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Grrr just seen a little shit whipping a horse in the middle of the road

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SemperUbiSubUbi Thu 25-Aug-11 17:25:10

Im so angry. I was just driving down a country lane and ahead of me in the middle of the road was a teenage boy on a coloured cob with a lunge whip in his hand. He was whipping it on the floor and scaring the shit out of the horse and then whipping the horse with it round the back legs and bum. I think he had cut the string down a little bit.

The horse was terrified, it kept trying to shoot forwards away from the whip but he was yanking it back with a curb rein. The poor thing didnt know what to do or how to get away, I could see the whites of its eyes and his nostrils were bright red, he was covered in sweat too. (I know its hot but this was from fear).

I obviously couldnt do anything as I was on my own with 21mo Ds in the car, I managed to yell at him out the window "You want ripping off that horse you little shit" Which was hardly articulate of me but my blood was boiling, my legs are still wobbly with anger now.


Callisto Thu 25-Aug-11 17:43:15

sad I hate seeing things like this. Don't know what else you could have done though, short of following him and reporting to the police.

GetOrfMoiCarbsClaire Thu 25-Aug-11 17:54:25

I channelled my inner Vallhala a couple of weeks ago, some spotty oik was walking a dog and he clouted the dog on the face sad with the end of the lead.

I was waiting in traffic and yelled (like a complete fishwife, embarassing myself it must be said) 'leave that bloody dog alone you git'

He just put his fingers up at me, my blood was boiling, that poor damn dog.

I don't blame you for shouting, I know it wouldn't be of any good, buit hopefully it shamed them.

SemperUbiSubUbi Fri 26-Aug-11 15:09:58

Just to update, I drove back up that road today to see if there were any stables. There were. Right by where I saw the horse yesterday and there were also 6/7 really scrawny, scraggly horses in a field. I could see all their ribs, spines and hips sticking out. Horses shouldnt be under weight at this time of year especially with all this sun and rain.

I couldnt see through the bushes to see if they had access to water but im about to report them to WHW (world horse welfare) and the BHS welfare. I would rather waste an hour of an officers time checking them out and finding them to be fine than not do anything and their conditions seriously deteriorate through the winter.

Callisto Sat 27-Aug-11 09:03:25

Oh good for you. Hopefully something will be done about them - horses shouldn't be this underweight at any time of year. Make sure you mention the nasty shit too.

dappleton Sat 27-Aug-11 18:06:42

Sounds an awful situation, some poor horses do end up in such horrible homes. I do hope it gets sorted out now you've reported it.

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