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Aaaah,Look at Reg in the Daily Mail

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LordOfTheFlies Thu 16-Jun-11 23:49:21

Now I know none of you would admit to reading the Daily Mail but have a quick look at Reg the Policehorse.
He's a shire-cross and looks to be about 18hh but he looks like a perfect dapple grey rocking horse.

Ah,want,want. Go on, you know you want to look

sharbie Thu 16-Jun-11 23:49:52


LordOfTheFlies Thu 16-Jun-11 23:51:13

Sorry can't do links,I'm a techno-phobeblush

sharbie Thu 16-Jun-11 23:52:22


sharbie Thu 16-Jun-11 23:54:02

he is beautiful lovely dapples

sharbie Fri 17-Jun-11 00:05:43

good story - bag of apples grin

LordOfTheFlies Fri 17-Jun-11 00:32:08

Reg is such a cool name for a horse!

"Oi, Reg"

solareclipse Fri 17-Jun-11 00:38:00


Here you go.


Personally I find the very best horse pix are in the Telegraph.

solareclipse Fri 17-Jun-11 00:42:02

Strangely, you don't get that many huntin' pix in the Grauniad. Or handsome police horse pix.

LordOfTheFlies Fri 17-Jun-11 00:43:51

Thank you solareclipse now I can do a bit of Reg-letching once the Daily Mail takes the page off.
Note to self: must ask DH to teach me how to link (he works with computers)

solareclipse Fri 17-Jun-11 00:46:35

It's ridiculously easy!

solareclipse Fri 17-Jun-11 00:48:04

But AFAIK the link will always be to the DM page so I think once Reg is gone, he's gone. However I stand to be corrected on that.

I ride a horse almost as big but not arf so beautiful.

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