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Hey ladies, sorry for sneaking into the tack room even though I know very little about riding, but the ladies in the Style section suggested I pop over to get your reviews of some boots I'm considering.

I'm looking for WARM but stylish boots to wear for country walks, visits to country pubs and possibly even to wear to work on snowy days. The Style ladies recommended Durbarry's or Ariat Grasmeres, but they are unfortunately out of my price range. I tried on a pair of Dublin Pinnacle Boots today and really liked them (they look like a rip off of the Grasmeres) Also on my shortlist are dalton country boots

Does anyone have a pair? Can you tell me how long they last? How warm are they? Do they withstand snow?

Any suggestions of others that might fit the bill?

Thank you!

Booboostoo Sun 23-Oct-11 21:10:34

I would tend to say that riding boots are made for riding not walking and are unlikely to be comfortable for walks. They are also unlikely to be really good in snow.

So for example the Pinnacle boots you mention have a very thin sole that's unlikely to be comfortable riding. The Dalton ones may be a better bet, but I would try before you buy.

The muckboots are the most comfortable, warm, water-proof, workhorse boots around, but they fall really short on the style stakes!

Haggyoldclothbatspus Sun 23-Oct-11 22:33:40

I second muck boots. They are bloody marvellous! I am never buying normal wellies again!

TenderlyLovinglyByAGoat Sun 23-Oct-11 22:35:10

I've had two pairs of Dublins (valley? river? something like that) that both fell apart quite quickly, can't justify Dubarrys because would only want to wear them on dry days so not practical, seems £too much for every day life

at moment have some indestructible toggi (think they are called hudson oak) that have survived a lot of riding and walking in all weathers, some other toggi boots that I don't think they make any more, also indestructible it seems, some Norfolk boots and some posh black ones for sj/hunting that are not allowed in mud! Just realized have three pairs of toggi boots which might explain why they last so long. I like boots though mine are probably not stylish either. They always seem to be a size too big.

Fair point Booboostoo, I think I started looking at Country Boots and strayed into riding boot territory! The Hudson Oaks look good Tenderly and useful information that they are big sizes. Thank you.

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