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New saddle - so excited

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Abbicob Mon 03-Oct-11 12:49:34

OMG - what can I say

Took my horse to have it's regular saddle fit and saddler declared that we need a new saddle. To be honest I was not really expecting this as I got this saddler for my horse when she was rising 4 and we have managed to alter/widen/narrow and stuff this saddle within an inch of it's life so I sort of expected an adjustment - not a lovely new saddle.

She is 10 now so I have really had my monies worth smile

Anyway he did that sharp intake of breath and said no - cannot do anything else you need a new one. Dam I thought - just as I had cleared my credit card too!

Anyway he wandered off and same back with the most beautiful saddle I have seen in a long time (I know I am sad!).
A Farrington WH with suede seat and knee pads in a lovely havanna colour. It looked wow!
Tried it on and it needs a bit of stuffing at the front but it fit really nicely everywhere else and was very comfy for my big bum too.

Only trouble is I have to wait 4 weeks for them to make it. I want it now!

Mind you when it arrives I think I will just sit and stroke it. Bare back riding from now on grin

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