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What tack for head too high racehorse

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annieapple7 Tue 27-Sep-11 14:35:58

Hi everyone
I took my former racehorse on the Badminton Ride on Sunday and it was fantastic. He was fab, but he did throw his head up a lot so I could see his nose between his ears! He is also very strong to stop. He currently wears a running martingale, a french link snaffle (loose ring) and a cavesson noseband. I had to put the martingale on his noseband like a standing martingale to have some control. He obviously needs schooling (he refuses to drop his head yet and has no top line at all) but there is another fun ride I would like to do in 2 weeks time and I will need a bit more control. He opens his mouth so I really need a flash noseband, but does anyone have other suggestions? I don't want to strap him down too strongly but I also want to be able to stop!

dappleton Tue 27-Sep-11 17:05:55

hi annie, ruling out all the obvious problems such as back and tooth pain - and especially the fitting of the saddle I would agree that schooling is the only real answer. However I have seen, and ridden, similar horses in Markert Harboroughs with good results. It could be worth a try but bear in mind he's going to get neck and back problems if his top line is not improved so this shouldn't be anything other than a emergency support while the schooling is taking effect.
Hope yoy enjoy your fun ridesmile

annieapple7 Tue 27-Sep-11 22:06:35

Thanks Dappleton. I was thinking of the Market Harborough. I noticed using the emergency standing martingale did encourage him to drop his nose and flex his neck. Have you used the Pessoa training aid ?

annieapple7 Tue 27-Sep-11 22:08:18

I mean to add the saddle has been fitted and his teeth checked. He just doesn't understand my attempts to ask him to come round at all, which is understandable, but I am a bit stuck.

brighthair Tue 27-Sep-11 23:57:32

For schooling there is a way with lunge lines - from bit, through inside of front legs and tie up on top of back. For lunging only
Used by several top riders and a lot of people seem to have success with this as it encourages them round but not to come back but to reach forward and down
Am in phone at the moment but will try and post link when I get in
Otherwise maybe something like a hangin cheek snaffle which gives poll pressure - but try it before as some horses object. Otherwise just go, have fun and start schooling after!! grin

seeker Wed 28-Sep-11 00:01:11

Controversial I know, but dd's little mare puts her head down much better in a bitless bridle. Worth a try?

brighthair Wed 28-Sep-11 01:06:20

this should work

annieapple7 Wed 28-Sep-11 12:45:52

Thanks Brighthair. I haven't done any lungeing at all, would rather work under saddle if possible. Is lungeing essential do you think?

brighthair Wed 28-Sep-11 13:37:02

Not essential but I think it's easier for them to soften and learn to bring their back up and develop the muscles without the weight of a rider smile

Shutupanddrive Sun 02-Oct-11 08:41:34

I would suggest standing martingale or Market harborough. Is he strong when he puts his head up, or just flinging it about?

Shutupanddrive Sun 02-Oct-11 08:43:45

Also agree with seeker that a bitless bridle may be worth a try. I have seen some amazing results on horses that are funny with their heads with these.

ToxicMoxie Mon 03-Oct-11 00:18:16

I had a racehorse, and I found cavaletti helped him the most. Either lunging or riding, and at the walk as well as trot. He really had to lift his back, engage his hind and stretched down as well. As far as the head tossing, I just used a running martingale, but actually slapped him on the head once when he was tossing and threatening to rear at the walk. You sound like your horse has more training than mine did when I had to do that.

I also rode in a D ring french link snaffle.

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