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Would this bother you if you owned this horse?

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FreshWest Wed 06-Jun-12 22:09:13

We have recently been going to visit a little horse whose field backs on to a public footpath. DD has suspected ASD and til now has been terrified of all animals, but she is quite keen on this horse. She is non verbal so it's difficult to explain why the horse is not there if he isn't by the gate. So we started taking carrots to feed him in order to entice him to the gate. It's worked wonderfully to the point where she wants to stroke him. This is huge progress in our world!!

I just wondered if you would be unhappy that someone was feeding your horse, there is no farm nearby to ask so I think the owners must drive to feed him. He seems well looked after though.

FreshWest Sun 16-Sep-12 15:49:30

To all who left comments on this thread I wanted to say a big thank you. We managed to track down the owner and explained dd situation. He was quite happy for us to continue feeding them. DD has come on leaps and bounds and is now feeding them herself shock I would never have thought this possible. On advice from here we have also tracked down the local riding school which is part of the disability riding association and arranged for dd to go there. It was supposed to be today but had to cancel cos of the rain, but will try again next week. She has come on so much in the past few months, who knows, we may even get her riding one day.
Thanks again to all [flowers]

FreshWest Sun 16-Sep-12 15:50:18

Oops thanks

Butkin Sun 16-Sep-12 17:22:21

That is great and hope DD gets on well with her RDA classes - bound to be on horseback soon!

Mirage Sun 16-Sep-12 19:50:30

Ahh,lovely! I hope that she enjoys

Booboostoo Sun 16-Sep-12 21:33:50

What a wonderful update! Hope your DD loves the RDA lessons!

saintlyjimjams Sun 16-Sep-12 21:46:06

Check out horse boy as well.

IME RDA aren't always great with autism - although depends on the local group. DS1 (severely autistic) actually rides with school.

saintlyjimjams Sun 16-Sep-12 21:46:38

Ha - sorry missed the update.

Good luck!

frostyfingers Mon 17-Sep-12 14:32:56

Brilliant news, and thanks for updating. Horses can be wonderful companions and soulmates and with the right introduction I'm sure your DD will benefit hugely. Hope it goes well.

I saw the update but was going to say, a hearing impaired father and son (little lad also hearing impaired) used to come and feed my horse and got in contact with me by a note in a plastic wallet taped to the gate. As long as no one chucked grass cuttings ect in i wasn't bothered. Better when someone puts up a 'do not feed' sign as it keeps things clear. I love taking my son to look at the horses by us smile

HI father and his DS used to visit a lot and eventually the lad had a go on the horse and loved it.

Amazing how people connect with horses and how gentle the horse can be smile

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