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DS's first lesson!

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CalamityKate Sat 01-Oct-11 12:11:03

He had it this morning. He's had a couple of little goes on a friend's pony but this was his first proper lesson and he LOVED it :D

So chuffed - he doesn't really have any hobbies as such but as soon as he got off he was asking to come again next week.

He sat up really nicely, and got the hang of rising trot for a little while, then got tired and unco-ordinated :D

I was a bit hmm at the bloke who took the money etc though... we'd booked for a half hour, beginner lesson and he said "As it's such a nice day, they might go for a ride through the woods! You'd be able to walk alongside!" and I was like "Right. But we booked, paid for and was expecting a lesson" and he tried to convince me that a walk through the woods is just as good and it's a shame to waste a nice day.

Nope. Sorry. Disagree. I used to teach, and a walk out is a walk out, and a lesson is a lesson. Don't try to charge me for a bloody lesson and then do a walk out, thank you very much. Huh. He backed down when it was clear I wasn't going to be very happy with a complete change of plan at zero notice, but I suspect he now hates me.

Oh well.

olderyetwider Sat 01-Oct-11 14:50:15

Fantastic! How old is he? I love walking out through the woods, but if he's old enough to learn properly then I'd expect a proper lesson.

CalamityKate Sat 01-Oct-11 16:33:18

He's 9 grin

Don't get me wrong - when he's got the basics it will be nice to have a little walk through the woods and tracks. They learn loads doing that, and it helps to work towards proper hacking.

However, a lesson was what we booked and however he tried to dress it up, it is not the same and what's more, certainly isn't worth the same money. We used to charge half the price of a lesson for a walk out - you just can't compare.

elephantpoo Sun 02-Oct-11 09:12:50

That's great that your DS enjoyed himself smile
It was very hot yesterday..........could it be possible that the man was trying to avoid the pony getting too hot? My poor boys were finding standing in the field hard work yesterday grin Admittedly he didn't exactly go about it the right way if that was the case (the hack should have been suggested and offered at a cheaper rate). I'm sure he doesn't hate you grin
I hope that my DS will also take to riding. He has no hobbies, but occassional fancies a ride on DD's pony. Trying not to push it, but it'd make life so much easier if he got "into" it.
Hope he enjoys the next lesson too.

CalamityKate Sun 02-Oct-11 09:47:03

Hmm, I suppose he might have been trying to prevent the ponies getting too hot but a) The lesson was in a relatively cool indoor school and b) It's such a beginner lesson that the most strenuous thing they did was have a little trot to the rear of the ride.

I definitely got the impression that the walk through the woods would be the same price as the lesson.

Oh but he really loved it grin I'm so chuffed grin

He doesn't really have hobbies as such. He has interests which tend to be all consuming and intense while they last (Asperger's) but I'd be thrilled if he really took to riding.

Bloody expensive though. It would almost be worth getting a small pony on loan and keeping it on grass livery at my mate's yard.

Hmmm.......... grin

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