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Horse or Horsebox.....decisions!

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bumbleymummy Sat 01-Oct-11 08:57:46

I've posted before about my horse being treated for osteoarthritis. Well he has finally had to be retired at only 11yo sad very sad but he's enjoying himself out in the field and doesn't seem to be in any pain day to day.

Anyway, the loss of use claim has come in and I'm struggling to decide what to do with it. I have had another horse on loan for 6 months and he's really great. (Therapy after 2 years of stress with my horse!) The only problem is that every time I want to take him somewhere I have to borrow a horsebox and jeep and feel really bad about it and awkward about asking even though my friend has said that it's no problem at all. Over the winter I want to be able to take him to jumping lessons indoors but I will feel bad borrowing it on such a regular basis.

So, I have to decide what to do. I could use the money to buy a box and get a tow bar fitted on my husband's car (rarely used so I'd be able to take it whenever and DH would have my car with the car seats) so I can take the horse wherever/whenever BUT that eats up most of the claim and leaves me hardly anything to save for buying another horse. I could keep the horse I have on loan for a while longer but the girl does want to sell him so he could go any time. ( I don't want to buy him) but there is always the possibility of taking another one on loan. I could use the money to buy another horse (although I will prob need to save a bit more (or convince DH to 'lend' me the money smile ) but we are planning to have another baby in the next few years so would it be silly to buy one now? If I was going to buy one it would prob make sense to do it sooner rather than later so I have time do stuff with him before I get pregnant.

So, (if you've made it this far!) What do you think I should do?or what would you do? Wait to buy the horse,buy the box and enjoy loan horses for the next few years while saving for a new horse in the distant future OR buy a new horse now (good time to buy!) and have a couple of good years with him/her before having another baby but be in the same position as now with not having any transport (could prob get tow bar so no need to borrow jeep at least - just box)

Sorry about rambling post - usual sat morning chaos!

Callisto Sat 01-Oct-11 09:02:49

Buy the trailer. You can always sell it again and trailers are more likely to hold their value than horses in the current climate.

bumbleymummy Sat 01-Oct-11 09:23:37

I know. It does seem the more logical option but it's just a bit scary to think I would have so little left to buy my own horse again. What if the horse I have gets sold and I'm left with nothing ?sad I know there are probably other good horses available for loan if that does happen but I just can't help looking at horses for sale - it's an addiction!

olderyetwider Sat 01-Oct-11 14:56:17

Take out a loan and get both! Seriously though, if the right horse on loan is a genuine prospect I'd get the transport (reeling after 2 years of hiring a trailer a couple of times every month). Re the horse, if you're looking for your 'forever' horse then I think actually I'd spend the money on the horse. Difficult one!

Saggyoldclothcatpuss Sat 01-Oct-11 18:06:12

Buy the box. At the moment, you cant give horses away. Seriously. A friend had a horse abandoned on her, a rescue centre told her to shoot it, as there wasnt anywhere else for it to go, they were full and so are all the others! You wouldnt need much to buy another!
Actually, thats an idea! Buy the box, and rehome one from ILPH or somewhere. You can be sure its fairly suitable, and has somewhere to go when you dont need it anymore.

bumbleymummy Sat 01-Oct-11 19:08:51

Thank you! Still thinking about it. The girl who owns the horse I have on loan really seems to want to sell him and our loan agreement is up in November so there may be no point in getting the box now! sad starting another thread because I'm wondering if she is maybe being a bit cheeky in expecting me to be available to show the horse to potential buyers.

Earthdog Sat 01-Oct-11 20:18:37

I agree you can get good horses for next to nothing at the moment. My friend has recently acquired a top notch competition animal in exchange for a crate of alcohol! I would buy a second-hand trailer, get the floor checked/replaced- no need to buy new! Get another horse with what's left over. I wouldn't tow it with a car though, they are not usually heavy enough to be safe or legal to tow a horse trailer.

bumbleymummy Sat 01-Oct-11 20:33:34

I was looking at second hand trailers anyway smile have checked the towing capacity on DH's car and it the weight of the trailer with 1 horse is quite a bit less than the max so we should be fine. Not sure the horse situation is as bad over here in Ireland because horses are still selling at decent prices. Maybe I'll have to make a trip over the water!

Earthdog Sat 01-Oct-11 23:39:45

Oh I thought they were giving them away in Ireland too? Obviously not..another friend got given a foal a year or so ago which is lovely. Do be careful about the car though, the weight of a 4x4 means it is a lot safer to slow down etc than with a car, I have towed for many years in a 4x4 and wouldnt be happy using a car. Might trash it too. Check out Horse and House Forum for various threads on tow capacity. Good luck :-)

bumbleymummy Sun 02-Oct-11 08:20:41

Thanks ED. I'll have a look. Not sure I can stretch to a horse, a trailer AND a jeep though so I may just have to make do. smile That loan is looking pretty tempting but I'm pretty sure DH would divorce me smile

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