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Anyone ever been to the Glanusk trials?

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Tenebrist Thu 16-Jun-11 20:54:52

I was torn between posting this in 'day trips' or here. Here won!

We'll be in the UK the first week of July and staying relatively near where the Glanusk three-day trials are being held. DD1 and DD2 are mad about horses and ride at the local stables, which involves a lot of very basic horse care and mucking out. Let's just say it's a VERY unpretentious yard.

Has anyone ever been to these trials before? It sounds ridiculously posh, TBH - I'd be worried it's full of Tarquin and Priscilla types cackling away on the Pimms as darling Felicity does the dressage, in other words, great fun if you're one of the 'in crowd', but a bit dull for outsiders. How much of the actual competition can you see? I've never been to outdoor trials before, just indoor show-jumping. How much is there to do/look at apart from the horses, eg activities for kids, craft-type stalls for my mum to look at? Is it easy enough to take a picnic and a rug rather than rely on bought food for the day? Is it worth the entrance money?

molliemol Fri 17-Jun-11 20:34:01

I'm planning on going as well, although have never been before. From the web site, it seems family friendly, and is quite reasonable for the entrance fee.

Tenebrist Mon 20-Jun-11 21:46:21

Hi Mollie, I'd given up on anyone answering! Which day are you thinking of? The only day we can go is Saturday, so Saturday it is. Are you planning on taking a picnic?

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