-Oct-12 11:17:56

Dubarry's still going strong 10 years on...

Le Chameaus - 5 years + with daily wear for about 80% of the year.

Ponyofdoom Sat 06-Oct-12 01:44:09

Hmm the expensive ones are great unless you have a fork or barbed wire incident...

EverythingInMjiniature Sat 06-Oct-12 01:50:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KTK9 Sat 06-Oct-12 22:15:32

Dubarrys shock at the price!

Chameaus - very interesting, going to look at the Saddlers tomorrow to see if they have a pair I can try on.

Everything - I think Hunters used to be very good quality, but have gone down the fashion route. Hadn't seen the Argyl ones before, probably worth a look too.

Thank you everyone, very helpful.

VinoEsmeralda Sat 06-Oct-12 22:30:09

Aigle boots are good and have superb customer service. I bought mine from out of the city. Both split at identical place ( seam) after 18 months, didn't have receipt, called out of city just in case. They were most helpful and replaced them for free...

My mum has had hers for over 12 years ( although not daily use) and still going strong

Mirage Sun 07-Oct-12 12:28:31

I've just bought some Le Chameau leather lined wellies this morning. RRP £350,I paid.......wait for it......£20. Am very very pleased with my bargainous boots.grin

Alameda Sun 07-Oct-12 14:24:22

I love those le chameau boots, it's like having a foot massage

was unlucky with Dublin (think mine were called valley not river) and got through two pairs in 18 months but the Toggi version have lasted for about three years and still waterproof, in fact had small fight over an old pair today

loved my aubergine hunter wellies but they are so cold and don't like riding in them

KTK9 Sun 07-Oct-12 21:35:03

Mirage - ?????? Where????? Lucky thing!

Mirage Mon 08-Oct-12 13:35:54

At a garage sale.It was full of old farmers who wouldn't pay £20 for new wellies,never mind second hand.grin.Also bought 4 browbands at 50p each a wool numnah for £2 and a leather hunting saddle bag for £2.I was very very happy.grin

KTK9 Mon 08-Oct-12 22:32:19

Well done. I was looking in Farmers Guardian this week at farm sales. There are two not so far from me, could be worth a look - need a sit on mower for the paddock!!!

Mirage Tue 09-Oct-12 08:32:31

Ah,I was bought up going to farm sales with my dad.Love them.That's why buying at auction doesn't bother me.I bought an Ifor 505 at a horse auction last year and I'm off to the cattle market today to have a looksee for anything interesting.
Good Luck!

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