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TB's are such pansies!

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Amieesmum Wed 06-Jul-11 23:21:24

So - I did it! Found myself the PERFECT share horse (kind of) ridden him all of three times since the share began, and he's sodding lame! Bloody TB pansy has hurt himself doing something or another in the field, vet out tomorrow! I know that's the price you pay for taking on an Ex-racer (i'm sure i do this to punish myself some times, I'm sure i stated i wanted something with brakes last time i posted) but he really is a such a wuss! Doesn't even like the mud lol!

Is all this really worth it? The really daft part of me is thinking why don't i just go out and buy myself another young wonder cob to bring on, that doesn't need rugging when the sun shrinks being a cloud, but thinks it's a TB on oats when you ride it! (It can be found dammit it can!)

The really sensible part of me say's i'm a fool to consider doing that, and should take a year sharing to remind myself how much i just love getting up at 5am to muck out before the school run!

HerMajestysSecretCervix Thu 07-Jul-11 09:39:26

I share your pain. My TB can be a bit of a pansy and, shortly after I bought her, was off work lame for 6 months! However, that has been about the only thing (touch wood) and she has caused me far far less woe that my lovely Belgian Sports Horse who cost me an arm and a leg in vet's fees and heartbreak.

My TB is now 21 and looks and behaves like a 7 year old although she is now feeling her years somewhat. She is wonderful. I would buy another if I am ever to buy another horse. I love TBs and mine is an ex race horse too and, although it took me 3 years, we have brakes...

frostyfingers Thu 07-Jul-11 11:09:59

My TB went mysteriously lame within 4 weeks of coming to me - I was petrified that it was something tendon oriented but he had a scan and nothing showed up. After the best part of 6 weeks off, 4 of which were box rest he came fine and is leaping about all over the place. I have noticed that he's much thinner skinned than my previous TB - every lump and bump and scratch shows and the flies drive him demented.

He's a failed point to pointer - too slow - but he goes plenty fast enough for me - in fact there's only one place, up a long hill, that I'll let him go full tilt.

I love them to bits though, and wouldn't change them for anything - well, not at the moment anyway!

annieapple7 Thu 07-Jul-11 11:34:54

I share your pain. I now have 2 TBs - my old 21 year old who has actually been completely trouble free and have only had the vet to him once ever for a chest infection.
My new 8 y o ex racehorse seems to need a thin waterproof rug almost constantly, knocks his legs all the time so I have to ride him in brushing boots and needs a ton of food to keep the weight on. But he is a dream to ride and people literally exclaim in pleasure when they see him as I ride past!

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