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Good luck saggy!

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MitchiestInge Sat 09-Jul-11 09:54:09

And all you other crazies at shows today, bring lots of rosettes home.

olderyetwider Sat 09-Jul-11 18:51:28

Having my second weekend off in a row, and enjoying the lack of stress. Show next weekend though. Agree with Mitchie, good luck to all of you

BathildaSaggshot Sat 09-Jul-11 21:31:49

Thank you for that. grin
Well! What a day! From the minute we got up, we were just a little out of kilter, and stayed that way! DD was tired, and that passed to the pony. They just didn't sparkle. Were unplaced in the veteran, quite fairly.
What did grate though, was the judge. Some top Hoys judge apparently. She went the whole hog. We had entered the ridden vets, so DD didn't have to do in hand, she had them untack and run up! Still fair enough till the placings. She went along the line, commenting and giving tips, got to DD second from last, said "I can't help you, and passed over he to the next person. Bearing this was a 12yo in a class with mainly adults and older kids I was really cross.
Anyway. Then she did pony club pony. The little monster refused every jump! They were only 2ftish, the little bugger jumps that height every time at home! Got lots of comments of the "those jumps were way to big for that little pony" type. Most annoying when the little monkey can jump like a bird! Came fifth of five in that one!
next was first ridden with a smaller jockey. She suddenly got her sparkle back, went into canter early, lost her her stirrup, and the poor little mite fell off! Fourth of four that time. Although not surprising as the other three were professional LR types.
Thankfully the day ended better with a first in the thelwell lookalike for small jockeys little sister.
Back home, in a downpour, pony trod on my foot, and spilt Chinese takeaway down my top!
None of it was the ponies fault, just an off day all round, but boy am I glad to be home! A total reverse of our last show! confusedgrin

MitchiestInge Sat 09-Jul-11 21:57:43

Aww, rotten luck all round. That sounds v harsh for your daughter, hope she is ok after her fall. Love the Chinese takeaway finale, haha! Sorry!

BathildaSaggshot Sat 09-Jul-11 23:15:32

DDs fine. It was our smaller jockey who did the FR class who fell off. She's 8 I think and quite gung ho. She bounced! grin

Mousesmummy Sun 10-Jul-11 05:51:22

Sounds very unkind of the in hand judge!
We are off to second show today and I am feeling rather stressed! We cant find our only show browband and spent about 2 hours last night searching with no luck -sad The only green ribbon i had in was literally just an inch too short so I ended up dying some white ribbon green and making my own with two hair accessories!! Looks a bit 'organic' shall we say and I have bright green fingers but it will have to do -smile Hope it doesn't rain and leave grey pony with a green face smile
First ever jumping class for dd and pony today - fingers crossed she gets over even one!!!
Good luck everyone! X

BathildaSaggshot Sun 10-Jul-11 08:32:21

Good luck mousemama. smile

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