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how old can you be start riding lessons

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bettiejane Fri 29-Jul-11 22:42:53

is 3 1/2 too young?

TeamEdward Fri 29-Jul-11 22:46:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hellymelly Fri 29-Jul-11 22:51:35

my dd has started and had her first lesson just before turning 4.I think they like them to be four at the stables,but I would think a sensible three year old would be fine.I started Ballet classes at 3 for instance.

coffeewhitenosugar Fri 29-Jul-11 22:53:01

Hi, at our local riding school they will do 1/2 hour lessons for children aged 3 and up, but there is another one a bit further away that have taken my dd since she was 2 for a 10/15 minute ride up a path and back (she loves it!). At 5 they start Saturday clubs where you can leave the kids for half a day if you want to. I've found places on holiday who are happy to take children really young so long as you sign a disclaimer. Have a look on line at your local riding schools and they will probably list what they do but I think 3 1/2 should be fine if our local ones are anything to go by.

TeamEdward Fri 29-Jul-11 22:58:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Disasterpiece Sat 30-Jul-11 00:01:50

All the RS I know of wont take them until 4 years old.

Disasterpiece Sat 30-Jul-11 00:02:29

Forgot to add my actual point [duh]

You will have to ring around and ask them all then choose the best one as they are all very different.

bettiejane Sat 30-Jul-11 15:59:30


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