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Good riding school or some who wants a Sharer in North Hert/Beds ???

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EasyLife92 Mon 04-Jul-11 14:49:46

hi , i'm looking to get back into looking after horses possibly riding after a 3 year break for exams and ill health. i've been riding for 8 years proir to this and used to help out with 30 + horses every day then went to a quite stable yard just for muck out duties and lead rein sessions and helped out in lessons ,for the last year. i'm no light weight though, i'm 16 stone but am loosing weight slowly, have broken in 2 horses for leid rein showing. i'm in arlesey... if anyone can give me info on either a good stable yard to help out at or needs even temporary help with there horses , nothing realy worries me when i'm on the ground , only a tad nervous in the saddle but i have calmed down alot so might be different now ..

olderyetwider Mon 04-Jul-11 15:11:55

How about helping with local RDA group?

EasyLife92 Mon 04-Jul-11 16:26:03

haven't though about that , i haven't done it before ,shall investigate further smile

Amieesmum Mon 04-Jul-11 23:21:58

RDA is a great way to get back into it, I've been helping a few days a week for a few weeks now and love it!
There is also North herts Equestrian, Where the Veterinary hospital is in baldock, they do liveries and things, maybe try there. Or Ikleford (is that how you spell it) I went to look at a horse to share in biggleswade, didn't work out for me as the lady was running her yard like a riding school, but that may be better suited to you (although not novice rides) Try putting add's up in the local tack shops - Sandon Saddlery & Maybe Clarkes down at aston end.

Hope you find something x

EasyLife92 Tue 05-Jul-11 10:47:43

we maybump into each other then i'm going to give them a call this morning see where i can help smile

ooo i shall look up there , going to the ickleford one today on my way home as from walking past it looks clean and the horses look in good condition. Oh ?? was that the one who told you when you could ride the horse ? if so i don't really fancy that one ... much sooner get my hands dirty and earn a ride smile more rewarding that way.
thank you for all this info brew

wellywoo Sun 10-Jul-11 10:02:56

Have a look here for schools

lisad123 Mon 11-Jul-11 08:02:15

We go to a wonderful Therapy riding centre in Hertford, they are always looking for help and I know the stable hands get to go on a ride after all the kids have gone.They are very lovely, laid back and my girls love it. I have riden with the girls and im not a light myself blush
their details are here: here

EasyLife92 Tue 12-Jul-11 11:44:29

Thanks , hum i think it may be too far but i'll drive there tomorrow as i have a day off and see smile looks like my kind of yard .. will enquire further , thank you smile

Starrbee Fri 29-Jul-11 13:39:06

There's Twin Trees riding school just outside of Biggleswade which is a Pony Club approved Riding and Livery Centre, it also has national horseball teams (and I hear horseball is a really good way to get back in to riding). They also offer horses on loan and adults only summer camps which I think you can go on regardless of having your own horse. I keep my horse at a livery yard down the road and I have known Catherine and James who run TT since I was a tot and they have great connections with all the local yards and riders - I'm sure that if you started helping out there they would be able to help you find rides/horses to share in the area.

I would offer you a go on my little fella but he's not what you call an easy ride - he's a 16.3 IDxTB with an inability to understand simple terms such as "no" or "stop" - I don't think he'd boost your confidence I'm afraid! Also he's out of action with a poorly leg at the mo! Luckily I love him none the less smile

There is also an RDA centre round the corner at Willington you could try and there is Shuttleworth College Equestrian Centre based in Old Warden - 'fraid I don't know much about the goings on at either so can't help there!

EasyLife92 Fri 29-Jul-11 19:49:14

ah i may look and have a word smile

sounds like my old horse ! she had the name noodles for a good reason ... riding western seemed to straighten it out some what , awwh bless him i hope it gets better soon , its not nice when there out of action, tend to get up to more mischief. i'd happily come help muck out and groom for you though if you ever needed a break or went on holiday.

ah i will also look into that , i've tried shuttleworth college, looks like i'd have to pay for a course if i wanted to do anything there with the horses sad

Snoozanne Fri 29-Jul-11 21:17:52

You could put a wanted ad on hoofheads - smile (ads are free)

Starrbee Sun 31-Jul-11 10:13:26

Oooh! I might take you up on that offer later on - as by the time he should be coming in at night and being mucked out, fed, hayed etc. I will be in the final months of pregnancy! It's going to be an experience!!! grin

Def. think an ad is a great idea - especially if you can put some out locally too and not just on the internet. The place where I buy my horse feed has a for sale/wanted board and although I don't ever need anything I always have a snoop (doesn't everyone!?!) and there are often adverts from people offering help or looking for a horse to share and there are normally even more from people looking for help and looking for sharers. Everyone who pops in to pick up horse feed or a new pair of wellies see it so it's prob. a sound investment smile I think Twin Trees have a similar board too. I'm sure there must be some saddleries and yards close to you that you can put a small ad up in - they're normally only about 50p a week or something like that. Always worth a go! smile

EasyLife92 Sun 31-Jul-11 15:42:51

your more than welcome too ! it is going to be , fun though!

yeh , i'm not sure where the nearest one to me is , i think it's about 7 miles away ..and yes i always do when ever i see an advert board , just to be nosey! i'm going to try riding at the ickleford yard this thursday and have an odd horse share thats only temporary because the beautiful boy is up for sale :'( and i'm not in a position to take on a 2 year old colt , but the owner wants him to get used to another person on his back .. i volutneered ... oh jeez what have a i let myself in for!! :s

Starrbee Tue 02-Aug-11 20:09:00

Get those sticky bum jodphurs!! grin

EasyLife92 Tue 02-Aug-11 22:51:26

hahah i didn't need to ... he didn't kick me off once!!! just got a little spooked but i couldn't believe how confident i've got , consdiering how long it's been since i've been in a saddle ... i was fine ... like i'd been riding everyday for years lol

take 2 thursday so wish me luck !!! :D

hows your boy doing ??

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