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Riding with a toddler...

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Southwestwhippet Tue 19-Jul-11 20:16:11

Well to be more accurate, riding WITHOUT a toddler.

Anyone got any amazing tips for fitting in riding when they have a toddler (18months ish). DH works away a lot so am usually sole carer for DD. Mum lives locally but does childcare for me on the two afternoons that I go to work plus has a full time job so I don't want to take the piss asking her to have DD whilst I go off enjoying myself.

Does anyone manage to ride with a toddler in tow? Is it actually possible or am I deluding myself in my desperate desire to get back in the saddle again? [please be kind!]


Disasterpiece Tue 19-Jul-11 20:30:17

I havent ridden since I was a little bit pregnant. DS is now 20 months sad

AlpinePony Wed 20-Jul-11 11:21:55

Riding instructor friend coped OK. She used to wrap him up and strap him down in the buggy. How she ever managed to concentrate with the "protesting" going on I don't know! wink

I've not tried it myself, but would give it a go if I could combine it with nap time. He watches me very intently and tbh if I'm only going to school for 40 minutes or so then he can sit there with a biscuit, a toy and wait it out.

marge2 Wed 20-Jul-11 12:32:38

I struggled like mad. It's a nightmare. I wouldn't even try to ride if you have a toddler in tow. A little boy was killed at a yard local to here as his Grandmother who was looking after him took him along when SHE rode and he ran under a horse. Just not worth it.
Neither of my two lads would have tolerated being strapped in a buggy while I rode when they were toddlers. I had to stick to weekends when I could leave them with my highly resentful DH. Good luck!!

cedmonds Wed 20-Jul-11 14:28:42

I always rode from when ds was a month old. He would be in the buggy asleep when younger or when he had stopped sleeping during the day he would sit in his buggy with a couple of toys and a snack he used to love watching the horses. I think as he had done it from tiny he was used to it. He would be in the buggy when i mucked out as well and used to sit there and chat away to me . Even now he cant wait to come to muck out with me at the weeekends and says he wants to go to the yard before school to muck out.
As long as they are safe i cant see the problem for them to be around the horses i think its really good for them to out in the fresh air and around animals.

Southwestwhippet Wed 20-Jul-11 14:38:35

Hmm, thanks everyone. To be honest, I can't see DD sitting nicely in her pushchair whilst I ride. I'm a freelance riding instructor and (for various reasons) she had to come with me to a lesson the other day... whilst she was very good, she definitely wanted to be on her feet rather than strapped down. Wasn't an ideal situation.

She is fascinated by horses and likes being lead about on one. I have a pony on loan for three weeks in August (holiday for him whilst riding school is shut) so perhaps I'll just see how it goes.

wish me luck!

AlpinePony Wed 20-Jul-11 16:16:31

I'd give it a go. Like cedmonds I just have him in the buggy and watching me as I get the horse ready. Only bit I don't like is having to leave him in the yard whilst I fetch her in from the field, it's an L-shape and once I'm around the corner I can't see him. But he babbles away happily to me whilst I'm grooming and tacking-up.

As I say, so far his dad has been there with me when I've ridden, but the baby doesn't take his eyes off me when I'm riding.

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