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Poor dpony is lame after being shod.

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Mirage Wed 28-Sep-11 22:42:02

She was shod at 10am today and when I brought her in at 4pm,she was lame in the front right and possibly back right,[hard to tell because the front seemed so bad].sadLovely horsey neighbour was there and watched me walk and trot her up and thinks it is just a bit of footsoreness due to being trimmed quite heavily.She was terrible walking over the uneven paddock,worse on the hardcore path and much better on the bark menage,so I'm hoping it just is a bit of soreness that will pass in a day or two.I've rung the farrier to let him know and got his answerphone,so left him a message.I'm hoping he'll come back out and check it isn't a nail in the wrong place.

I'm really worried about her.I had an evening class tonight and couldn't concentrate at all,my mind was on dpony all the while.sad

Butkin Thu 29-Sep-11 10:12:50

That is a shame. Definitely get the farrier back in and warn the vet that you may need some bute.

Callisto Thu 29-Sep-11 11:53:20

If she is only lame on hard ground it does sound like over-enthusiatic trimming making her a bit footsore. Give it a couple of days and she should be fine. TBH, I think a nail in the wrong place would have lamed her immediately.

Mirage Thu 29-Sep-11 13:25:29

Thankyou.I went to check on her before work and watched her ambling about,but the paddock is uneven and it was hard to tell if she was better or worse.I tried to lead her out onto the hard standing,but she was having none of it and refused to move,trying to bite me and the leadrein.The only other time she's behaved like that she was in pain with colic and didn't want to move.She was happy to let me check her feet though,no heat,bruising or anything nasty that I could see.
I left the farrier a message,leaving my home and mobile number and have just got in from work to find a message from him saying he'd be here late morning.Too late now,I've missed him-if only he'd rung on my mobile I'd have come straight down,I was only working 1.5 miles away.I've cancelled this afternoon's work,just in case he can get back over today.

cedmonds Thu 29-Sep-11 15:29:17

Hi it does sound like she is foot sore. Have you any bute if not i would ask your vet for some. Have you got a stable you could put her in for a few days? It does sound like she is very sore.
If she is overweight etc get some one to cheek her for laminates.It is really bad at the moment as everyone thinks the sugar etc from the grass has gone but it is still very rich and it has been warm and wet.

Mirage Thu 29-Sep-11 19:09:03

Thanks cedmonds,I haven't any bute,must get some in.I always put her in the stable for her tea,as she hates being in and I'm trying to get her used to it.She kicks the door when she is in and weaves,which is a nuisance.She is pretty fit at the minute and not carrying any extra weight-we ride more often than her previous owner and we can get the girth up 3 more notches than when she first arrived.grin

I went back this afternoon and walked her into the yard,checked her feet and greased them.She seemed absolutely fine and had no lameness at all,thank goodness.The farrier rang back to say he'd been and checked her over and trotted her up the field and couldn't see anything untoward at all.He thinks it is footsoreness or possibly an achy joint from when he held her forleg up,as she is a bit stiff until warmed up.Anyway she had today off,just to make sure she is ok.

The farrier says ahe is in very good nick for a 20 year old,and has good feet,so I want to keep it that way.I think I'll sleep better tonight-I was really worried about her.

cedmonds Thu 29-Sep-11 19:59:10

Thats good that she is sound. If it happens againit might be worth giving her some bute before she is shod. We had to do this wiith our old boy and it really helped. Talk to your vet and farrier.

Mirage Thu 29-Sep-11 20:59:35

Good idea! Bless her,she must be feeling better,she broke into a canter in the field earlier,because there was a dog in it that she wanted to chase.She's a funny thing,but I do love her.It's worse than fretting about children,at least they can tell you what the problem is.

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