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cedmonds Fri 30-Sep-11 11:50:50

Hi does anyone know were i can get a padded hood for the stable. DS pony has been clipped (full) and is already having think rugs on a night(the wimp ) Years ago we my tb had a padded hood i cant find anyone that sells them any more.Obviously it's not for now but i have been told they are expecting a cold winter so wanted to be prepared. I bought him a think rug with a neck cover but it just slides over his eyes!!

Saggyoldclothcatpuss Fri 30-Sep-11 13:03:12

No idea. I know robinsons used to do a duvet range, but I don't think they did a hood.

Abbicob Fri 30-Sep-11 16:41:38

How about the snuggy hoods. Think if it's slipping over his eyes you could either adjust it yourself (as it's not a waterproof) or buy a smaller size?

cedmonds Fri 30-Sep-11 17:23:42

hi i could adjust it cant get a smaller size as i got it from a show. I have got a snuggy hoods one from the sweet itch rug but they are not padded, and the flecce ones are a lot of money for what they are.

Callisto Sat 01-Oct-11 09:05:51

Can you take the sweet itch one as a pattern and make a fleece one yourself? Fleece material is very cheap to buy and two or three layers would be nice and warm. It doesn't need to be hemmed either, so should be fairly straightforward.

cedmonds Sat 01-Oct-11 10:01:34

Hmm i had not thought about that!! I should be pretty quick on a sewing machine as well. I wlll have to get my lovley mother to get making at least then it could have a zip in it as he hates them being pulled over his head.

olderyetwider Sat 01-Oct-11 14:51:42

I foresee a business making fleecy hoods for our spoilt horses!

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